Clothing Bloopers and Wardrobe Mistakes on TV

A recent episode of the popular talk show The Talk was marred by a stunning wardrobe malfunction on air.

On Sunday, Channel Nine’s Tara Brown suffered an embarrassing fashion faux pas while interviewing 9/11 survivor Pasquale Buzzelli.

The brown turtleneck, with its row of clasps running from the neck to the bust, unhooked, leaving the journalist looking unnoticed.

Thankfully, the rest of the cast remained unscathed.

wardrobe malfunction on tv

The “wardrobe malfunction” was created by Jawed Karim, who is the co-founder of YouTube.

The ad, featuring a naked Toulon rugby player, was a huge hit. Within days, the ad became the most-watched event on YouTube, and enticed more than 35,000 new subscribers.

The ad spawned a number of imitations, including a hilarious compilation of wardrobe malfunctions by celebrities, sports personalities, and television stars.

One notable wardrobe malfunction on TV happened last year when Jennifer Lawrence was in the final of the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

As she was walking to the stage, she experienced a wardrobe error.

Another example was when EUROVISION hopeful Javine was ordered to tone down her eye-catching outfit during her performance.

Despite the infamous gaffe, Javine managed to pull it off brilliantly, and was rewarded for her performance.

The most famous wardrobe malfunction on television was at the 2017 American Music Awards, which was filmed in Paris.

Unlike the other two, this one wasn’t caused by a light breeze or wind. Rather, the incident ruined Jackson’s career.

And the most recent one was when Leslie Mann undid her crop top during the People’s Choice Awards, after hugging Johnson on stage and performing at the Las Vegas casino.

Several of the most famous wardrobe malfunctions have occurred on television.

In 2009, Katy Perry’s pants split during a live halftime show.

She announced the malfunction on live television, flashing the audience.

Her wardrobe malfunction was so famous, that the singer and his co-host, Lionel Richie, were both embarrassed by the episode.

The singer’s wardrobe malfunction was even a part of his performance, causing him to lose the crowd’s attention.

Another famous wardrobe malfunction was when singer Jennifer Lopez was wearing an extremely revealing outfit.

The singer was attending an outdoor filming location of the German variety show Wetten, Das when the wind blew her dress up.

She had to fix the problem, but her revealing dress exposed too much of her chest area.

After the episode, she continued her interview with host Thomas Gottschalk.

But there was still one more scandal involving the actress.

The infamous wardrobe malfunction on the TV show Wheel of Fortune was a classic wardrobe mishap.

A contestant on the French version of the show, known as Dalila, accidentally tripped over her cowboy hat.

She wore a cowboy hat, which was too tight for her.

Her hat slit was so wide that she almost flashed the camera every time she spun the wheel.