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Can You Microwave Tupperware?

Can you microwave Tupperware? That’s a question we hear a lot from our customers. It’s heat-resistant and BPA-free, but can you cook in it? Read on to find out! Also, consider the type of food you plan on cooking. Is your Tupperware microwave-safe? How about the other materials? What should you do if you have […]

How Long Does It Take To Wash And Dry Clothes?

Doing laundry is a hassle, so how long does it take to wash and dry your clothes? You might have a large load, but washing it on your own will take a lot of time. Depending on your washing machine, you may have to do two loads in one day, or one big load in […]

How Long Can Bed Bugs Live in an Empty House?

If you have a bed bug infestation, you may be wondering how long bed bugs can live in an empty house. These insects feed on human blood and will survive in the right temperature for up to a year. While they will feed on animals such as humans, they prefer to feed on humans and […]

How Long Does a Load of Laundry Take?

When it comes to how long a load of laundry takes, the answer varies. There are many factors to consider including the amount of dirty laundry, type of detergent used, and color. When it comes to the amount of time needed for a load to be completed, it can take anywhere from half an hour […]

How to Get Fabric Softener Stains Out of Clothes

You’re probably wondering how to get fabric softener stains off clothes. This common stain is difficult to remove, but don’t panic. It’s easy to remove by washing the affected clothing on the hottest wash cycle and following the washing instructions on the label. However, if the fabric softener is particularly stubborn, you’ll want to use […]

How to Get Fingernail Polish Out of Carpet

If you spilled fingernail paint on your carpet, it’s likely you are wondering how to get it out of carpet. The steps are almost the same whether the stain is wet or dry. The first step is to blot the area with a paper towel. Next, you should scrape off the remaining particles. Repeat these […]

Can You Use Hand Soap to Wash Dishes?

You can use hand soap to wash dishes, but it is not recommended. Not only does hand soap not clean dishes well, but it contains ingredients that are not good for your skin. You should also avoid using hand soap with food if you have sensitive skin or allergies. The chemicals used to make hand […]