Selection of the best messages of support for covid helpers

Thank you all for your bravery as well as helping so many others in this incredibly difficult moment. It truly makes the world realize how incredible you are! Thank you! -- Jacob A.

Dear healthcare professionals,
There are likely to be hundreds of these letters, just as you're supposed to, but we all consider every word we type. 
As a high schooler who hopes to be nurse in the near future, seeing you are so dedicated to keeping the public secure makes me feel happy and encouraged. 
As always, I will appreciate the work that you put into our lives and we will support you! -- Mason

To the HEROES at Health Hospital,
Thank you for your time and effort you've spent helping others through this incredibly difficult time. 
You are being noticed and you are so loved. 
Thank you for your courage as well as your sacrifices and your unwavering compassion. 
Health health workers are heroes and they wouldn't be able survive this crisis without them. You're my hero. 
I am sending you my love. Ethan

I'd like to extend a huge and huge thank you to everyone. 
You are truly heroes of the world, and you put yourself in danger to assist other people in this terrifying moment. 
You could write every thank-you notes and cards around the globe however it won't be enough to appreciate your hard work. 
However this is the least I can do. 
Your team is certainly one of the bravest and honorable people! -- Noah V.

Sincerely I would like to express my gratitude to everyone for risking their lives for us, day in and out. 
Frontline employees like you deserve appreciation, encouragement and awe for what you do. 
Thank for your service! -- William A.

I'd like to take this time to say how thankful I am for each one of you who is at the front lines to defend our nation from the spread of this disease. 
Not only are you doing your best to ensure our safety and healthy, but you are trying your best to ensure our nation's security. 
Thanks for being wonderful individuals and for ensuring everyone is well-protected and safe. -- Liam

We thank you so much for providing a source of hope to so many families who are suffering from the struggles of COVID-19. 
You're an inspiration to everyone across the nation. 
I wish the best to your family and friends. -- Jayden Q.

Thank you for all your efforts and bravery. 
You are an extraordinary individual and hero. 
You are so valuable and don't ever give up because the world is in need of you. 
I am confident in you. 
Thanks for all you have done! -- Michael

Hi! In these uncertain times, you're the ones who are on the frontline. 
I'm grateful for all the healthcare workers do for their community. 
You put your life at risk and work for long hours and comfort patients that can't spend time with family members, and you are a blessing to all. 
I would like to see you be appreciated more as I'm sure most people see these periods as vacations even though you are working harder and more than ever! Thank you for everything! Stay safe :) -- Alexander Z.

Thank you for all that you have done for the community by keeping us secure. 
When you didn't know the answer, you've always been strong and willing to put your life at risk. 
You are admired and valuable. 
I wish you the respect you deserve. Thank for your efforts. -- Aiden S.

Hello healthcare experts, thank you for courageously fighting the pandemic and keeping us secure! You're helping save the world. 
There aren't enough words to convey the importance of your work. 
It's difficult to comprehend what you're working on and I am awestruck. 
I'm hoping that you're taking good care of yourself as well because this is difficult work, and quite a burden to carry. 
You matter! I am grateful for your kindness and you're at the center of my being. 
Sincerely, James L.

I'd like to extend my sincere appreciation and gratitude. 
You walk into the hospital on a daily basis as the public is advised to stay at home. 
It's easy to thank you particularly during times of uncertainty. 
Being being in quarantine for the last few months has allowed me the opportunity to think. 
I want to acknowledge your dedication to our society and the world beyond. 
If you face challenges to you, you are able to stand up because you've been educated to be heroes of our society. -- Daniel Q.

I'd like to express my thanks to the team in Health Hospital. 
It's so touching to witness people who risk their lives to assist others. 
Thank you for your help! -- Elijah F.

Without this wonderful team I'm not sure what we can do to help us reduce the curvature. 
The tips given to help protect us and stay within our homes is greatly appreciated. 
Thank you for everything that you can give your community. -- Benjamin S.

Thank you for all that you do. 
I am incredibly grateful to those who work in healthcare and saving life of Americans every single day! My mom is a nurse and I can't imagine doing what she does. 
It requires a lot of compassion to enter the medical field. 
I congratulate you for helping us out in the event that we can't take our own care. -- Matthew D.

