Photo Camera Raw Presets Soul Free Download

photo camera raw presets soul free download

If you are a photographer who wants to enhance the quality of the pictures you take, you should download the photo camera raw presets soul free download. They are perfect for people who shoot portrait pictures in outdoor locations or in a studio. They correct color stains and smoothen the skin. These presets also add lightness to the images. There are several other benefits of using these presets too.

Gypsy Soul

The Gypsy Soul photo camera presets free downloaded from the internet give your pictures an artistic touch. Its warm tones and slight magenta tint are ideal for adding a touch of retro charm to your photos. A vignette and sharpening feature are also included to make your pictures more appealing. The presets are suitable for both amateur and professional photographers. Listed below are some examples of how to apply the Gypsy Soul filter.

This preset brings out the classic film look and makes your pictures sharp. This preset is perfect for outdoor and portrait photos as it enhances the detail and texture of your images. The preset is especially useful for Instagram feeds as it mimics the look of vintage film. In addition to a film look, the Gypsy Soul preset also adds a warm green overlay to the rendered image, which is ideal for tropical scenes and outdoor photos.

Rustic Vintage

Using a photo editing software such as Lightroom is a good way to give a photograph a vintage feel, and a Rustic Vintage photo camera preset can help you achieve this. The presets work with the Photoshop CC software, and they have been designed to produce a wide range of effects, from subtle to dramatic. You can use one or all of the presets in your photos.

The Rustic Vintage free Lightroom preset applies a retro style using custom color and light settings. This preset will make your photographs look peaceful and tranquil. It is great for outdoor shots in natural light. The Vintage Frame free preset adds a vintage-style frame to the photo. The presets also make your images more realistic and aesthetically pleasing. You can try any or all of them out and get a perfect image for your needs.

Vintage Architecture

Using a preset like Vintage Architecture in your photography is a great way to add some old-fashioned flair to your photographs. This collection of Adobe presets is suitable for both desktop and mobile photography. Each preset works with various kinds of photographs and is compatible with Lightroom 4.0 and earlier. They are ideal for photographers of old architecture, bloggers and influencers, and anyone who wants to give their images an old-fashioned look.

The preset creates a vintage-feel by adding brown tints to the image. It gives your photos a rich, dramatic look that evokes the look of film. You can use this preset to create a beautiful, artistic photo that you will love. You can also download the Rustic Vintage free preset to give your photos a vintage look. This free download also gives your photos a timeless film look by adding custom color and light settings.


If you are looking for a preset that can recreate the look of a vintage camera, the 1985 photo camera raw presets soul free downloading is for you. This free download gives your photos a retro look and applies custom light and color settings. It also gives photos a warm tint, perfect for outdoor shots. The presets can also be used to enhance a picture’s colors. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Rose is one of the free Camera Raw presets that you can download. This is a wonderful preset for portraits, newborns, and more. Rose blurs the background to focus on the main objects, and adds warm tones to the overall look. The results are both gentle and vivid. Cinematic is another preset for 1985 photo camera raw presets soul free download