The Normal Brand and FiveThirtyEight

the normal brand

It’s no secret that the flyover region of the Midwest is influenced by coastal trends. Fortunately, local entrepreneur Jimmy Sansone has created a lifestyle apparel company that draws its inspiration from his hometown. By keeping the company local, Jimmy Sansone has made downtown St. Louis a stylish point of pride. We recently spoke with him about his business and the unique characteristics of downtown St. Louis. We found that Jimmy’s personal experiences are the driving force behind his creative process.

Jimmy Sansone

St. Louis-based entrepreneur Jimmy Sansone has just announced plans to open a second brick-and-mortar store in downtown Nashville. After signing a 12-month lease at Fifth + Broadway, a Brookfield Properties development, Jimmy Sansone has chosen to expand his business. Jimmy Sansone, a lifelong cheerleader for the Midwest, originally started his business by designing and selling ‘normal shirts’. In March, he decided to expand, and launched a line of hats, including one that featured a bear logo derived from the Missouri state flag. Almost immediately, the line sold out.

After seeing a lack of quality apparel in the market, Sansone created The Normal Brand, a collection of shirts that would stand out among competitors. “Normal” is not something mundane – it means personal and understandable. In our interview with Sansone, we found out about the company’s growth, his time at WashU, and what makes it unique. Hopefully, this interview will inspire you to start your own business!

The Normal Brand was born in the basement of Sansone’s basement, after he had quit his finance career to pursue his passion for fashion. He was frustrated with the pretension and poor quality of the clothing available to men, and decided to make his own line of normal shirts. Later, he enlisted his brother Lan to join the cause. Soon, the company was selling to retailers all over the world.

Midwestern roots

“Midwestern” has been a misnomer for decades. According to the Census Bureau, the Midwest consists of 12 states bordering the Northeast, South, and West. But if you’re interested in what the Midwest actually means, look no further than the website FiveThirtyEight, which was founded by renowned economist Nate Silver. He even included states like Montana and Oklahoma in his poll, making the Midwest a much bigger region than it appears.

The company began by bootstrapping its early stages and is currently seeking investors. Its logo pays homage to the Missouri state flag’s bear. It has appeared on the hats of NFL players and actors like Jon Hamm. The Normal Brand is committed to quality and durability, three factors that can’t be matched by a fad fashion. But it’s also committed to the idea of being a true “normal” brand.

Comfortable fit

If you’re looking for a comfortable fit, look no further than The Normal Brand. The company offers a wide range of women’s and men’s styles that fit true to size, and they even offer seasonal discounts. Jimmy Sansone founded the company in 2015, and he runs it with his brothers. Located in Saint Louis, Missouri, the company manufactures its products in the USA. This is an important aspect when it comes to buying clothing, since you don’t want to overbuy a piece that you may not like.

The Normal Brand’s goal is to make normal clothing fashionable again, by offering products that make normal clothes seem good. Founded by Jimmy Sansone and his brothers, the company has grown to national attention. They now sell clothing online and in stores across the globe, and have just opened their first brick-and-mortar store in Clayton. Jimmy and his brothers believe in giving people the opportunity to dress comfortably and look good.

Affordable price

If you’re looking for a stylish yet affordable piece of clothing, you’ll want to check out The Normal Brand. Its style is based on comfort rather than fashion, and the company offers clothes for both men and women. The brand also carries different items for different seasons. The brand doesn’t currently offer clothing for children, but it has expanded its line since its launch. The company’s website offers information about its products.

The Normal Brand was founded in 2015 by a group of brothers who wanted to make comfortable clothing affordable to everyone. Founded in a basement, the company offers both men’s and women’s apparel. They have been able to gain popularity on social media, with accounts on Facebook and Tik Tok. Their Instagram page has over 65k followers. The company also offers seasonal discounts. The brand is very easy to shop for, with a great selection and affordable prices.