Where to Get Your Author Audio Book Download Free

authorpreneur audio book download free

If you’re an aspiring self-published author, you’ve probably wondered where you can get your author audio book download free. You can choose from Soundwise, Audible, or Chirp to find the perfect platform for your story. But which of these platforms is the best? Here are a few tips to get you started. Read on for more information. Also, remember that there are some limitations, like exclusive rights from Audible.


If you want your audience to hear your book, you can offer a free audiobook download on Soundwise. Its easy-to-use interface allows you to set up an audiobook in an hour. It integrates audio hosting, payment, and promotions. It also allows you to customize your audiobook experience by offering mobile and web content delivery options. The best part of Soundwise is that it lets you interact with your listeners via live comments and follow-ups.

If you want to publish more than one audiobook, you can consider ACX or Findaway Voices, or you can create bundles with your audiobooks. Soundwise will allow you to bundle audiobooks at a discount, distribute free advance listener copies for reviews, and collect testimonials for your launch. Soundwise will also allow you to sell individual audiobooks and add-ons, such as extra chapters or blooper reel tracks.


Audible has a large catalog of binge-worthy audio books, exclusive podcasts, and Audible Originals, as well as an unlimited library of unlimited audio entertainment. You can download an audiobook once, or download multiple copies for offline listening. And with no membership fees, you can always enjoy it later, too. Audible authorpreneur audio book download free: it’s a great way to make your voice heard by millions of people.

You can also find free audiobooks on Scribl, an online library powered by Amazon. They offer over 300,000 audiobooks ranging from children’s stories to bestsellers. You can listen to audiobooks on Scribl through the Apple Podcasts app, or download them directly to your computer. For some audiobooks, you can download a free sample before you decide to buy them, or you can browse through their trending books chart and choose from thousands of free and paid audiobooks.


There are many advantages to using Chirp for your audiobook downloads. The site is free to join, and offers deals up to 95% off the cover price. Unlike other audiobook retailers, you don’t have to pay to download an audiobook from Chirp, so you can try it out risk-free before you buy. Chirp audio books aren’t available for free on Audible, but you can sign up for a free trial and enjoy a sample audiobook without making a financial commitment.

The website is easy to navigate and enables you to find audiobook deals daily. You can listen to audio books on the Chirp app or online. All audiobooks are free forever, and the app is compatible with your computer or mobile device. If you are not satisfied with the quality, Chirp offers a money back guarantee if you’re not happy with the download. Chirp also has a great deal of titles that can be downloaded for as little as $2!

Audible’s exclusive rights

If you’re an author looking to sell your work, you may be worried about Audible’s exclusive rights to authorpreneurial audio books. Unfortunately, this isn’t the only concern. If Audible continues to impose DRM on audiobooks, bestselling authors may be reluctant to offer them for free. Whether or not they eventually do so is up for debate. However, you should understand the consequences of not being able to do so.

As a publisher, you have to consider how the Audible algorithm will affect your audiobook sales. The algorithm will favor those audiobooks with higher traffic and engagement. This will benefit established authors with large audience followings. But it will also benefit those who have just begun to publish their work and aren’t interested in making an investment in an audiobook. This will give you more options when it comes to pricing and promotional strategies.

Findaway Voices

Authors are offered a variety of options for promoting their audiobooks. Among them are promotional codes, giveaway codes, and the ability to receive a free audio book download. If you’re looking for free promotional codes for your audiobook, this is the place to look. Giving away free audiobooks is a great way to get reviews and gain exposure from new listeners. Findaway Voices has giveaway codes of up to 100 per title available. You can also choose a hybrid royalty splitting option called Voices Plus.

While ACX and Findaway Voices have similar benefits, Findaway Voices offers an author more control over pricing. They will list your audiobook on multiple platforms and distribute it for you, and will pay you a commission based on the royalty rate that you choose. You can also choose whether to distribute your audiobook to multiple platforms, including iTunes and Audible. The difference in royalty rates can be significant.