Wilderdog Islander Reflective Leash


The rope leash style is iconic, and the Wilderdog Islander Reflective Leash is no exception. Made of rock climbing rope, this leash is perfect for medium-sized dogs. It’s lightweight and comfortable, and makes your walk with your dog safer and more fun. To learn more about this classic rope leash style, keep reading! And, don’t forget to pack a Doggie Bag for your dog’s mess!


Wilderdog leashes can be an excellent choice for your active dog. This durable rope leash is made with a lock carabiner, allowing you to clip it anywhere. Whether you’re out hiking or walking your dog, this leash will keep him safely in control. There are many styles and materials available. All models are made to last a long time. Here are some suggestions to make your leash as durable and comfortable as possible.

A typical leash length is around 5 feet, but you can find a longer option for your pooch. The smaller carabiner leashes are 5 feet long and are made from 5/16″ thick rock climbing rope. Slip leads work like a collar and leash in one, and they’re great for training and quick transport from your home to your car. Wilderdog also offers free shipping when you purchase a leash and collar set.

A good quality leash is not only functional, it should be stylish as well. While leather leashes are attractive, they’re also functional. You can also find cute designs in leather leashes, and match them with your dog’s collar. Some leashes even come in matching collar/harness combos. Just make sure you buy a strong leash for your dog – one that won’t be damaged by frequent use.


The Wilderdog Harness features two D-ring attachment points. The top handle gives the dog a boost over boulders and close handling. The harness features reflective fabric strips on the handle for night visibility. It is also comfortable to wear and offers two straps for easy adjustment. To ensure safety while hiking, the harness is made of high-quality material. We also recommend you purchase a harness that is comfortable for your dog.

The harness is made of durable fabric and has two D-ring attachment points. It also has an adjustable top handle and is comfortable for both you and your dog. The harness can be fitted over your dog’s head and has two side release buckles. It is waterproof, so your dog will not get wet. For nighttime hikes, the harness also features reflective accents on the handle. Lastly, Wilderdog’s harness is made from materials that will keep your dog warm in extreme weather.


You might be wondering how waterproof the Collar of Wilderdog is, and you’re not alone. It’s actually made of rubber-coated webbing that repels dirt and water, and comes in three adjustable sizes. The company offers free shipping on orders over $50. Check out their website to purchase a collar for your pet. It won’t cost much, either, and you can get a free lanyard with any purchase.

Doggie bag

Whether your dog loves to travel or just loves kibble, you’ll find a variety of options for your Wilderdog. A kibble food bag is a handy choice for taking kibble along for the trip. Other bags are designed to carry all sorts of gear, from leashes to harnesses. The perfect size and design makes it easy to tote all of your gear without spilling any of your dog’s food.

The biodegradable Wilderdog doggie bag is a perfect choice if you want to reduce waste and keep your pet healthy. These bags are surprisingly thick and waterproof, and they can even handle greasy kibble. Just make sure to double bag kibble for optimum sanitation. The bag comes in a pack of eight rolls that contain fifteen bags each. Then, when your pooch gets dirty, you can clean up the mess without worrying about the bag’s scent.

The Wilderdog doggie bag is ideal for hiking and travel. It holds up to 40 cups of dry kibble. It’s also water-resistant and folds down to fit how much food it can fit in. It even comes with a stainless steel cup for holding kibble. A Wilderdog doggie bag is a versatile and convenient addition to any home. Your furry friend will love carrying their own kibble bag wherever they go.

Rock climbing rope

A rock climbing rope dog collar is a great way to bring your four-legged friend along on outdoor adventures. Wilderdog Rock climbing rope dog collars are adjustable and come in a variety of sizes. Designed with versatility in mind, they can be used as hands-free leashes, for trail running, or even as a harness for pulling your dog. For safety and peace of mind, Wilderdog gear is made in the USA.

The leash comes with a locking carabiner, making it impossible for your dog to unclip himself. It’s also convenient to clip your dog anywhere you want. The leash is constructed of rock climbing rope and fits most collars. Its small size makes it suitable for small and medium-sized dogs, but it doesn’t have a swivel function. It weighs 6 oz.


The Wilderdog leash features a locking carabiner. It’s 1.5 meters long and made from rock climbing rope, which is much thinner than a standard rope. You can clip the leash anywhere to keep your dog secure, without having to worry about the dog accidentally unclipping it. These leashes are perfect for smaller and medium-sized dogs. They also come in a variety of colors, so you can match the leash to your outfit.