Blackboard GMU Resources For Instructors

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George Mason University (GMU) uses the Blackboard Learning Management System (LMS). Using the system, students can submit online assignments, complete quizzes, and communicate with professors and classmates. In addition, GMU Blackboard allows students to find out the dates for GMU 2022 Fall Reopening, as well as take exams.

Course management system

The Blackboard gmu course management system has a variety of features that allow instructors to better serve their students. Among these features is a more robust grading system. The system also makes it easier for instructors to track student progress. Its new features include a more user-friendly grading interface, a new polling feature, and the ability to download polling results.

In addition to adding new features, Blackboard is also integrating new applications. To use these tools, instructors should install the Blackboard app. This application will automatically update depending on your role. New integrations include Harmonize, VoiceThread, and Leganto. Additionally, Blackboard has a new course reserve platform, Piazza, which is a paid platform.

Kaltura is another feature of Blackboard that makes it easier for faculty to incorporate multimedia into their courses. The Kaltura tool allows Mason faculty and students to upload videos and presentations without having to leave the Blackboard platform. This feature also allows faculty to share media from their Kaltura library with others.

Another tool for instructors is the Course Copy tool. Using this tool, instructors can easily copy content between two courses. To use the Course Copy tool, users must be instructors, teaching assistants, or course builders in both courses. Then, they must access the Control Panel, click on the Packages and Utilities link, and then select the Destination Course ID. Once they have selected a destination course ID, they will see all the Instructors who have their courses listed there. Students can access the same features as Instructors, except they cannot access the Grade Center, evaluations, or course reports.

One of the features that makes Blackboard a valuable course management system for George Mason University is its ability to automatically generate course materials. Patriot Web creates Blackboard courses automatically, and faculty can post course materials, deliver assignments, and host discussions. Patriot Web will generate these courses during the first two weeks of registration, giving instructors time to prepare them. Users will log in using their My Mason credentials to access the courses.

Resources for faculty

If you are teaching online courses, you may have a lot of time to devote to the Blackboard platform. As an instructor, you should know where to look for help and where to refer your students for guidance. Here is a list of Blackboard resources that can help you get started.

The Blackboard Content Collection allows faculty and staff to store, manage, and share content. This tool is available from the Tools menu in the left navigation pane. It differs from Blackboard Courses in that it includes folders for academic departments. Faculty may choose to add other faculty and staff members to these folders.

The Blackboard system is used in many Mason courses. This platform helps faculty and students to collaborate with each other and access important course materials. In addition, students may take exams online. Blackboard is provided by Blackboard Inc. and is part of the George Mason University. Faculty and staff can take advantage of office hours with the OLR team to learn how to use Blackboard.


The GMU Blackboard login page is secure and always available. It provides access to course materials, grades, and important information. Think of it as your university’s always-on office that is open 24 hours a day. The GMU Blackboard login can be accessed through the MyMason Portal or the Mason Bb Login page.


Blackboard offers a variety of tools that allow instructors to customize their course experience. Many of these tools are integrated into Blackboard, and some are optional. To enable a tool, instructors can simply turn it on in the Control Panel or Customization. Make sure to check all boxes next to the tool name before enabling it. Some third-party tools may require special security vetting, so instructors should make requests early.

The software is compatible with computers, tablets, and mobile devices. It works with major web browsers, but Firefox and Chrome provide the best experience. Chrome is required for iOS devices and Safari for Android devices. The Blackboard website can give you more details about supported browsers. Make sure to enable third-party cookies for optimal experience.

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra is an interactive web conferencing tool that allows instructors to create online class meetings with their students. It also features a virtual whiteboard and PowerPoint presentations. In addition, it supports multiple users and can be set up in a manner that allows students to participate from any location.