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Office Space Bosses

What’s so great about being an office space boss? I’m going to tell you about three office space bosses, Bill Lumbergh, Peter Gibbons, and Mike Judge. Each one has different stories to tell, but all of them have something in common: they all are successful. But how did they get there? How did they influence […]

Beetlejuice Characters

The beetlejuice character has many interesting characteristics. He is impatient and sexual, and admits to being turned on by screams. He is raised by Lydia, who is violent, but does not seem to offend him. Despite his impatience, Beetlejuice has a lot of character growth in the animated series and musical than in the film […]

Is There a New Twilight Movie Coming Out?

Is there a new “Twilight” movie coming out? It’s a question that’s on fans’ minds these days, as the franchise has made $1.3 billion in worldwide box office and a book series worth $800 million. The latest book was released in August 2013, and speculation began about a movie adaptation. Actor Kellan Lutz, who played […]

Eclipse – When Does the New Twilight Movie Come Out?

The next Twilight movie is Eclipse. This is the sequel to the saga of the Cullens. This time, Bella and Edward are married and the royal family decrees that she be turned. Edward agrees to convert her provided she marries him. But Bella has some reservations about marrying such a young man. Meanwhile, Victoria is […]

The Cast of How to Train Your Dragon 2

As the second part of the How to Train Your Dragon series, the actors once again bring their A-game. With this movie, the cast returns to the Berkshires. The two main characters are Hiccup and Toothless, who have united the dragons and Vikings on the island of Berk. They are challenged by their dragon-slaying mother […]