Beetlejuice Comic Book Characters

If you’re a fan of the spooky and witty movie Beetlejuice, you’ve probably wondered what kind of characters you could have in a comic book. The fics are all different, and you can use them to help you make up a new character. To get started, type the character’s name in the field at the bottom of the page. There are lots of choices!

beetle juice characters

One of the most memorable characters in the Beetlejuice series is the disembodied brain of the titular character. This disembodied brain has stated that Beetlejuice has the power to take over the entire netherworld, so the powers he possesses are very real. However, the powers he has work on a literal translation rather than an in-joke. These powers are the main reason why the movie has become such a hit.

The possessed beetlejuice shares his Roadhouse restaurant with his former classmates. He has two brothers, Donny. Like his parents, he is rude and has a twisted sense of humor. Although his siblings may be rude and annoying, Beetlejuice does not have that problem. In the end, he does the right thing. Fortunately, his brother and parents are all good people – and so is Beetlejuice.

As a side note, Otho is Delia’s eccentric, snarky interior designer friend. His supernatural past is portrayed by a few quips and a creepy grin. He was played by Glenn Shadix, a longtime friend of director Tim Burton. Adelle Lutz portrayed Beryl, Delia’s sophisticated friend, in a dinner scene in the film.

Other beetlejuice characters include Roger Rabbit, Donny, and his parents. He is the brother of Donny Juice, a human who was born possessed. The movie is also filled with a cast of hilarious, sometimes creepy, and colorful characters. While this film has a few actors, the most interesting ones are the two main characters, as well as his family. Bea and Nat Juice are a charming couple, but they’re not the same person.

The movie is based on the book by Jonathan Rosenbaum. The film has two main characters, Donny and Beetlejuice. The brothers are brothers, but they are not at all the same. They share a house with Donny Juice and a roadhouse. Interestingly, the brothers’ parents aren’t friends at all, and Donny’s family isn’t as obnoxious as Beetlejuice.

Otho, the friend of Delia who doubles as a snarky interior designer, has a paranormal past. He is a likable character, and has many one-liners to keep his friends happy. The actors who play Beetlejuice’s family are mostly inseparable, as the movie features the characters who live in the Roadhouse. But there is no love triangle in the movie.

Beetlejuice is the most powerful character in the movie. His disembodied brain says he has enough power to take over the netherworld. The disembodied brain says that he has enough power to take over the world. The disembodied brain also makes all the body parts of Beetlejuice sendient, causing them to rebel against their host. The possessed characters’ voices are heard through a microphone.

Otho is Delia’s snarky interior designer. He has a paranormal past and often has great one-liners. He died in his native Alabama in 2010, but his close relationship with Burton helped him get the role he deserved. The snarky interior designer possesses a few girls and a man, but the two have a very strange relationship. A snarky and aloof person is not like a “nice guy” who would be friends.

The movie’s characters are not the only ones that can be costumed. It’s possible to make one yourself by following a step-by-step guide. There are also several images and quotes related to Beetlejuice. If you’re not a fan of the movie yet, consider making a fun beetlejuice character from the comic. You’ll never regret it. Just don’t forget to make sure your costume is safe!

Beetlejuice’s name is spelled betelgeuse. It’s a star in the constellation of Orion. While his name is a bit odd, it doesn’t matter if it is pronounced betelgeus. The name is always spelled correctly. Nonetheless, it’s still important to spell out the characters’ names in order to avoid confusion. If you’re a fan of the movie, make sure to read the credits of the actors and directors.