Hello! I hope this message is delivered to many workers. 
I'm Arayah and I turn 13 this June 13. 
I'm and am one of the volunteers engaged in writing letters to hospital employees. 
This is the least I could do to express my appreciation to you for saving lives! I'm sure your team can pass it on to them. 
We appreciate your dedication to helping the community! -- Logan

Dear Healthcare Professional I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude for all your strength and dedication to help during this extremely challenging moment. 
I have relatives who are taking risks with their health to protect others every day. 
I am aware of how this affects the families of these individuals as well as their loved ones. 
I am awestruck by your work. 
You are my patient's heroes. You are the heroes of the world. Thank You. -- David C.

Dear healthcare workers, I want to thank you for all you do. 
We live in very difficult times at the moment and I cannot imagine the courage you have to show and assist people to save their lives. 
Thanks to your outstanding contribution, we stand an opportunity to beat this terrible epidemic. 
You are the absolute most outstanding of what humanity can provide.
You are all examples of excellence, courage compassionate, empathy, and love. 
You deserve so much. 
Thank you. -- Joseph T.

Dear Health Hospital Workers, As an individual with family members who work on the front line of COVID-19, I'd like to convey to my very best wishes to you during these difficult times. 
You're helping people demonstrate the beautiful qualities God has in mind, which is being a loving person to people around the world. 
Let Jehovah grant you the blessings to assist others. -- Anthony X.

We are grateful for the selfless actions in this moment of crisis. 
You are truly heroes in saving lives, and your courage is admirable. 
We are with you 100% and appreciate everything you've accomplished. We're all on the same page! <3 -- Jackson M.

"Be strong, because things will get better. 
It may be stormy now, but it never rains forever." Be strong and courageous healthcare workers! I pray for all healthcare professionals doing their best by aiding patients save lives, or even working over time, so that you and your family members will be healthy and continue to assist others. 
God bless you and show his beautiful face upon you, in Jesus' name!Lucas. Lucas

Thank you for risking your life to save others from the ravages of this disease. 
You are among my top role models and I admire your courage. 
Thank you for your dedication to fighting! -- Joshua

You're putting your life at risk by taking on your own life to ensure others are secure in this moment. 
This is a sign of how an incredible heart you have. 
Thank you for the great work you're doing. -- Andrew

I just wanted to inform you that your dedication and effort is appreciated, not just during this moment however, all the time. 
As the mother of an nurse, and being from a family of health professionals I am well aware of the sacrifices and sacrifices performed on a regular basis. 
I am grateful for your dedication and service and know that America is holding you in our hand , with support, prayer, and love. -- Gabriel

Hello! To whomever this message goes, I want to say thank you and appreciation! Thank you for your hard efforts and dedication to keeping our communities safe and healthy! I salute you, and will continue to be strong. 
We all depend on you, not just today, but forever! Thank you for everything and I'm sending my thoughts, love of strength, prayers, and hope to you! I pray that you, your colleagues as well as family members, friends and coworkers are all safe and secure! Thank you so much for all you do! Best Regards, Samuel

Thank you for all the sacrifices that you've done to assist others, regardless of the severity of the condition or injury. 
Your efforts do not go unnoticed and I'm certain I'm speaking on behalf of the entire world when I say that you are the true heroes. 
There is no way to be able to repay you for all you've done to help humanity. -- Christopher

Thank you to our Healthcare Heroes! We can't beat this terrifying virus without your kindness and love. 
Keep being our lighthouse in this moment of unprecedented need. 
We greatly appreciate your help. Thank you! -- John F.

Thank you for helping our families through this epidemic. 
A lot of people aren't aware of the sacrifices that are being made personally as well as professionally. 
The value of life is priceless and we appreciate your kindness, dedication to the community and the support that you've shown throughout the epidemic. 
I wish that every night you will take time to congratulate yourself on your achievements. 
My family prays for you in these difficult moments. 
We thank for your kindness from the deepest of our hearts. -- Dylan L.

