Exceptional Wonder Woman Awardee – Fire Chief Sarah Boone

sara boone

Exceptional Wonder Woman awardee Sarah Boone is a female inventor who made her mark with her invention of the ironing board. Sarah’s ironing board improved the quality of women’s garments. Boone also invented a new type of ironing board and worked as a fire chief in Portland. Read on for more information about Sarah and her invention. You’ll love the story behind Sarah’s ironing board.

Exceptional Wonder Woman awardee sara boone

Chief Sarah Boone has been recognized for her leadership skills, compassion and dedication to service and community. As a fire chief, Boone champions selfless service and collaboration among her colleagues. She has been honored with the Fire Chief’s Certification of Appreciation and Portland’s Exceptional Wonder Woman Award. Boone is also involved in community service and outreach, and her work is focused on inspiring the next generation of service leaders and enhancing the resiliency of communities.

While growing up, Sara Boone embraced sports, especially track and field. She excelled in track and field, competing in the javelin, hurdle events, the long jump, and as a member of a 4 x 400 relay team. Boone’s success at track and field led to her being recruited to Boise State University, where she earned all-state honors. Later, she competed in the heptathlon and graduated with a degree in secondary education.

As a fire chief, Sara Boone’s passion for long-term goals and dedication to the community inspired her to become an active member of the Seattle Fire Department. She has served on numerous committees and worked as a district representative for Local 43 in 2001 and 2000. She is also on the Board of Directors of the Dallas Fire Department and the PF&R. She has been named to numerous panels and has served on the FEMA AFG Peer Review Panel and the SCBA Technical Committee.

Sarah’s ironing board invention

An African-American inventor, Sarah Boone, was responsible for the development of the ironing board. The board, patented as United States patent number 473,563 on April 26, 1892, greatly improved the quality of ironing women’s garments. While this invention was not widely adopted until the 1970s, it was still a breakthrough in the ironing industry, and it is still used today.

Boone’s idea was not new to homemakers. The idea was to provide a convenient, inexpensive way to iron ladies’ garments. However, she was keen on creating a device that would make the process as simple as possible. Boone applied for the U.S. patent #473,653 and the product became widely available. She was the first African-American woman to receive a patent for an invention.

Born in Craven County, Mississippi, Sarah Boone married brick mason James Boone when she was 15 years old. The couple had eight children together and settled in New Haven, Connecticut. The invention of an ironing board by Sarah Boone was patentable in 1892, but Boone was not recognized for it until after her death in 1904.

Sarah Boone’s ironing board invention was patented on April 26, 1892. It was intended for ironing the sleeves and bodies of ladies’ garments. It was narrow and curved to accommodate the curves of the waist seams. In addition, it was reversible. This made the board more convenient to store. Sarah Boone’s board invention was later patented by a number of manufacturers, including Smith & Wesson.

Boone’s ironing board is still popular today, and she was the first African American woman to receive a patent for her invention. In 1892, Boone was the first black woman to be granted a patent in the United States, and she was one of the first African American women to do so. Several more Black women were also successful in the early years of the Industrial Revolution. Its benefits were widespread and remained for over a century.

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Sarah’s work as a fire chief in Portland

While studying to be a youth sports coach, Sarah Boone soon realized that she could have a bigger impact somewhere else. That’s when she decided to become Portland’s first African-American fire chief. Today, she is recognized as the fire department’s highest-ranking woman. Here, she shares some of the reasons why she chose to become a fire chief. And you can follow her journey from college to fire chief in Portland.

As the fire chief of Portland, Boone has a unique perspective on the role of firefighters. She has seen firsthand how peer interactions affect the lives of children and young adults. As a former high school teacher, she understands the impact these interactions have on young people. While many fire departments have similar missions, the role of fire chief is more challenging and involves more risk. However, Sarah’s unique background makes her a standout candidate for the position.

Volunteer firefighting in Portland was revived after World War II when the city merged with East and Albina. In 1904, the city began paying firefighters for their time and effort, but some outlying towns continued to have volunteer fire companies. These organizations were provided with funds from the city, but most were gone by the 1930s. However, the city did provide funds to the fire department to purchase its first fire boat.

In addition to the public relations aspects of her job as a fire chief, Susman’s leadership skills earned her praise and admiration from peers. A recent survey indicated that about 80 percent of the firefighters in Portland respond to medical calls. A new pilot program approved by the city council will allow the firefighters to respond to non-emergency calls, such as calls related to homelessness or apparent mental health crisis.https://www.youtube.com/embed/MCDLu5DZzr8