The Future Sensational

future sensational

Many rap fans have been asking the same question: What does Future’s “sensational” catchphrase mean? The rapper’s savage demeanor and “toxic ex-boyfriend” meme are not surprising, but how does Future’s trademark application and catchphrase translate into real-world situations? Read on to find out. We’ll also touch on Future’s trademark application for “wait for u,” a phrase he coined and now uses on his music videos.

Future’s “sensational” catchphrase

The word “sensational” has become an Internet meme after Future used it in an interview with Nardwuar. During a recent interview, the rapper uttered the phrase while talking about his love life. A gif was created of the phrase and has since been featured in hundreds of memes. The catchphrase has also been used by the Toronto Raptors as a description of OG Anunoby’s impressive dunk.

Future’s savage demeanor

Future’s savage demeaner is as infamous as his rap style. Future’s music is synonymous with toxic masculinity, and the 61-minute DS2 is no exception. Future is the hip-hop equivalent of the Andrew Dice Clay of unhealthy break-ups. The tracklist suggests the album is savage, but the album’s names and title make the opposite case. Future’s ex-girlfriend has gotten in hot water lately for referring to her boyfriend in the negative light, and Brittni Harvey’s post has gotten her some backlash.

The savage attitude of Future is a result of his early life. Future grew up in one of Atlanta’s most violent neighborhoods, Kirkwood. His life was fueled by the hustle, and his rap career is no exception. Even while flossing in a club, he is a nervous wreck. Future’s savage demeanor is a product of his upbringing in a bad neighborhood.

His rap verses on the record speak volumes about his savage demeanor. In his album ‘Plastic,’ he boasts of having made millions of dollars from selling drugs out of the back of his Maybach. Although some real hip-hop heads do not believe that Future belongs on a track with Andre 3000, his Pluto cut proved that he can hang with legends.

“Might As Well” is a telling insight into Future’s mind. The rapper sold crack while Snoop was making gin and juice. The track also touches on his failed marriage to Ciara and his obligations to pay child support. It’s hard to find anything positive about the EVOL project, but Future’s savage demeanor does not stop him from creating music with it.

As with all artists, Future’s artistry is deeply rooted in drug use, and his savage demeanor makes it all the more interesting. The savage’s actions are self-medication. Future’s lyrics are a testament to his drug use, and his music is the epitome of self-medication. And it’s no wonder that he’s the godfather of mumble rap.

Future’s “toxic ex-boyfriend” meme

“Toxic ex-boyfriend” memes are everywhere on the internet, and rapper Future is no exception. The heavily-used picture of Future texting his former bae went viral during the holiday season, and the internet was flooded with its eerie appeal. The cryptic text messages, which typically read “I’m sorry,” have quickly gained more than one million views. But why are they so popular?

According to sources, Future is currently dating Lori Harvey. Future and Lori Harvey have been dating for several months. Lori Harvey was a guest at Future’s birthday party in November, and she confirmed the relationship with a series of Instagram posts. In her IG posts, Future also gushed about her beauty. Previously, Future was linked to Trey Songz, Justin Combs, and Sean “Diddy” Combs.

While he’s not yet been accused of being a toxic ex-boyfriend, Future has been open about his flaunting and flirting for women. His recent apology, posted just around the holidays, was too late, positioning him as the poster child of toxic masculinity. However, his apology has left his fans fuming and wishing he had been getting paid for it! What’s more, fans are still turning other forms of media into memery, such as the January assassination of Qasem Soleimani.

Future’s “wait for u” trademark application

The Future sensational’s “wait for a u” fragrance has gained attention after the rapper released his new song, “WAIT FOR U,” featuring Drake. The song, featuring Drake and Tems, is currently No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100, and has been the subject of several commercials. Future’s camp filed an official trademark application with the USPTO in September, which confirms that the product is legit. The trademark application was filed in September 2020 and was updated on April 19, which is when the commercials were released.