Carolina Herrera Good Girl Perfume Review

good girl perfume

The new Carolina Herrera Good Girl fragrance is a striking, bold fragrance that will be a hit with the younger set. Its unique bottle is sure to turn heads, and the bottle design is stunning. Many of the mainstream brands have been competing to create the most provocative bottle design. But Carolina Herrera has outdone them all with a witty, beautiful bottle.

Carolina Herrera Good Girl

The Carolina Herrera Good Girl perfume is a 100% original women’s fragrance that is designed to bolster femininity and create a unique scent. It is the perfect scent to wear to enhance your sense of femininity. The scent will also give you an unmistakable personal scent. It is a wonderful scent that can last for hours.

Good Girl by Carolina Herrera is a dark, complex scent that can be worn all year round. While it is more suitable for the winter months, the fragrance is equally as appropriate for the warmer months of spring and summer. The fragrance is not overly feminine or sexy, making it suitable for day or night wear.

The scent of Carolina Herrera Good Girl is a complex blend of sweet, sultry, and woody notes. It contains hints of coffee, almond, and a bold Tuberose. The wild card in this scent is tuberose, which adds femininity and fluidity to the blend.

The perfume opens with a fresh citrusy accord, and then transitions to a lush, green heart. The tuberose adds bubblegum-like sweetness and extends the fragrance’s verdant greenness. It has a strange lulling effect, but it is not heavy. This floral blend also develops a sensual feel, like that of white flowers.

Like most popular perfumes, Carolina Herrera Good Girl has a long-lasting aroma. It is available in almost any store. The perfume is available in different concentration levels, which vary from 15% to 20%. Either way, it will last around four to five hours.

Very Good Girl

If you want a women’s scent that boosts your femininity, then Carolina Herrera Very Good Girl perfume is for you. The fragrance is 100% original and offers a personal scent that is completely unique to you. It is a fresh, clean, and floral fragrance that will make you feel good about yourself.

Very Good Girl is a fruity floral fragrance with a hint of rose. The perfume is also a perfect match for women who enjoy the scent of rose. It has a floral fruity base and top notes of rose and lychee. The fragrance also combines vanilla and vetiver for a surprisingly sweet, yet still sophisticated scent.

In a way, Very Good Girl has the same notes as Good Girl, but with an unusual ingredient. The scent also features vetiver, a woody scent that’s typically used in men’s perfumes. Vetiver also plays an important role in the scent of the popular male fragrance Bad Boy. Despite its masculine connotations, Vetiver is a refreshing counterpoint to the sweet vanilla and rose in the fragrance.

The fragrance is the perfect choice for a fashionable woman who doesn’t want to compromise on the scent. This scent was created with the latest trends in the fashion industry in mind and is both luxurious and feminine. In the past, perfumes containing rose have been limited editions, but Very Good Girl is a dazzling, modern fragrance that will change the way you smell and feel.

This scent is best served during autumn and winter, but it can also be worn throughout the year. Since it’s not overly strong or too overpowering, Good Girl is suitable for day and night wear. However, it is best to test a sample first.

Good Girl Midnight

The new Good Girl Midnight Eau de Parfum is a limited-edition scent that celebrates the mystique and power of the nocturnal lifestyle. With its intense and luxurious composition, the fragrance offers a new interpretation of the Good Girl duality. It includes woody, vanilla, and patchouli notes.

Good Girl Midnight is a limited-edition perfume that is available on the Carolina Herrera official website. It is not available in retail stores or department stores. Instead, you can purchase the fragrance on the company’s official website or in a Carolina Herrera boutique. This fragrance is a great option for those who are looking to make a statement without being overpowering.

The fragrance’s lasting power depends on a variety of factors, including your skin’s chemistry and the fragrance itself. In addition, the time of year you wear the perfume will have a significant impact on the duration of its effect. Because of this, it is important to purchase a sample before making a decision.

This fragrance is a rich and complex blend of floral, woody, and ethereal notes that capture the complexity of the modern woman. It is reminiscent of the YSL Black Opium, and is perfect for those who enjoy wearing a powerful fragrance. The wild card in the fragrance is tuberose, which creates a floral, creamy, and rich scent.


Very Good Girl is a heavenly combination of lush fruits, vanilla and a soft floral twist. Created by perfumers Louise Turner and Quentin Bisch, this fragrance opens with a burst of sweet lychee, followed by a soft floral heart of rose and vanilla. Good Girl shares several characteristics with Parfums de Marly Delina Eau de Parfum.

Both perfumes share similar floral and citrus notes, though Good Girl has a more complex projection. Both scents have similar floral and citrus notes, but they do differ in price and packaging. For example, the bottle of Very Good Girl is shaped like a shoe. In addition to this, both perfumes are available online for a similar price.

Although the two scents are quite similar, the original Good Girl perfume is more appropriate for date nights and special occasions, while Fruity Almond is better for everyday wear. Fruity Almond is milder and less spicy than the original Good Girl. It is also more suited for nighttime wear.

Good Girl is a floral scent that promises to represent the duality of a woman’s character. The floral notes are a blend of jasmine and rose, with the jasmine spicing up the fragrance more than the rose. Other rosy notes flow in the background. The perfume also features a velvety base that is derived from almond, tonka bean and cashmere wood.


The Carolina Herrera Good Girl perfume is one of the most popular fragrances for women. It combines sweet notes with a strong Tuberose and Jasmine base. Its projection is very similar to that of YSL Black Opium and it is perfect for those who enjoy wearing a powerful scent. There are also variations of the scent, like Good Girl Legere and Good Girl Supreme. This version is sold for a lower price than the original. It also comes in a shoe bottle and has added gold glitter.

The Original Good Girl Eau de Parfum and Good Girl Legere have a similar fragrance profile, but Good Girl Legere has more transparency. The top notes are fruity and evoke the juice and pith of a vibrant mandarin orange. The middle notes are soft florals like rose and vanilla. The base notes are rounded out with caramel, sandalwood, and vanilla. The fragrance is very energetic, but it hides a deep, richer base.

Both perfumes are very good at a variety of occasions and moods. The first is best suited for autumn and winter, while the second is more versatile, working year round. The first is a more serious fragrance, while the latter is suited for a more relaxed environment. The latter has a more laid-back feel, making it suitable for daytime wear or nighttime wear.

The scent of Good Girl perfume is floral, but not overly sweet. The rose and jasmine in this fragrance are very feminine, while the almonds and tonka beans provide a touch of sophistication. The fragrance has stood the test of time and is a staple among women.