Did Tom Cruise Sing in Rock of Ages?

Did Tom Cruise sing in Rock of Ages? It’s a popular question among fans, but the answer is actually not that simple. The actor, who plays louche rock icon Stacee Jaxx, has a surprisingly good voice, and director Harold Shankman knew it when he cast him. He also has a duet with actress Malin Akerman, and both sung songs on the soundtrack.

did tom cruise sing in rock of ages

Tom Cruise and Russell Brand play the lead characters in the film. In Rock of Ages, Tom Cruise sings a cover of Guns N’ Roses’ Paradise City, while Russell Brand performs a cover of Jefferson Starship. The movie also includes music from Journey, Bon Jovi, and Def Leppard. But while the songs may not be his best work, they are definitely some of the best in the movie.

In Rock of Ages, Tom Cruise sings as lead character Stacee Jaxx, who is a self-obsessed rock god. He’s also known for singing and playing the guitar. He was also good at playing air drums and guitar. Though he didn’t perform on the stage before filming the film, he enjoyed the role. In fact, the movie was one of his favorite projects, and he said he loved every minute of it.

Before the movie’s release, critics and fans have already speculated about Cruise’s singing talent. But the actor has denied all rumors and confirmed that he did indeed sing in Rock of Ages. He even played a self-obsessed rock god. He was even good at playing air guitar and drums. However, the answer to the question: did Tom Cruise sing in Rock of Ages?

The director’s original intent for the title was to make Rock of Ages into a musical. The movie is based on the hit Broadway show of the same name, which was a hit. The cast is largely unknown, but Cruise does perform his own vocals in the film. But there are a few things that have surprised critics. Despite the fact that Rock of Ages hasn’t received rave reviews, there are several other musicals starring Tom Cruise.

Did Tom Cruise sing in Rock of Ages? The answer may surprise you. He did not sing in the movie, but he certainly sang in it. While the movie features many hits from the 80s, Cruise’s character sings his part in the film. His voice sounds similar to that of Bret Michaels in the movie. In addition to singing, he plays a rock god, and in fact, is a good singer.

There are a lot of misconceptions about how to sing in Rock of Ages. It’s not just the songs that are popular. In addition to singing, Tom Cruise also plays the guitar in the movie. He can also play the guitar, but his voice is not as powerful as his character. This film’s soundtrack is based on the music of Def Leppard. In contrast, Tom Cruise doesn’t sing in the movie.

The film’s music is filled with memorable songs from the 1980s. As Stacee Jaxx, Tom Cruise sings, plays guitar and plays the drums. He also makes a cameo as a singer in the film. In fact, he plays a rock god in the movie, and his singing skills are impressive. But, he’s not the only one to have an excellent voice in the movie.

The movie’s songs are well-known, but Tom Cruise didn’t sing the songs in the movie. He sang a cover of Guns N’ Roses’ Paradise City, and played a riff on Jefferson Starship. In addition to singing, he also played the drums in Rock of Ages. The film’s name, however, is a misnomer. The film’s title refers to a religious term. But later, the film changed its definition to mean salvation, God, and religious faith.

As a rock god, Tom Cruise embraced his inner rock god and sung in the film. But, while he never had any formal singing lessons, he worked with a vocal coach from Axl Rose in order to get a good sound. He says learning to sing was like learning a new sport, and it wasn’t easy because the songs were so important to his role.