Effective prayers to get True Love

If you feel like true love has slipped away or the thought that your soul-mate won’t ever find you, you can try these prayers to bring your love closer. Prayer for healing of the previous heartbreak, pray to be prepared for a genuine and healthy love and pray for the soul mate that is supposed to be with you in your journey.

Today people aren’t just looking for love. They are looking for soulmate love — a bond with someone who’s perfect for them and is meant to be.

A very crucial elements of finding love that is genuine is faith. You must believe in the love of your life, and believe that there’s someone special in the world, specifically for you.

In those moments when you feel as if real love has slipped away or you are worried that your soul mate won’t ever find you, use these prayers to bring your love closer. Prayer for healing of the old wounds, pray that you be prepared to experience a healthy and genuine love and pray for your soul mate that is supposed to be with you throughout your life.

If two souls of love are united, it’s wonderful. Make use of these prayers to ask for love that is genuine.

Please Heal My Love Wounds

Dear God I ask you to assist me in healing
From loss, grief and the hurt of love that I have experienced in my past
Let me be complete and content

I’ve been a bit anxious and anxious,
I’ve been in desperate need and was too eager to give up.
Relax the part of me that is prone to making unwise decisions.
Let me soothe the ache in my heart that inspires me to love.

Revive my faith God’s love and divine timing.
Send me your love at the right moment and for the right reasons.
Please stop separating me and my love.
The healing process start within my heart.


My Soul Mate Is Coming

Dear God,
My spirit is pure and my intentions are clear.
I would like to get your advice and assistance
Finding my soulmate my perfect companion.
I’m looking for a partner that can enhance me with their own Being…
Who can bring more joy, love and peace to me in my daily life…
Whom I am able to love completely and who will fully accept my unconditional love…
Who honors, loves and loves me unconditionally and will always.

May I feel love when true love comes to me.
May I let love in.
Let me be willing to allow my heart to discover the truth
My heart should be open and my mind be free.
Let my life be prepared to embrace true Love.

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Reawaken to Love

Love is the season coming up.
The heart awakens
From the winter’s gloom,
The bodies of our loved ones are getting prepared to be loved.

I want to reclaim my right to be born
Stand up to defend your self-worth
and the innate capacity to love and be with and love.

I’ve had issues over love issues in my past.
I’ve been dissatisfied.
My heart has been broken.
However, I’m choosing to make this healing happen now.
I chose love.
Then I make a new decision to rediscover the innocence of my heart
and reconnect with soulful and rekindle your connection to soulful.

30 Day Prayer
(Say this every day as you get up, and in the evening , just before going to bed for a period of 30 days.)

Dear God Love, the essence of all that exists.
I am grateful for your holy presence.

I am asking for your Love and Your Guidance.
I ask for your blessings
While I explore the depth parts of my heart
I need your help
Let go of that which is hindering real love.

Let me be wrapped by you in the circle of your love
A lift from your grace.
It’s as simple as that.