Accent on Achievement Accompaniment Download

accent on achievement accompaniment download

If you’re looking for a new band method, you might be considering purchasing the Accent on Achievement Accompaniment Download. This innovative program features full-color pages, a comprehensive review cycle, chorales in all twelve major keys, and a wealth of scales and rhythm and rest exercises. There are also eleven full-band arrangements, as well as a comprehensive curriculum with progressive technical studies and lip slur exercises to help students get more comfortable playing brass instruments.

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The Accent on Achievement Accompaniment Download is a band method that uses full-color illustrations to teach students the fundamentals of music. It is designed for students in grades 5-8 and features USA National Standards for music education. Its easy-to-follow color coding system highlights the new items in music and allows students to apply what they are learning. This program is easy to use, and contains all of the key characteristics that teachers look for.

The book’s comprehensive selection of classical, folk, and world music provides a smooth transition from Book 1 to Book 2. The program also provides practice materials for chorales, duets, scale exercises, and rhythm and rest exercises. It is endorsed by Smart Music and is recognized as a top choice for music educators in the USA. Accent on Achievement Accompaniment Download is available at a very reasonable price. While the book is priced at less than $20, it does have some advantages.


For the music educator or parent who’s on the lookout for a new accompaniment download, Accent on Achievement is an excellent choice. This comprehensive band method is full-color and contains a complete collection of world and classical music. It features a comprehensive review cycle, rhythm and rest exercises, scales, chorales, and 11 full band arrangements. Plus, this download also includes a CD with Coda Music Software. Smart Music has given the program its endorsement.

The book has full color illustrations of each song and meets the USA National Standards for music education. It’s designed to be easy to use and adaptable to any style of music. Teachers will find Accent on Achievement easy to implement in their classrooms. It contains all the characteristics of a good music education method – a great combination for the classroom! And, with so many helpful features, the music education system can be customized to suit every student.

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The Accent on Achievement system is an innovative method for band students. It features a CD and supplemental materials. These books include the largest collection of world and classic music, a comprehensive review cycle, and exercises for each instrument. In addition to that, there are 11 full band arrangements, including chorales. The system aims to meet or exceed the USA National Standards. It is an ideal accompaniment for a band student’s learning experience.


If you’re looking for a good band method book, you can’t do better than Accent on Achievement. With its innovative band method, you’ll learn about music theory, get music accompaniment tracks, and advance your skills to the next level. The entire system comes with 3 books and music accompaniment downloads. You’ll find useful information inside all of them, and you’ll be amazed at how fast you’ll see results!