You can be a hero without a cape, help those who help

Join the cause to show appreciation to all those – people working at the grocery store and truck drivers emergency personnel, health workers and others – who sacrifice in support of the COVID-19 fight.

Be proud to show your appreciation by downloading, printing , and showingthe “Thank you to the helpers” message below in the windows of your business, home or your vehicle.

Once you’ve posted the sign, invite others to join in by taking photos of it and posting the photo on social media using #helpers hashtag. 

hashtag #helpers hashtag. 

Make sure you mention your post with @copechibazar on Facebook and Twitter.

As the beloved TV star Mister Rogers famously said, “When I was a child and I saw terrifying things in reports, my mom would tell me “Look for the people who can help. 

There are always those who are aiding.'”

In these times of uncertainty helping hands are all over the place. 

These are first emergency responders farmers, mail carriers, farmers as well as grocery store employees factory workers, pharmacists health care workers, delivery drivers journalists, civil service workers and anyone else who is working to ensure that we are well-informed, safe, and living as in the same place as is possible.

Together, let’s show our gratitude and let the volunteers know that we appreciate their hard work and dedication.