We thank you so much for your unwavering efforts and selflessness. 
You have inspired many people to improve themselves to become the best version of yourself. 
We will always be thankful for the work that you put into your work. -- Ryan

I'd like to take this occasion to express my appreciation for all those working in the healthcare industry. 
They are ALL working at the front working long hours and in extremely difficult conditions. 
You have all shown great efforts to take care of our sick fellow Americans. 
Thank you and may God Bless America. Isaac.

There aren't many heroes who wear a cape and you're truly a hero! I appreciate your courage, strength and commitment to saving lives. 
You, your fellows and your family members are in my prayers and thoughts. 
Thank you for your dedication and passion. 
We'll make it through this stronger than ever before! <3 -- Carter H.

Thank you for all you do. Thank you for your dedication and commitment during a difficult period. 
You truly are superheroes! -- Luke Y.

The place I was born was Concord, MA, at Health Hospital in 1987 so this hospital is a fixture inside my heart.
In the last few months, you've dedicated your time to helping people fighting one of the most deadly pandemics ever. 
You've put aside taking care of your own your families to aid us. We won't be enough. 
Sending prayers and thoughts to all patients under your care. 
I wish you all the best to your team for the safety and health of all patients. -- Nathan B.

Doctors, we thank you for all your hard work. 
As a student in high school, it truly is important to know there are people willing to do the same as you and me. 
I'm sure that you will are missing everyone in your life and it's going to improve. 
All is well and we'll always be grateful to you. -- Caleb G.

I'd love to have the magic wand to get rid of it I'd wave my scepter until you're okay. 
I'd be thinking positive thoughts I'd wish you a warm hug and send healing energy my wand and I'd surely beat whatever the doctor recommends. 
However, there's no magic scepter and I can't perform a spell. 
But just know that I'm often in your thoughts. 
I'm hoping that you'll be well soon! -- Owen L.

Hello! I'm a junior in Temple University hoping to have an opportunity in the field of healthcare. 
Being able to see how committed everyone is fighting COVID-19 has been inspirational! In spite of the challenges I can't imagine I would like you to never forget how significant what you're doing is. 
"People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." (Maya Angelou) --- Christian P.

To our most precious healthcare worker Thank you very much for all the effort and love you've put into helping our society fight this deadly virus. 
You risk your life to combat this disease. You're so courageous and we cannot express our gratitude enough to you. 
Thank you for everything! -Henry :)

Thank you for saving our lives by keeping us safe, and taking risks to help us. 
We are so grateful for having these brave, dedicated, and excellent nurses and doctors in our lives. -- Oliver U.

You're all extremely brave. I can't imagine an act of selflessness more noble than risking your life every day in order to serve other people. 
I hope you appreciate the love and compassion you've shown the world. 
I hope that this inspires you to work hard to help the remainder of the people who are suffering from the pandemic. 
Thank you so much to everyone who has helped! -- Wyatt Y.

Keep up the great work! It's not easy, the days can be long and the sacrifices are numerous and we'll always be grateful for everything you do! -- Jonathan J.

Thank you for the selfless sacrifice in helping other people affected by this epidemic. 
I cannot imagine the courage you'll need to perform your job. -- Landon V.

Thank you for your healthcare workers! You are recognized and appreciated! True heroes!! -- Jack B.

Thank you for the sacrifices you're making for humanity! The selfless and courageous actions you've performed are truly inspiring! I congratulate your families, you and colleagues for your generosity. 
Your actions will never be forgotten. -- Sebastian

Thank you all for caring for patients in this time of need. 
I am so grateful to have all hospital staff risking their lives to keep people fit and healthy. -- Hunter

Good morning, COVID-19 frontlines.
I'd like to sincerely thank every one of you for putting yourself out there in these challenging times. 
I want you to understand that, even though you may not be recognized, people appreciate the work you do to help the community. 
Everyone must know that I am keeping you and your family in my prayers and thoughts throughout the day. 
Although I don't know who your heroes are, and I don't need to. 
I'm sure you all are heroes to me and I admire you all. 
Keep safe! -- Isaiah F.

