Andar Wallets

If you wish to return your Andar wallet, it must be in its original packaging with proof of purchase. If you cannot find your wallet, contact their customer support team by phone, email or Facebook message. You can contact them within seven days of receipt of your order. Andar is a Canadian brand that manufactures stylish wallets made of woven leather. You can even purchase a personalized Andar wallet for yourself to match your style. To place an order online, visit their website.


The Andar wallet by Freeman is a stylish minimalist card case with six slots for banknotes. The slots are attractively arranged, but the physical nature of the design means you’ll have to fold your notes if you want them to fit. An additional feature that makes this card case stand out from the crowd is its ID card window. While not often found in wallets, this feature makes it a great option for presenting ID cards when needed.

The freeman andar wallet is one of the most attractive card holders on the market. It is extremely slim, measuring just 4” x 3 1/4” x 1/8”, and is made of luxurious Crazy horse leather. The Crazy horse leather has been carefully smoothed over the years. The wallet is then infused with wax that changes the texture and enhances the fibers of the leather. The Freeman Andar card case is a versatile choice that’s perfect for everyday use.

The Andar wallet was born during the minimalist fad and has continued to be an incredibly popular choice. The minimalist style made it less of a hassle to carry cash and cards while still being functional. New designs are released every year, and this wallet line is always on the cutting edge of carry trends. The company also produces phone cases, capsules, and more. Andar is a company you can trust to deliver.

Another slim wallet is the Andar Freeman. It has an ID window and is similar to Apollo, though it doesn’t offer as many card slots. The Andar Griffin is similar but comes with a key ring holder instead of a front pocket. The Andar Scout is the traditional card case wallet. It has RFID protection and more colors than the other two styles. The Andar Baron wallet is perfect for dudes who like to carry cash but also need cards.


The Apollo wallet is a full-grain leather case that features five card slots, a money clip, and an ID pocket. The RFID-protected card slots prevent wireless cards from being scanned without your knowledge. This wallet is designed for everyday use and comes in a variety of colors. The minimalist design makes it easy to mix and match with different outfits. The Apollo wallet is a great gift for the man who enjoys the finer things in life.

The Andar Apollo wallet features five card slots that each have a specialized place for one to ten cards. The front pocket is also designed with an ID window, which makes it easy to keep track of the most-used cards. Other features of the Apollo include a money clip and an elastic pull tab for easy access. It’s also easy to store cash and keep it safe with the corresponding zippered pocket. Apollo wallets are great for those who travel often, because they are designed for easy access.

Despite the Apollo’s attractive appearance, this leather wallet is not a great choice for people who dislike leather. It has the same design as the Andar wallet, but is made from more durable materials. The Apollo comes with a separate cash clip and can hold several dozen banknotes without getting too bulky. In addition to storing cash, this wallet also has plenty of pockets for other small items. Lastly, it also comes with a magnetic closure that prevents your credit cards from falling out.

The Andar Apollo wallet is the cheapest leather bifold wallet on the market. The Apollo is made with RFID-blocking materials and prevents data thieves from harvesting your personal data. The Apollo is lightweight and sleek, measuring just three-eighths of an inch and two-eighths of an inch. This wallet also has RFID protection and a variety of other useful features. Its slim size is another plus, but its price tag will not convince you.

A bifold wallet with multiple compartments, the Andar Apollo is similar to traditional leather wallets. This wallet has multiple slots on both the front and back, and outer walls are lined with cork. The materials are made of full-grain leather and are specially treated for durability. The money clip is made of steel. Designed with your convenience in mind, this wallet has plenty of pockets for all of your credit cards and money.


If you’re looking for a minimalist leather motorcycle wallet, the Andar is an excellent choice. It’s crafted from soft leather and features an elastic band to keep it secure. It’s not the cheapest or most expensive wallet on the market, but it is the most feature-rich option. It comes with a universal 1-year warranty and free shipping for orders over $75. Its minimalist design is perfect for casual bikers looking for a functional wallet.

The Andar Apollo is a leather wallet that’s strong enough to store up to twelve credit cards. It has one quick access pocket and a thumb hole at the bottom, making it easy to quickly pull out the card you use most. It also has an ID window. This wallet is perfect for anyone on the go. It can also be used as a gym or club membership card. Unlike a traditional wallet, you don’t have to fold banknotes or use plastic pockets. Its single quick access pocket makes it ideal for entrance cards.

The Andar Apollo is another top-of-the-line leather wallet. While it looks slim and minimalist, it is incredibly functional. It has multiple compartments on both sides, plus a money clip. The Andar Apollo comes in several colors and has RFID protection. It’ll typically cost $59, so if you’re looking for a wallet that will protect your credit cards and your money, the Andar Apollo will be perfect for you.


The Andar Wallet Pilot looks like a glorified card holder with hidden functionality. This wallet features a spring-loaded cascading cards mechanism that allows for easy access to cards. The design is an interesting spin on a traditional wallet, and it comes in a brown fold-up box. It comes with a thank-you card, instructions, QR code, and social media information. We haven’t tried it yet, but we’ll let you know once we do.

The Andar Pilot is an incredibly slim wallet that slides your cards out with a single click. It features a front pocket for your most commonly used cards and a middle pocket with up to six card slots and a cash strap. It is made from high-quality leather and contains RFID blocking materials to prevent theft. It can hold up to five or six cards in its center slot and 1-2 cards in the front pocket. The wallet also features RFID-blocking materials, which help keep your information safe.

The Andar website offers free shipping within the U.S. when you spend over $75. Most orders ship within five days. It is possible to order the Andar Pilot from any location in the world, and all Andar products are covered by a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty. Andar is a legitimate, reputable company with a stellar track record. While it may seem like a scam, it’s actually a fully-functioning wallet that is 100% legitimate. And if you’re worried that the Andar Pilot is fake, don’t be.

The Andar Pilot is an extremely slim, minimalist wallet made of leather and anodized aluminum. It contains six card slots and a money clip. It also features a spinning wheel for quick card access. The Pilot’s slim profile makes it a great companion to your main wallet. It also features strong RFID protection. There’s also a separate, smaller wallet that can be used as a sidekick or a stand-alone wallet.