Parenting Newsletter – Millennials and Grandparents

While Millennials tend to see parental presence as more positive than that of older generations, they also perceive it as disruptive and less productive. Millennials report that parents distract them and make the working environment less comfortable. Millennials are not as positive about the influence of their parents on their work as older generations. The … Read more

Ashley Graham Video

Ashley Graham has been a leading figure in the fashion industry for many years. She has been a judge on the reality show America’s Next Top Model since its debut and has become an influential role model. Known for speaking about body image and self-acceptance, she is an inspirational speaker and writer. In February 2017, … Read more

Clothing Bloopers and Wardrobe Mistakes on TV

A recent episode of the popular talk show The Talk was marred by a stunning wardrobe malfunction on air. On Sunday, Channel Nine’s Tara Brown suffered an embarrassing fashion faux pas while interviewing 9/11 survivor Pasquale Buzzelli. The brown turtleneck, with its row of clasps running from the neck to the bust, unhooked, leaving the … Read more

What is So Special About Bella Hadid?

Isabella Khair Hadid is an American model and former supermodel. She was named the “Model of the Year” by industry professionals for the website in 2016. She is an incredibly beautiful woman and is a great role model for aspiring models. Her stunning beauty has earned her many fans, and she is often seen … Read more

Happiness Today – An Article on Happiness

According to a new study, Americans are less likely to be unhappy in their lives. A survey conducted by the General Social Survey since 1972 found that the percentage of people who are very happy has outpaced the percentage who are not so happy. This survey found that about 24% of Americans were either very … Read more

What Makes Kate Middleton Special?

Kate Middleton is a member of the British royal family. Her husband, Prince William, is second in line of succession, which makes her a likely future queen consort. Her role in the royal family is important, but what makes her special? Here are a few things to know about her. And here are some interesting … Read more

Funny Parent Tweets – The Best Buzzfeed Funny Texts Ever

There are plenty of hilarious parent tweets on the web, but the best ones are usually those that show just how much parents love their kids. Although parenting is hard work, there are also a lot of fun moments. These funny parent tweets capture the fun aspects of raising a child. Check out some of … Read more

ZODIAC SIGNS and Zodiac Signs Compatibility

The twelve zodiac signs are the astrological characteristics of people born on specific dates in history. The zodiac was first created around 330 BC, when Alexander the Great conquered Egypt. There are two groups of 12 signs – fixed and cardinal – and each of them has its own unique qualities. In astrology, a person … Read more

Birthday Wishes For Friends – Unique Birthday Messages

funny d day wishes

There are many ways to make birthday wishes, but some people find it difficult to come up with unique messages. Instead of writing a standard card, why not send a birthday message that expresses your friend’s unique personality? Here are a few ideas for unique messages: *Be funny! You can always write a funny, witty, … Read more