Thank you so so much for your commitment to patients in this difficult period! You're truly doing the work of God. 
We cannot thank you enough for the sacrifices you've made and our prayers and thoughts will be with you each day! -- Julian N.

I'd like to let you know that you are loved and that I keep you always in my thoughts. 
My governor has declared my work (I'm an Investment Consultant) as an "essential service," so I'm working full-time in my office. 
However, what you do is not just work. 
It's heroic, placing your life in danger to help others during these difficult times. I pray that God bless you. 
Your descendants will be able to be proud of this time in history, and your sacrifices. -- Levi

I am grateful for the work you're doing, and your position is always awash with the noble, inspiring and exhausting job of helping the suffering and sick. 
You have the immense responsibility of preserving dignity for humanity in the certainty of. 
I want to express my gratitude to you for stepping out to the edge of danger while we are confined to the safe confines of our home. 
It was not a war you took on but it's one for which you're taking on arms and fighting for no reason. -- Aaron M.

Dear workers, Thank you. 
Thank you for all you've done , and for all the labor, effort and risk of your lives to assist us. 
Remember that you are our heroes and someone whom we admire Each and every individual of you are highly valued and we'll always keep you in our thoughts and prayers. 
This is a challenging moment for us all however, we must fight and persevere to keep going! We're praying for you and your security. 
I hope this gratitude lifts your spirits and makes you smile Thank you. -- Eli V.

Dear healthcare workers I'd like to express my sincere gratitude to all the individuals whose work is making a difference in the lives of people by Covid-19. 
Through your dedication that we have the ability to witness the healing taking into our own walls. 
From the large international network of researchers to the institutions which play a vital role in helping to facilitate new developments We are grateful for the contributions you have made. -- Brayden Y.

THANK YOU HERO!! Be strong and know that you are appreciated and loved! We couldn't make it through this without you! -- Nicholas D.

We thank you all the effort and dedication you've invested in our communities for stopping the spread of the disease Covid-19. 
Thank you for risking your lives in order to help others. 
Thank you for all your sacrifices and all you do. -- Connor.

Thank you for all of your extraordinary dedication! Thank you for supporting your community and being on the frontline in the fight against COVID-19. 
We appreciate all of you from the heart of our being. 
Keep up the excellent work!! -- Charles W.

Hey there, I would like to point out that at the moment, it’s people just like you who are saving millions of people across the globe, and risking their own lives.

If this isn’t heroic enough, you don’t even know what would be.

Thank you for your effort to stop the spreading of COVID-19. — Thomas I.

Thank you for your work as a healthcare professional. everyone is grateful for what you do. 

Life is being saved thanks to your dedication. Thank you for everything you’re doing! — Jeremiah D.

Good Morning!! I’d like to say thank you for the amazing job you do every day. It’s not easy, I know but we’re grateful. I wish you all the best! Enjoy your day. #foreverthankful — Gavin V.

Thank you for all you do! I am aware that these aren’t ordinary or straightforward times, but I am so thankful for the existence of people like you who selflessly assist everyone else in moments of necessity. 

Your efforts are not easy , and it isn’t being ignored… this is a true reflection of you as a person… you’re an excellent person and are admired! — Cameron X.

Dear workers, thank you for all your hard work and your support throughout this challenging time! Our front-line heroes in healthcare and the soul and heart of the COVID-19 battle. — Jordan L.

We thank all healthcare professionals in the frontline who are at risk of their health to care for patients with confirmed or suspected coronavirus infections as well as caring for patients suffering from different medical conditions. 

Your contribution is appreciated! — Adrian G.

Dear heroes, what you’re undertaking is a challenging job, and I am grateful for everything you’re doing during these tough times. 

Your selfless kindness and strength will certainly aid us in healing. 

Thank you once again for your assistance to us all. You’re an inspiration.

 You can do it! — Jaxon

Thank you for putting your life every single day to safeguard us all from the COVID-19 epidemic! We’re so grateful for your dedication and hard work. You are an inspiration! — Angel R.

Thank you to everyone who is helping others in this epidemic! — Tyler D.

Thank you for taking care of our community during these difficult times. 

When it seems as if there’s so much to worry about, you motivate us with your love and perseverance. 

