Action Camera Microphone Attachment

action camera microphone attachment

Movo VXR10 Universal Video Microphone

The Movo VXR10 Universal Video Microwave for action camera is a lightweight, durable, and battery-free microphone that captures audio from the subject in front of the mic. Its cardioid condenser capsule minimizes background noise and provides crisp high-frequency audio pick-up. The microphone also includes a windscreen, shock mount, and connection cables for both camcorders and DSLR cameras.

Another great action camera microphone is the Sennheiser Professional MKE 200, which is ideal for vlogging and works with GoPro cameras. It offers directional audio and a shock mount to reduce handling noise. Compared to the MKE200, the Movo VXR10 is smaller, lighter, and has an internal shock mount.

A good microphone can make or break an action video, so it’s important to choose one that will work well with the particular camera you’re using. Fortunately, there are plenty of affordable options out there for action camera audio. The Movo VXR10 is one of the most affordable options on the market, and has solid reviews from users.

A quality microphone can make or break a video, and the Movo VXR10 offers superior audio quality. It’s compatible with action cameras, DSLRs, iPhones, and smartphones, and comes with a 1-year warranty. It’s also compatible with most action cameras, DSLRs, and smartphones. It also features a small shotgun microphone for capturing sound in the field.

This microphone features an adjustable windscreen for low-frequency sounds, and a foam windscreen to minimize wind noise. It also has a 3.5mm audio plug and is compatible with Android and iOS devices. It’s lightweight, and weighs less than an ounce.

The Movo VXR10 Universal Video Microwave for action camera is a versatile microphone with great audio quality. It’s perfect for interviews, live music events, and vlogging. This microphone is compatible with smartphones and action cameras. It has a high signal-to-noise ratio and comes with a shock-absorption shock mount.

While built-in microphones in action cameras are sufficient for casual users, professional videographers may want to purchase an external microphone for their videos. The Movo VXR10 Universal Video Microphon is an excellent budget option. Its lightweight aluminum construction and slim design make it an ideal companion for any action camera.

Sennheiser Professional MKE 200

The Sennheiser Professional MKE 200 action-camera microphone attachment is lightweight, compact, and features an internal shock mount to minimize vibration transfer. Its small footprint also allows camera operators to attach additional accessories to the camera. A cold shoe mount rests beneath the microphone’s shock mount and can easily attach to most camera bodies. It also comes with a detachable faux-fur dead cat cover.

The Sennheiser MKE 200 is a solid choice for most users, with good sensitivity and a neutral sound signature. Its built-in wind screen and shock mount help you capture clear, detailed audio even in noisy environments. Its compact design makes it easy to attach to any camera and is designed to boost audio quality in any video.

The Sennheiser Professional MKE 200 action-camera microphone attachment provides high-quality audio for any action-camera video. The microphone attaches via a standard cold shoe or thread, and has a two-way mute switch for convenient recording. It also has a 3.5mm output port that allows you to connect to a variety of devices.

The Sennheiser MKE 200 action camera microphone attachment is similar to the Sennheiser XS Lav USB-C, but it has a cold shoe mount and is powered by the camera. For long-term recording, it is advisable to purchase an external battery pack.

If you are not a professional, you may use a clip-on microphone from the market. While it is not a professional, it can be an excellent option for action-camera enthusiasts who need excellent sound quality and the microphone can be operated from a boom pole. However, it does not have a long audio cable, and its monophonic output isn’t particularly clean. If you can’t get within six feet of the subject, it’s better to use an external microphone instead.

The Sennheiser Professional MKE 200 action cam microphone attachment is one of the best options for vlogging. It is lightweight, has a shock mount, and comes with an internal 3.5mm jack. It also comes with a protective carry bag and an adjustable windscreen to reduce noise.

Rode Wireless GO II

With a range of up to 656 feet and a secure Series IV 2.4 GHz digital transmission, the Rode Wireless GO II action camera microphone has a variety of benefits. It offers an intuitive interface and built-in mics for crystal-clear audio in any situation. Its simple one-touch operation eliminates the need for confusing menus and allows for simple setup. The Rode companion app is also included for easy operation.

The VideoMic GO II offers three-stage gain control for the microphone. Using the included RODE Connect software, you can adjust the output gain of the microphone to a comfortable level. This is especially useful if the sound source is loud or your mouth is close to the microphone. The VideoMic GO II also has a level peak warning LED that lets you know when the input level is at its maximum.

The VideoMic GO II is lightweight and compact. It is compatible with mirrorless cameras, iPhones, and Android devices. It does not require a battery, and is easy to use. It also offers high quality recordings and is a great choice for gun-and-run footage.

If you’re in search of a good microphone attachment for your action camera, the Rode Wireless GO II is a great choice. It provides a great audio quality, and is compact and easy to conceal. Its clip-on design makes it incredibly versatile.

The Go version includes built-in storage and can record up to 7 hours of compressed or uncompressed audio. The Go version is a good choice for beginners and professionals alike. It has a wireless transmission range of up to 200 meters, which makes it the perfect choice for many video and audio production applications.

An action camera microphone attachment is a great option for video enthusiasts. While it may not be as convenient as an external microphone, it can improve the sound quality of videos. Most action cameras do not have microphone inputs, so an action camera microphone attachment is the best solution if you want to enhance audio quality. There are plenty of options out there, and we recommend a few of the most popular models.


The MKE 400 is a compact, lightweight action camera microphone attachment that provides a headphone jack and volume toggle for recording audio. The microphone is equipped with a tripod and a 3.5mm TRS connection for easy attachment to any action camera. It also features an inbuilt battery for up to 100 hours of recording time.

This low-profile microphone attachment works well with a variety of action cameras, and features a microprocessor-powered microphone. It also cuts down on background noise and is compatible with USB-C-compatible cameras. The gold-pleated auxiliary ends provide a high level of comfort, and the CYNOVA action camera microphone attachment does not feel overly bulky.

It is compatible with a wide variety of cameras, and features 2.4GHz wireless transmission. It also features an intuitive LCD screen and includes a companion app. The microphone attachment can work with both NTSC and PAL cameras. It is 4.5mm in diameter, and comes with a foam windscreen and kevlar-reinforced cable.

The Rode VideoMicro action camera microphone is another convenient accessory for recording audio. Its two separate transmitters feature a 3.5mm TRS input. Both transmitters record to the single receiver, which can be connected to a computer or smartphone. If you prefer not to record to a computer, you can also record the audio directly to your action camera’s internal memory.

The Moukey MCm-1 action camera microphone attachment maximizes audio quality and is compatible with nearly every type of action camera. However, it requires that your action camera has a battery. It also comes with a 3.5mm cable. The Moukey MCm-1 is designed to minimize background noise, and provides a wide dynamic range.