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5 Reasons Why Florida Moves

Are you looking to make a move to Florida? There are several factors to consider. These include millennials, foreigners, investors, beaches, and more. Find out what makes Florida a great place to live for any type of person. You might be surprised at just how affordable it is to live in Florida. And if you’re […]

Megan Meier, 14, Suicides Three Weeks Before Her 14th Birthday

Megan Meier committed suicide three weeks before her 14th birthday. The suicide prompted an investigation, and the cause was determined to be cyberbullying she had encountered on the social networking site MySpace. The investigation also uncovered an online relationship between the actress and a boy she met on the site. Unfortunately, Meier died as a […]

What Is an Aides Role?

Aides are often referred to as classroom assistants or nurses’ assistants. The word aide is derived from French and sounds similar to “aid.” However, the spelling of aide is often confused with “assistant.” In general, the term ‘aide’ refers to an important person, such as an aid in a classroom or a nurse. In this […]

Missing Person Poster Ideas

A missing person poster can be used to get the word out about a loved one’s disappearance. The poster should be shared on social media, or sent through messenger to friends and family. It should be posted in neighborhoods that your missing loved one may frequent. It should also be sent to local news stations […]

Exceptional Wonder Woman Awardee – Fire Chief Sarah Boone

Exceptional Wonder Woman awardee Sarah Boone is a female inventor who made her mark with her invention of the ironing board. Sarah’s ironing board improved the quality of women’s garments. Boone also invented a new type of ironing board and worked as a fire chief in Portland. Read on for more information about Sarah and […]

Benefits of Green M&Ms

Have you heard of the new color of love for M&Ms? Green! That’s right, Mars Snackfood has done it. They’ve made chocolates a bit more earth friendly by introducing green M&Ms. You may even know the meaning of the green color in baseball. Whatever the case, we hope you’ll check out these new treats. So, […]

Benefits of Joining Inspire Communities

Inspire Communities are leaders in developing RV resorts and manufactured home communities. They provide high-quality products at affordable prices with exceptional service. They have a management team that has over 25 years of combined experience in the industry. What’s more, their partner organizations empower patients and engage them in the health decision-making process. Learn more […]