Thank you for leading us towards the light at the beginning of the road. 

We are thankful for the work you have done. Thank you 🙂 — Robert

It is my intention to write to show my appreciation for the incredible contribution you’re making to ensure the safety of people and those who are sick to recuperate. 

I’m sure that you’re working under extremely challenging circumstances and you witness heartbreaking incidents every day. 

I would like you to be aware we, my loved ones and me will be praying for all of your coworkers and you.. Please stay secure and strong to keep working. 

Sincere best wishes, Austin

Frontline Workers, Thank you so much for everything you’re doing to help our fellow citizens! You are warriors and rock stars for taking risks to save the lives of others! I will keep you in my prayers and thoughts every day! Keep working hard You all are incredible! Grayson F.

There is nothing I can say that will be enough to express the gratitude I feel to have people of the caliber of you men on the frontline. You are fighting for us and we’re always with you, no matter what you accomplish. Healthcare employees make the world go around, and I am able to relax knowing that you’re all working hard. — Josiah X.

Thank you for everything you do in this emergency! As a medical student, I am so impressed by the people who risk your lives to serve the greater good. 

Your efforts will not go under the radar! Some heroes don’t wear capes and scrubs, but today, they do wear scrubs. — Brandon D.

Dear everyone, in this letter, I would like to thank you for all the hard work you’ve put into it. I’m sure you’re exhausted and tired However, your efforts are making a difference and we’ll be through this. Your families should be satisfied, but they are also worried as you’re constantly in danger. 

Make sure you take care of yourself and I wish you the greatest strength throughout the world to carry on your incredible work. Together, we can stop this!! — Colton A.

Hello! I wanted to let you know how thankful I am to have doctors and nurses in my life at this moment. 

I’m aware that this time is extremely difficult for everyone, and it’s courageous and difficult to be on the frontline in this moment. I wish you and your family the best of luck and good fortune. — Jose

Hi! I am a high schooler from Atlanta. I’m reaching out to share some positive vibes to those who are feeling uneasy or alone in this moment.

I want to assure you that I’m thinking about your needs and will be there to support you! I hope that you’re well and healthy.

I’m excited for you to welcome visitors once again. Be assured that you’re strong! Have a wonderful day 🙂 — Dominic

Dear Doctors and Nurses. We thank you for helping keep all individuals safe. Good Job! — From, Zachary (Age 4, Chicago)

You guys are incredible! Thank you for all the hard work you’re doing. 

You guys are better than most because even in times of need, you guys work non-stop. 

Be safe and thank you again. thank you in behalf of my entire family. — Chase

Hello, As a aspiring doctor, I can’t enough express my gratitude for the work you’re putting into. 

Thank you for maintaining our hospitals operating and functioning, as well as taking care of those in distress and pain. 

Your tireless efforts are appreciated more than words can convey. 

Thank you for your efforts and stay healthy! — Ian L.

Always grateful for all you do, and for your selflessness and going out to help us overcome the horrible things that happen. 

It is impossible to express the gratitude we feel for you fought for the safety and health of everyone , and that will not be forgotten. 

It’s not uncommon to see a little rain, and sometimes lots of rain, but then an amazing rainbow appears. 

Thank you for limiting the rain so that we could enjoy the stunning rainbow that is visible from the other side! — Jason L.

I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to you and your team for everything you’re doing :). Your efforts and dedication help to improve our wonderful society. I’m humbled and honored to send you a letter today. Thank you for all that you do! — Ayden

I am grateful to every one of the nurses and doctors willing to risk their lives to save the lives of others. They are truly amazing. I wish you all to remain secure during this epidemic. — A.V.

Thank you for all you do to keep us all secure and as healthy as is possible in these turbulent times. We appreciate it all! — Adam U.

Thank you for all you give to your patients. Your compassion and care are a huge difference. Make sure that you are taking care of your body as well as mentally. You are vital! — Parker W.

A huge thank you to the brave medical professionals, nurses and paramedics as well as medical staff. — Cooper B.

Dear Hospital workers,
No words can adequately express our gratitude to you. 

