Bbl Drake Merchandise

bbl drake

Bbl Drake merchandise is made by independent artists, and each piece is printed on quality products using socially conscious practices. Every purchase means more money in the artist’s pocket. This is a great way to show your love for your favorite artist! You can also support these artists by sharing your purchase through social media.

Bumba’s character is just like you

Whether you love or hate Bumba, you’ll love the BBL Effect character. The BBL Effect character is funny and has inspired a plethora of memes. One example is a BBL Effect video set to “Knock Knock” by Atlanta rapper SoFaygo. The BBL Effect is so applicable to everything, including the Pope!

Bumba’s character is a tongue-first situation

Antoni Bumba has created a character that is a tongue-first situation for women everywhere. This haughty, tongue-twister character boasts immaculate hair and makeup and an aura of fabulous unattainability. As if that weren’t enough, the BBL Effect character is also unimpressed by an expensive club.

The movie’s main character, Bumba, is a black ranch hand whose wife asks him to cook her a special meal made of bull tongue. In order to satisfy her request, he slaughters the ranch owner’s favorite bull. But his behavior lands him in trouble, and he becomes a fugitive. He eventually meets a native shaman who conjures up the Amazon spirits to bring him back his beloved bull.