How to Send Money to the UK From USA

send money to uk from usa

If you are looking for a secure way to send money from the United States to the United Kingdom, you have a few options. First of all, you can use credit or debit cards. Using a debit card means less fees, which usually translate into faster transfer times. Another option is to send money via an international money order, which has been used for many years in the United Kingdom. However, international money orders are not accepted by all financial institutions. While Western Union does accept international money orders, they are not as fast as using a credit or debit card.


When you need to send money to the UK, Wise offers a convenient way to do it. Wise customers can pay with their credit cards, debit cards, or bank account, and the fee for each method varies. Once the money is sent, a confirmation screen shows you how long it will take to reach the recipient’s bank account. You’ll also receive an email when the money has been received.

Wise lets you send money to the UK using 22 different currencies. This means you can send money to anyone in the UK without requiring them to open an account with the service. Unlike many other providers, Wise does not have a margin or hidden fees. You can send money using a credit card or bank transfer, and the money will arrive in the UK the next day. It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

After you’ve verified your account, you can begin your transaction. You’ll need to enter a verification code that you’ve received in an email. After confirming your account details, you can continue the transfer process. Wise provides multiple payment methods, and wire transfers can reach up to $1 million. In addition to credit cards, Wise also accepts Apple Pay and direct debit. To send money to the UK from USA, you’ll need the recipient’s bank account and credit card. If you have any questions or concerns, Wise provides customer support during the week and has a useful FAQ section.


When it comes to sending money from USA to UK, OFX is probably the best choice. Unlike other companies, OFX charges no fees for transfers, though the processing time can be as long as two to four business days. However, if you need the money to arrive in the UK immediately, another option is PayPal’s Xoom. Xoom also lets you send money to any bank account in the UK and is free for smaller amounts.

OFX’s website has a dedicated section for businesses and individuals. Business users can use the multi-currency account to make payments. Individuals can also use the service to send money to their overseas employees and payroll. It is also possible to send mass payments to as many as 500 recipients. OFX offers local bank details for seven currencies, including the UK and US dollar. Additionally, you can register your account and receive updates on transfers. The company also has an app that lets you keep track of your payments.

Another important consideration is OFX’s financial security. While many generic banks are scams, OFX is regulated by many financial security boards to ensure your funds are safe. They also charge low fees, which is a good thing because OFX is cheaper than generic banks. Their transfer time is also reasonable for the price, but they don’t offer live chat. However, they do offer email support, which is a good feature for a money transfer website.


When transferring money from the U.S. to the UK, the best option is using a service like Remitly. This service helps you send money easily, securely, and affordably. It’s easy to set up, too. Simply register for a free account and begin typing in the amount you want to send. You’ll be prompted to choose a funding method and recipient’s details.

Remitly is a fast-growing startup with over $100 million in venture capital. The company is backed by credible investors such as the International Finance Corporation. Remitly offers two different transfer services: Economy and Express. Economy transfers require you to deposit a certain amount into your recipient’s bank account. The money should arrive in your recipient’s account within three to five business days. Either way, you’ll be able to track the money’s progress with text message alerts.

Remitly also offers cash pickup. The recipient can collect their money in person and does not need a bank account to do so. This option is also available for UK-to-US transfers. This is the most popular option, and you’ll want to use it if you don’t have an account in the UK. It also provides a secure platform and offers low fees for sending money. A great feature of Remitly is that it supports over fifty mobile money providers.


If you want to send money to the UK from USA, you can use the Ria service. Ria is an online platform that specializes in money transfers. You can enjoy better exchange rates if you use Ria’s specialized services in your sending country. However, if you are sending money from a foreign country, you will need to visit a physical Ria agent. You can also request an exchange rate quote during your visit.

The Ria website is secure and reliable. SSL Certified technology helps protect your sensitive information. They also employ a security team that works around the clock. Ria never stores your credit card information on their servers. Their system also facilitates other financial products. With its SSL Certified technology, you can rest assured that you’re transferring your money to a safe destination. Its 24/7 security team monitors your transfer to ensure your money is transferred safely.

The time required to transfer funds from the USA to the UK depends on how you’ve chosen to send it. Depending on the amount and method used, credit card and debit card payments can take as little as 15 minutes to complete. Bank transfers, on the other hand, may take up to a full business day. Ria money transfer can be completed from the convenience of your home. All you need is an internet connection, the recipient’s details, and a bank account.

Western Union

If you want to send money to the UK from the USA, you can use Western Union. The company has more than 4300 agent locations across the UK and the United States. You can send money from a bank account or debit card. You can also send cash. The company makes money by charging a fee and the exchange rate varies. To learn more, read the Western Union review below.

The company also has strong customer authentication (SCA) compliance, a requirement of the EU Payment Services Directive. This security measure requires that companies use multi-factor authentication to ensure that users are not fraudsters. Western Union complies with SCA requirements, and its enhanced security makes online transfers reliable and easy. The company’s heightened security measures are designed to help consumers feel confident when using their services.

When sending money to the UK from the USA, there are many benefits to using Western Union. It’s a convenient method for sending money to your friends and family overseas. You can track your transfers, check the exchange rate, pay your bills, and use the app to send money. You can even save the details of the recipient. If you’re sending money to the UK, you’ll be glad to know that Western Union’s agents are located at the top locations across the country.

Xoom (owned by PayPal)

You can send money to the UK from your bank account using Xoom, a service owned by PayPal. To use Xoom, you will need a government-issued ID and a recent bank statement. There are three levels of transfer; the cheapest one costs only $10. To send larger amounts, you will need to provide more information. Fees vary depending on your destination, the amount of the transfer, and the delivery method. Xoom offers a fee calculator to help you calculate the amount of fees that are charged.

Xoom is one of the few ways to send money to the UK without a bank account, but you should be aware that this method can be expensive. It costs around $90 to send $2,999 via credit card, with no verified information. Moreover, your credit card issuer can add additional fees, like cash advance or interest. Another option is to pay with your PayPal balance. Using a debit card can be cheaper but may take more time than a few minutes.

With the help of PayPal, Xoom has expanded to the UK. The service supports 31 other European markets, including the UK. People can use the service to top up their mobile phones, pay bills, and transfer money abroad. Xoom has over 130 markets in the world. Its expansion in Europe is a significant milestone for PayPal’s efforts to make money movement easier. You can send money to your loved ones in the UK using Xoom.


Instarem, a popular money transfer service, allows you to transfer money from the United States to the UK from your bank account in under an hour. They charge a small fee based on the actual rate of the local currency for sending money to the UK. This service offers competitive fx rates and low fees, and also offers a mass payment service. In addition, Instarem offers customer support 24 hours a day. Their customer support staff is available via phone or email, and you can contact them through their social media channels.

The company has received several awards and is highly rated by customers on Trustpilot and social media. They have over 35,000 clients worldwide and have transferred $5 billion since opening in 2014. Global Founders Capital invested $500,000 in the company in January 2015 and raised an additional $5 million in March 2016. GSR Ventures, SBI-FMO Ventures, and other venture capital firms have also provided funding to the company. It currently processes 0.5 million transactions per year and employs more than 600 people across six global offices.

Instarem charges 0.5% for its service. Customers can check their currency rates at any time using the currency converter on the Instarem website. Their markup is lower than that of major banks, which often mark up exchange rates. The Instarem currency calculator allows you to see the exact amount you’ll be sending to your beneficiary. Additionally, Instarem has a reward program called InstaPoints that gives you the chance to earn rewards.