We are grateful for everything you’re doing to help us and also for your tireless work each day to ensure our safety and taking risks to protect us. 

We are very fortunate to have such wonderful medical professionals and hospital employees. 

They are the true heroes of this world. 

We are very pleased for you! Good Luck. Thank for your kindness in all languages all over the world! — Justin D.

If you’re willing to assist others, you’re well on your path to becoming a fantastic doctor. Thank you to all doctors who selflessly sacrifice to help us. — Mr. S

You guys are among the best this nation can provide. You’re fighting for us. You’re unique and deserve the respect of everyone. gratitude for the sacrifices you and your families put up to help us all confront. You are lifesavers. We are grateful to you as our heroes. Thank you for all you do all day and night. The wife of my son, Catherine was a nurse as are a few of you, and we are extremely happy for her! We are extremely satisfied with all of you. Thank for your support. — Xavier K.

Thank you for all you’re doing to help us, and for risking your life to protect us each day. We’re so fortunate to have such incredible and committed doctors who want to do everything they can to serve us. We are truly grateful each and every day. Thank for all you do. — Nolan

I am extremely proud of the nurses and doctors who ensure we are secure and protected from COVID-19. Thank you — Jase

We are very grateful to everyone of you who are working hard and helping patients. Best wishes to all.

Dear Hospital workers,
Thank you for all the effort and dedication that you have given during this difficult period. You are the real heroes of our nation We wanted to inform you that you have our full support and optimism. Thank for everything! — Hudson F.
Thank you for your tireless work. Prayers to the Lord for your health. — M.L.

To radiology employees who work within radiology, nutritional housekeeping, environmental services and administration, buying and finances, as well as blood donation. employees who work as health hospital :
I’m ashamed to say that I’ve never thought about the support staff on the staff at Health Hospital except for an occasion to visit the ER where I’ve enjoyed the warm welcome and medical attention. 

The situation isn’t the same anymore. It’s been a while since the beginning of March as “our worst nightmare”. 

The world has changed. I think of each who are here and how much is demanded placed upon each one of you as you are getting ready to start your day each day and do your job, which requires regular attention and many more. 

I know that all of you are vital and essential in a massive way to ensure that the environment in Health Hospital stable, so we can all get through this deadly Covid-19 epidemic. 

Your mere presence at work every day is a sign of strength.

I try to imagine what it feels to go away from your family and home every day, and enter the workplace where there is plenty of stress and in which you feel you’re in danger. 

I imagine what I would do to be in your shoes. I’m not sure what I’d do.

It’s stated that you cannot appreciate the situation of someone else until you’ve experienced it into their shoes.

I think that’s the case. In the end, please remember that I think of you frequently. It’s not exactly normal and sometimes, I drive past the hospital as if I’m checking in on everyone. 

I wish you all the best and stay secure.

I know it’s thanks to your efforts that Health Hospital is continuing to perform at the highest standard possible in the face of this pandemic. 

Although I’m unable to close this letter without thanking you for your extraordinary service, “thank you” just isn’t enough. 

Your kindness and humanity show spirit that inspires me in these most difficult and frightening of times.
A few words from the heart of the heart of a Concord living in the city, Carson

Thanks for coming here and helping us fight the disease. And you are risking your lives to help us, so thank you for your service in these times of darkness.

Thank you for everything you do for us. We are very fortunate to have wonderful doctors and nurses who risk their lives to save us. We are stronger as a community. We’re here for you. Keep safe and stay healthy. — Bentley F.

We are extremely grateful to all of the health professionals such as Health Hospital, who have put in extraordinary efforts to keep us secure during this emergency. Your selfless work is an example to the rest of the world. — Lincoln

I’m grateful for everything you do to help us most vulnerable! I’m staying at in my home and distancing, so you’ll be able to rest very soon! — Blake K.

Hello! I wanted to express my gratitude to nurses and hospital staff as much as I could today. We are aware that this is a very stressful period, but be assured that you are greatly valued. Your dedication and courage has saved lives and put an end to the suffering of humanity. Keep up the good work, and be fit! 🙂 — Easton S.

