Album Review: Tupac Shakur’s Az a Ridah

tupac shakur ambitionz az a ridah

Tupac Shakur’s latest album, “Az a Ridah,” is a tribute to his nemesis, the gangster. The album is a collection of ten songs, including All Eyez On Me, California Love, Hail Mary, and Misogyny. The album’s themes are diverse and challenging, but there’s one track that is sure to appeal to everyone: Misogyny. Whether you’re a hip-hop fan or a rap lover, this album has something to appeal to you.

All Eyez On Me

All Eyez On Me was one of the first double-full hip-hop studio albums to be released globally. It spawned a variety of sequels, some of which featured Tupac Shakur’s most famous songs. Its inclusion in the Top Ten list of all-time hip-hop albums is a testament to how influential the album became for both the artist and the hip-hop genre.

Tupac Shakur’s All Eyez On Me is a masterpiece of hip-hop, lifting the artist above the genre. The album’s political commentary and pacifism helped elevate it above its era. However, the album’s production and songwriting are arguably his best efforts. XXL ranks All Eyez On Me among the top hip-hop albums of all time.

The album’s title “All Eyez On Me” is a reference to the rap legend Tupac Shakur’s dream of a utopia without crime. In this song, Tupac posed as America’s most wanted criminal, and was joined by Snoop Dogg to create an anthem about crime and violence. This album was released on February 19, 1996, and was distributed by Polygram and Island Records.

A few years later, the rapper was convicted of sexual assault of Ayanna Jackson, which put him in jail. He pleaded his innocence throughout the entire trial and his subsequent imprisonment. This is evident in his music and in his public statements. A couplet he wrote while in prison is a reminder not to compromise yourself with women, who can take advantage of a man who doesn’t love her.

Hail Mary

The lyrics of Tupac Shakur’s “Hail Mary” were discovered months after the rapper was shot and killed in 1997. The song asks the Virgin Mary to intercede on behalf of all sinners and carries a distinctly Catholic feel. This makes it an extremely controversial song. The “Hail Mary” is also the final song released by the late rapper. It’s a powerful tribute to the late rapper, and the lyric may be one of the most famous.

“Hail Mary” was produced by the Outlawz, a group of rappers who served as Tupac’s minions. At its peak, the Outlawz consisted of eight members. Of these eight members, only three appear on the song, though they are the ones who helped to write it. The song’s verses feature the rapper praying to God for help. Despite its secular meaning, the song was very popular, reaching the number 8 spot on the Hot Rap Singles chart and the #12 spot on the Hot R&B singles chart. Tupac’s Hail Mary appeared on the Greatest Hits album in 1998.

The church’s decision to print the lyrics of “Hail Mary” in place of a traditional prayer made churchgoers uncomfortable. Worshipers gathered in the church for the service were surprised to hear a song with explicit lyrics. The rap artist’s lyric included references to violence, female genitalia, and the N-word. Despite this, the lyric was quickly recognized and the church recalled the lyrics and the hymn.

California Love

The album was a commercial and critical success for both Tupac and his label Death Row Records. While the record is not considered a classic, California Love is a great anthem for the state Tupac called home. It is a catchy radio single that encapsulates the West Coast rap scene. California Love also demonstrates Tupac’s ability to write songs with social commentary and lyrical depth.

The album contains productions from several Death Row members, including Johnny “J” and Dr. Dre. The album also features samples from Candy by Wu-Tang Clan member Inspectah Deck. The album was released in 1996 through Death Row Records/Interscope Records. The album was re-released as an enhanced CD in 2001 and again in 2005 as a Dual-Disc.

The album also features a song titled ‘Life Goes On’ by Tupac. The track’s melancholic atmosphere is heightened by the melodic background vocals of Stacey Smallie. The song speaks to the harsh reality of the hustle and reminds us of a different world. The song is a collection of songs and has an emotional impact that makes it an important part of Tupac Shakur’s discography.

All Eyez on Me is considered the biggest hip-hop album of all time. The song’s hook may have been the most interpolated in hip-hop history, making it Tupac’s theme song. This album has been nominated for seven Grammy Awards, including Best Rap Album at the 39th Annual Grammy Awards. It is also Tupac’s most successful album.


In his early years, Tupac was surrounded by sexist values. To be a “tough guy” meant fighting for dominance and proving yourself as a man, and this often translated into violence. Likewise, men who speak out against sexism are often portrayed as weak, “sissy,” or a feminist.

While he was growing up in Baltimore and Manhattan, he was also raised in Marin County, California. His music was largely based in both New York and California, and he didn’t strongly associate himself with one place in particular. His first major hit, “All Eyez on Me,” featured a collaboration with Dr. Dre. It was originally planned for Dre to work on The Chronic II: New World Odor with the rapper.

While his rap career was dominated by thug lifestyles and gang violence, Tupac had a machismo image that wasn’t always appropriate. In a 1995 interview with BET’s Ed Gordon, Tupac defended his thug persona by claiming it was an attempt to relate to everyday people.

While he rapped about men’s desire to have money, his message of feminism reflected a distorted image of femininity. In the song “Wonda Why,” Tupac referred to women as “strong women” and “everyday women.” It’s easy to see why so many of his songs are laden with misogyny and violence.


“Tupac Shakur: Ambitionz az a ridah” is a song by the late rap artist Tupac Shakur. In the song, Pac raps about being a “ridah” or “ridah rider.” A ridah is a gangsta and is the opposite of a b*tch. Tupac is a pro black absolutist. But he does not let that deter him. In his song, he raps about his love for black women, misogyny and perceived fallouts with women.