Review of the Farm to Feet Cascade Locks Light Targeted Cushion 3/4 Sock

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Farm to Feet socks are made in the United States from 100% domestic materials and feature domestic packaging and point of sale displays. These socks are manufactured by Nester Hosiery, a company employing over 200 people at its Mount Airy, NC, facility. This company utilizes state-of-the-art knitting, finishing, and packaging equipment. All materials and products are tested for quality and durability to ensure a comfortable fit. The company is proud to support American manufacturing, and it is proud to use domestically manufactured materials.

Cascade Locks 3/4 Crew

The Farm to Feet Cascade Locks Light Targeted Cushion 3/4 Socks are a part of the highly successful range of socks. These socks are renowned for their performance, durability, and comfort, and are made of a combination of natural and synthetic fibres. These socks are available with varying levels of cushioning, making them ideal for any activity. Whether you are running, walking, or playing soccer, these socks will keep you comfortable and protected for hours.

The Farm to Feet Cascade Locks 3/4 Crew Sock is a lightweight hiking sock that features targeted cushioning and reinforcement zones for durability and comfort. This sock is perfect for tough trails. Farm to Feet is a company that is passionate about producing wool socks and uses an All-American recipe. The company is committed to creating socks that will last for a long time.

The 3/4 CREW is the traditional height of a sock and fits snugly on the lower calf. The seamless toe closure reduces bulk and friction that can cause blisters. Additionally, the reinforced construction and low-stress seam placement reduce wear and increase the lifespan of the sock. To care for your Cascade Locks 3/4 Crew farm to feet socks, wash them in cold water and line dry. If you choose to tumble dry, avoid excessive heat.

ThorLo socks

The Farm to Feet philosophy is based on the use of American materials, manufacturing, and workers. This helps ensure that you are wearing socks made in America. Thorlos’ socks have been receiving raving reviews for their hiking, tennis, and running socks. Although they are based in North Carolina, some of their products are manufactured in China. Read on to find out more about these socks. And if you’re in the market for a new pair of athletic socks, you’ve come to the right place.

Farm to Feet Socks feature a unique blend of materials that improve durability and wicking. In fact, Thorlo socks are the industry leader in blended fiber technology. Designed for athletic use, they also feature padded areas that offer deep comfort and long-lasting wear. And because they are made with 100% organic cotton, you can wear them even on colder days. It is worth the investment, as they won’t leave your feet feeling dry or stinky.

In addition to using US merino wool, Farm to Feet also features a hidden nylon plaiting system and a seamless lining that reduces impact. This combines with the fast moisture-wicking technology and cushioned insteps to create socks that are soft and comfortable for your feet. These socks are available in both men’s and women’s sizes. Whether you’re looking for a durable pair of hiking socks or a stylish pair for a night out with friends, Farm to Feet will be your best choice.

Merino wool

Women’s Farm To Feet 8982-960-CIT Ithaca crew sock comes in citrus. Made with 61% merino wool, 34% nylon, and 5% spandex, this lightweight crew sock has a seamless toe closure, reinforced construction, and multi-stripe, ultra-lightweight design. It also features low-stress seam placement to reduce wear and tear.

The American Sheep Industry sources merino wool from the farm and processes it into clean top at Chargeurs Wool in Jamestown, SC. Then the fibers are spun into yarn by National Spinning in Burlington, NC. Finally, the wool is brought to the sustainable manufacturing plant in Mt. Airy, NC to be knitted into socks. This is one of the best qualities of Farm to Feet socks.

The sustainable business model of Farm to Feet is a key factor for consumers. This brand produces socks from 100% American materials and supports American jobs. These socks also have a unique circumferential compression that creates a precise fit and minimizes fatigue. The company’s ethos is to support American companies and produce only the best socks possible. This means less shipping and handling, reducing costs and increasing profits for American workers.

One of the best qualities of Farm to Feet Merino wool socks is their competitive pricing. Compared to other brands, they are much better value for money. They cost anywhere from $15 to $38, with most hovering around the $20 to $25 mark. The sock is designed for active wear, whether it is running, hiking, or cycling. All Farm to Feet socks are made in America. You can’t go wrong with them.


Using sustainable materials, Nylon Farm to Feet socks are made with recycled yarn and packaging from previous seasons. You can feel good about buying these sustainable socks, which come with a lifetime guarantee. The company also practices other sustainable practices, such as recycling. If you purchase your socks from an authorized retailer, you will receive a $10 discount. To learn more, read the Farm to Feet story. If you’re a fan of socks made with recycled yarn, consider becoming a member and saving 10% on your purchase!

Farm to Feet manufactures its socks in North Carolina and employs 200 local workers. The company sources all its materials from American farms and ranches. It then uses American-made nylon, elastic and fonts to create their socks. The company also donates a portion of the proceeds from each pair to nonprofit organizations that protect wildlife and the environment. The company believes that making ethical products is important to promote the well-being of the community, and its socks are a great way to do that.

You can also buy Merino wool socks from Farm to Feet. While these socks are more expensive, they are still an excellent value compared to their cheaper counterparts. Prices for Merino wool socks vary from $15 to $38, with most hovering around the $20-$25 range. However, if you’re looking for a pair of performance socks for everyday use, consider investing in Nylon Farm to Feet socks. These socks are breathable, and are odor-free. They also outlast cheaper cotton socks.


Farm to Feet is a company that creates comfortable socks for everyday use. They source all of the materials they use in the US and manufacture the socks in U.S. factories. They also source US wool from sheep raised in the Western states. Their socks are made with high-quality materials and features a flat toe box, which eliminates blister-producing friction. The socks also have different cushioning zones that help relieve pressure points and prevent blisters.

The materials used to make Farm to Feet socks are 100% US merino wool, nylon, and spandex. The wool is American grown and manufactured in a sustainable mill. Nylon, which is an excellent choice for socks, provides structure and durability while spandex provides stretch to ensure the perfect fit from toe to welt. The socks are made in a mill within 300 miles of the wool and are completely US-made, ensuring a sustainable supply chain.

Farm to Feet offers performance merino socks for runners, hikers, and other athletes. Their socks feature a Compression Fit that provides increased compression from the Achilles to the middle arch, as well as seamless toe closures. The company offers a lifetime guarantee to customers and recycles all used socks. The company’s mission is to create sustainable, quality socks that will last for years. They also support sustainability by making a difference in the lives of American workers and materials.

Nester Hosiery

In mid-1990s, when NAFTA was implemented, Nester Hosiery was on the verge of bankruptcy. Rather than go under, Nester Hosiery decided to redefine its business model. It went vertically integrated, doing all its own production and finishing processes, and focused on outdoor specialty socks. Originally, the company made cotton socks for sports and active lifestyles, but soon turned to merino wool and outdoor performance socks.

With its 100% domestic manufacturing, Nester Hosiery has managed to maintain a highly efficient U.S. supply chain that has led to significant growth and popularity among consumers. In fact, the company is so committed to making their socks domestically sourced that it proudly displays these certifications on its packaging. In addition to sourcing all of its raw materials from U.S. manufacturers, Nester also makes their socks using state-of-the-art knitting, finishing, and packaging equipment.

The company also works to reduce energy and water usage in its production. It has implemented a steam tumbler that saves energy and water by cutting down on washing and drying steps. Nester Hosiery has also undertaken dumpster dive initiatives and developed proprietary software. With the help of this newfound knowledge, the company has managed to reduce its solid waste by 35% over four years. Despite all the recent environmental news and attention, the company continues to grow its business.