We are extremely grateful to all of you and for your selflessness and devotion to your work. You are truly special and we are very fortunate to be able to call you our friends. Thank you so for everything! — Nathaniel

Thank you for your staff, the effort and dedication is greatly valued. The Lord and the entire community is in your corner! Yes, from afar but all close. Smile often! — Asher U.

Hi. I’m sure you’ve heard this all the time, but I wanted to let you know that I am grateful for all you’re putting at risk for your as well as your loved ones health to put others’ health first. This is a beautiful and courageous gesture of compassion that affects numerous families in an extremely difficult moment for many. Your selfless and unselfish acts do not get overlooked. — Mateo P.

I’m sending all my love and appreciation to the team of Health Hospital. They are my heroes and I’d like to take the time to express my gratitude to you all. — Jaxson

Dear doctors and nurses I would like to thank you for all your help throughout the COVID-19 time frame. You have all risked your lives to save the lives of people around this world , and we all thank you for the long nights and the risks you took. Thank you — Tristan

To doctors, nurses and all medical personnel that are employed in Health Hospital: Health Hospital:
I’ve always been awestruck of doctors, nurses and other professionals in the medical profession, and I’m grateful for their skills and dedication to other peoples health. 

I’m able to do numerous things. I’m a school teacher, which is an extremely challenging job however, I’m not at all suited to work in a hospitals. 

In the midst of this COVID-19 outbreak I often think of you all day. 

I am thinking about all aspects of your work that require a lot of energy and understanding, as well as sensitivity and courage.

You are also dedicated to your patients, particularly right now. I am exhausted just thinking about it. I cannot imagine how you do it.

 I also worry about your family and friends. 

How are you all doing with this most stressful work environment. I’m worried for you, as I know that you share a lot of time with those with the disease. 

I want to be sure all precautions are being put in place to ensure your safety. 

If I learn that a health worker has been found to be and found to be positive, I am concerned or, in truth If someone has been positive, I believe that it might be me, or my best friend, or even my husband. 

You all are like my family. You know how much you are appreciated by all of us who are always watching the news and watching the progress made on finding and accessing all the equipment that is important to your work. 

We want to ensure that you’re equipped with all the equipment you require to complete your job. 

Whatever it is you do, it’s an enormous burden to have to carry, but having the proper equipment at any time can make us more efficient more secure, safe and efficient. 

Thank you isn’t enough however, we would like to thank you for the exceptional service that goes above what you would expect during this challenging and unprecedented period.

The words of the heart of a Concord living in the city, Luis

God Bless and protect you in his care. You are the best. Be kind to everyone , including yourself as well as your family members. — Brody O.

Thank you, dear Health Staff: At Welch’s we are so satisfied and grateful to each one of your efforts. 

Your commitment and enthusiasm to help others and save lives is truly inspiring. 

We thank for your kindness from the deepest of our hearts!
With affection, the Welch’s team

We are so fortunate to be able to Health Hospital here with skilled professional staff who are dedicated. 

We pray to Kayden and all of our wonderful nurses, doctors and staff. — Bryson K.

I would like to acknowledge everyone on the frontline as well as all the others who care for sick patients. I wish good wishes for health to everyone suffering from COVID-19 and to everyone else who suffers. Thank you health professionals for all you do. Many blessings on you. — Emma H.

Thank you for your tireless efforts to ensure that our community is well and doing whatever is necessary and possible right now to make it possible to patients in need of your assistance and support. This gratitude is for everyone of you. From the medical staff comprising technicians, nurses, doctors to the many other dedicated people who help keep hospitals in good order and running smoothly, like food service workers , staff members, such as janitors and assistants and administrators. Be sturdy. Keep yourself secure. Stay safe. — Sophia T.

Thanks to the angels who work tirelessly to provide assist the sick at this difficult moment. Let God keep watch over everyone of you and protect you. Thank for your prayers. — Olivia M.

We would like to express our gratitude to everyone from the most sincere gratitude for all you’re doing each day to look after our community. Be assured that you are in our prayers and thoughts and we are more grateful than you ever imagined. Thank for your kindness. — Isabella S.

