Adidas Trae Young 1 Review

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Whether you’re on the hunt for a new pair of basketball shoes or looking to upgrade your current pair, the Trae Young 1 is a great choice. Its in-molded midsole is comfortable and durable, and the removable insole allows for a more customized fit. These shoes are also very reasonably priced, which makes them an excellent buy for any basketball fan.

Trae Young 1

Insole replacement is a simple process in the Trae Young 1. First, loosen the laces on the shoe. Then, use your hands to remove the insole. Then, use an adhesive to attach the new one to the shoe’s strobel board. The new Trae Young 1 insole will have a tighter fit and better cushioning.

The Trae Young 1 is a solid sneaker that is a bit overpriced. It lacks much ventilation, lateral support, or traction, but it does provide decent cushioning and Lightstrike technology. The shoe also comes with a spare set of laces, which is nice.

The Trae Young 1 doesn’t have a lot of lace loops, which might be a problem for those with wide feet. It’s best for those who are athletic and enjoy playing in comfortable sneakers. This shoe is most comfortable on cleaner courts, and the cushioning and lockdown make it a great choice for athletes.

The adidas Trae Young 1 is a solid sneaker that features Boost and Lightstrike technology. It’s the first signature sneaker for Atlanta Hawks star Trae Young. The sneakers are heavy on the outsole and are similar to the shoes that Harden has worn in the past. It features a cotton candy colorway that released as an in-app-only sale on September 19, 2021. The sneakers quickly sold out.

The Trae Young 1 combines adidas basketball technology with Trae’s unique look and personality. It is available in three colorways to capture Trae’s personality while offering the top technologies in adidas basketball footwear. Additionally, the Trae Young 1 incorporates recycled content, as well. The adidas brand aims to eliminate plastic waste and reduce its environmental impact. A minimum of 50% of the upper is made from recycled material.

Inconsistent traction

The Trae Young 1 is a solid shoe, but it’s overpriced and lacks lateral support and ventilation. Its translucent outsole isn’t ideal for outdoor use, and it gets dirty easily. Despite this, it has decent cushioning and Lightstrike technology. It also comes with a spare pair of laces. It has good traction, but needs to be cleaned regularly.

Changing the insole in a Trae Young shoe is easy and quick. To replace the insole, simply unlace the shoe, loosen the laces, and remove the old insole. You can also use a strobel board, a thin foam layer that sits between the cushioning and the insole. The replacement process is straightforward and takes about two minutes. Unlike other shoes, Trae Young shoes’ traction isn’t as consistent as some others. The outsole also picks up dust easily. This makes the shoe ideal for indoor usage, but it’s not ideal for outdoor use.

The Adidas Trae Young 1 doesn’t have many lace loops. While it doesn’t have many options, the Trae Young 1 does offer solid support and lockdown. It’s also a fun shoe to play in, but it’s best played on a clean court.

The Adidas Trae Young 1 is a great point guard shoe. It has an ergonomic midsole and a rubber outsole. It also has a strong fit and is lightweight. However, it can pick up dust, especially on dirtier courts. Overall, the Trae Young 1 is a solid point guard shoe and is priced reasonably.

The traction performance of the adidas EQT Support 90 is so-so, which makes lateral movement decisions a bit laborious. If your style is predominantly oriented towards straight-line play, the traction performance of the Adidas EQT Support 90 will help you out more. But if you’re the kind of player who prefers to move lateral, you might want to try something else.


Trae Young is a professional basketball player who plays for the Atlanta Hawks. He recently signed a multi-year contract with Adidas, and his first signature shoe, the Trae Young 1, is set to hit the court in May 2021. The sneaker features a thick outsole with design cues from James Harden’s signature line. The sneaker will be available in five color schemes.

The Trae Young 1 is a basketball shoe designed for quick guards and big men. It offers impact protection and court feel. Similar to the Adidas Dames, the Trae Young 1 is meant for indoor play. Besides being lightweight, Trae Young shoes offer a solid fit, but they are prone to picking up dust on dirtier courts.

Replacing the insole of a Trae Young shoe is easy. To replace the insole, simply loosen the laces and remove the old one. Once the old insole is out, separate it from the strobel board, which is a thin foam layer between the insole and cushioning. Replace the insole with the new one and your new Trae Young is ready to go!

As an adidas long-time partner, Trae Young is collaborating with the brand to release a sneaker collection. It is expected to hit the sneaker market in October 2022 and will be sold at Adidas retail stores and online. Prices are expected to start at $140 for a pair.

The new Trae Young shoe was unveiled as part of his birthday celebrations in the Atlanta Hawks organization. Photos of the sneaker have been circulating on social media for months. The Trae Young 2 is expected to have many of the same features as his first signature sneakers. It also features a knit upper to lock the foot in place and provide optimal performance.

Trae Young’s signature shoe line blends All-Star spirit and adidas technology to deliver unmatched comfort and agility. The shoes are designed for both professional and casual use. They add sporty flair to any look. Whether you’re looking for a pair for practice or game, you’ll be sure to find the perfect pair.

The Adidas Trae Young 1 is a low-cut point guard shoe that provides excellent traction on the court. The shoe is lightweight and has decent cushioning, though its outsole does collect dust on dirtier surfaces. It’s great for point guards and sports enthusiasts who want comfort and traction.