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chaya raichik real estate

When it comes to luxury residential properties, Chaya Raichik real estate might seem like an excellent choice. The real estate is extremely affordable and offers flexible lease terms. Because of this, tenants can stay in their properties for as long as they want and adapt their lifestyle to fit their needs.

Chaya Raichik is the person behind the influential conservative Twitter account Libs of TikTok

The Libs of TikTok are a series of social media accounts that have become extremely popular with conservative groups. Founded in early November 2020, the account is run by Chaya Raichik, a Brooklyn-based real estate salesperson. Her videos and posts have promoted shady conspiracy theories and QAnon rhetoric.

Raichik is an Orthodox Jew who has connections to the Trump dynasty. While the Washington Post has been accused of “doxing” her, it has not been proven whether the Post is guilty of anti-Semitism or of exposing her. She has also embraced former President Donald Trump’s false claims about the 2020 election, including his claim that he would be present at a Jan. 6, 2021 insurrection.

Libs of TikTok has over 900,000 followers. However, the Twitter account was suspended by Twitter for a number of reasons, most recently for accusing LGBTQ people of “grooming” children.

Raichik started her account a week before Chauvin’s conviction. Although she previously emphasized left-wing content under other accounts, she later started to focus on right-wing content under other usernames. Raichik has also tweeted about police violence. She even mocked the killing of Ma’Khia Bryant and advocated for random police violence.

The Washington Post has been criticized on social media for identifying the person behind Libs of TikTok. While her identity has not been confirmed, she has been seen posting her identity on social media in an attempt to engage with comments and messages. In an interview on the podcast Ruthless, Raichik said she sometimes regretted driving targets out of the workplace.

She specializes in luxury residential properties

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Raichik is an American social media influencer and real estate agent. Prior to becoming a real estate agent, she worked as a teacher at the Maimonides Academy and Brookyln Heights Jewish Academy. She also served as a director at the Vermont Healthcare Centre for Community Relations and Marketing. In addition, she managed an account on TikTok called Libs of TikTok, which attracted media attention.

A Washington Post article that revealed Raichik’s identity led to a backlash from conservatives. However, the article’s author, Taylor Lorenz, has defended the article as an investigation of right-wing media influence. Raichik’s stance reflects traditional anti-Semitic views.

Raichik’s TikTok account has attracted a large following, despite the fact that she has been banned from other social media platforms. She has attempted to destabilize school systems and force teachers to resign in the past. Her efforts started in September 2021 when she highlighted a dispute at Arizona State University regarding the use of a “Police Lives Matter” sticker and an anti-Biden T-shirt.

She hides her id

The Washington Post recently ran a story about real estate developer Chaya Raichik and the fact that her real estate license was public and that she is Jewish. After many readers pointed out the error, the Post removed the link. The story also mentioned that Raichik was an orthodox Jew, which many readers found inappropriate.

While Raichik is now out of the public eye, her influence on public discourse cannot be understated. After all, she was interviewed by Taylor Lorenz for her piece on social media harassment. Lorenz is a respected journalist who is a committed Washington Post staff member. In the piece, she compared opponents of the new state law to sexual predators. “Groomers” and “sex predators” are terms often used interchangeably in conservative circles.

Raichik’s social media accounts are a combination of constructive and damaging. Her accounts have over 700,000 followers. Originally, she used the username @shayaray and later changed her account name to @ChayaRaichik. Her astroturfing of the LGBTQ community has influenced Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ “Don’t Say Gay” bill.

Raichik was recently exposed in a Washington Post article, which was widely panned by conservatives. Lorenz’s article, which reveals Raichik’s true identity, was criticized by conservatives for being “doxxed” by a right-wing media account.

Raichik is also a fan of far-right extremist ideology. She has been attacking LGBTQ people for over two years and spreading falsehoods about transgender people. In the last week, Facebook suspended her account. Her troll videos were viewed by 648,000 people on Twitter.

Raichik’s troll videos are also anti-trans and aimed at inciting outrage among the right. While her posts are aimed at spreading hatred, the content has been published with her name, city, and profession. The trolls’ tweets have gained so much attention that Twitter is considering permanently banning her account.

Libs of TikTok is a highly popular anti-LGBTQ+ Twitter account operated by former real estate agent Chaya Raichik. The account has over 1.3 million followers as of August 2022. Raichik has also been accused of grooming LGBTQ youth and has attempted to smear several prominent gay men. For example, her account has accused Pete Buttigieg’s husband of grooming.

She promotes disinformation

Chaya Raichik is one of the most prominent and influential figures on social media. She promotes anti-transgender agendas and mocks liberals. She claims to be a Jewish activist and has over 830,000 Twitter followers. Her account was first launched in April 2020 and her early content focused on videos about vaccines.

Her account has also made its way into the political arena several times. She has falsely claimed that a school in Michigan installed litter boxes in the bathrooms for cats. Her videos have also been criticized by conservatives for making fun of conservative groups and journalists for knocking on Raichik’s door. Nevertheless, journalists pointed out that knocking on doors is a standard reporting process.

Raichik’s account has been suspended from Twitter twice. She previously operated anonymously, but the Washington Post uncovered her account. They were able to identify her by analyzing several older versions of her tweets. They also discovered that she was a real estate agent in Brooklyn. Her stance on anti-Semitism is consistent with traditional anti-Semitism.

Raichik is a fan of far-right extremist ideology. For more than two years, she has attacked LGBTQ people and spread lies about transgender people. Her efforts were so detrimental that Facebook banned her. Her disinformation campaign has also caused death threats at Boston Children’s Hospital.

Raichik’s videos have received widespread attention. Her first video has over 50,000 views. She also shamelessly tags alt-right and far-right heavy-hitters on Twitter. She has also deleted many of her tweets related to police violence. This is a disgrace that should be addressed.