Thank you for all your hard efforts and dedication in this period. It is possible that you been a part of the protection plan for individuals but you did not choose to sign up to protect against the possibility of a pandemic. I ask for peace and wisdom in the waves of panic and fear. You are appreciated. You are loved. Nurses, doctors maintenance workers food service, janitors and everyone else who is that is involved in saving lives have become our heros. Thank you. — Ava X.

I am so proud of the nurses, doctors and first responders all of them putting themselves in danger’s way for the good of everyone. Be assured that we try to play our part by staying at home. We will continue praying for you security and well-being as for those you care for. We pray that God be with you, strengthening and safeguard you. With great gratefulness, Mia

Dear Team Members at Health Hospital,
I’m Emily and I’m aged 13. I was determined to do my part, even in writing an email. It was important to express my appreciation and inform the employees that I appreciate and awe at their dedication and hard work. I’ll never be able to comprehend how it feels to work in one of the largest populations of people during these tough times, but most importantly I am grateful to your efforts. The sacrifices you put into our nation will be forever remembered. It is, after all just a tiny piece of an entire puzzle to stop the growing rapid spread of the virus. As Abigail Mendez says “you get what you give.” From me and all of our community, we thank for your help.
Yours Most Truly, Madison
Thank you for your commitment to saving lives. Health is a true rock within the local community. — Elizabeth B.

A special shout-out to all my colleagues who work in The Laboratory and Phlebotomy department. I have worked with many of you over the years I know how committed and enthusiastic you are. Stay healthy as well as take good care of one another. — Charlotte D.

Hello, nice evening. I’m not sure what to say, but just prayers for all of humanity. Together , we can overcome this difficult situation. We can even do it by social distancing. I am a student at a medical school for paramedical students in Uganda Mulago. Together, we can stop this. — Chloe K.

Thank you for all of your incredible effort! We thank you for helping the community and for putting yourself on the frontline in the fight against COVID-19. We appreciate us from the heart of our being. Keep up the excellent work!! — Ella F.

Up until now, I’ve not thought about the ways in which healthcare professionals put themselves in danger while caring for those who need medical assistance. I’ve always taken this as a given. I’d like to say “Thank You” to you and all the health professionals who are fighting on the frontline in the COVID-19 fight. The bravery and sacrifice of health professionals is not going unnoticed by me or others in our community. I am impressed by the magnitude of the hard work done by scientists, doctors and all the people who support them in coming up with ways to combat and treat this disease. The speed at which the response has come from medical professionals so is absolutely amazing. — Amelia

Dear Team Members at Health Hospital,
I don’t think you know me. I’m Lisa. I reside in Acton. Family members of mine have been treated at Health throughout the many years. This letter is to offer my sincere “thank you” for all you do now and will continue to do over the coming months while our community fights against the coronavirus pandemic. You are at the forefront of this fight. You’re trying to get ready for the assault of patients. You’ll do everything you can to help save lives and aid people in recovering from this horrible disease. You do this at a higher risk to yourself. Therefore “thank you.” Thank you to doctors and nurses. Thank you to the medical assistants. Thanks to administrative staff. Thanks to all the staff at the food services. Thanks to everyone who is who are involved in keeping the hospital tidy. Sincere thanks to each person. With all the best wishes for your best health and safety. — Avery

I don’t believe that people fully appreciate the great medical facility like Health is until they’re in another. I personally wouldn’t pick the other, and I’m sure my family members as well as I am extremely fortunate to live in the world that has the top medical facilities available and are grateful for the quality of best-quality medical care it seems only Health offers. The staff at Health exceeds their expectations to ensure the highest quality of caring and professionalism for their patients, and it is not forgotten. Thank you for being the best the time I remember. My family and I appreciate all of you for always being there and doing the best we can be for us every time we’ve had a need for you. Keep up the good work and remain secure! — Sofia

I was recently in the hospital for 7 days at the hospital, and I must say that everyone was very pleasant! The entire staff , including the ED and my nurses and many others were patient and knowledgeable. They explained everything clearly. I felt I received excellent treatment and I would like to send an enormous thank you to my nurses from North 6. I am blessed by you all.