Commands You Can Use With the Jrk-it Library


When you use the Jrk-it library, you can use any of the commands defined in Section 11. Before you begin, you’ll need to decide what kind of commands your application will need. For example, many applications will just need the “Set target” command. This means that you can use any Jrk interface you like, or write your own code to send the command. Here are some common Jrk commands. Read on for more information.

Consumer report

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Pololu Corporation

The Jrk G2 motor controller is a programmable, high-power, industrial-duty motor controller. It communicates with your PC via the jrk-it software. The Jrk G2 has a PID interface that allows you to control motor speed, frequency, and duty cycle. You can program the controller to output 3 A continuous current or 5 A peak current. You can use any of four communication methods to control it, including Ethernet and USB.

The USB connection connects the motor controller to a computer via a USB port. A USB-A to mini-B cable is needed. A serial connection is used for sending commands to the motor controller, receiving information about its state, and transferring data between a computer and a Pololu motor. The USB connection also supports sending and receiving TTL serial bytes. In this manner, you can control motor speed and other parameters from your computer.

The Jrk G2 can be controlled through the jrk-it software and the command-line utility. Using the Jrk G2 Command-line Utility is the easiest way to use the Jrk. The jrk2cmd command-line utility is built on top of libpololu-jrk2. Run the jrk2cmd program with no arguments to see what commands are supported. To send a command, simply type jrk2cmd –target 1234. You can find the Jrk-it program by setting the PATH environment variable.

JRK Property Holdings

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Jrk G2

The Jrk G2 has a variety of settings for adjusting the duty cycle. This device can be configured to use feedback to determine the duty cycle. To force the duty cycle, send the command “Force duty cycle target” to the Jrk G2. Once the command is sent, the motor will either stop or decelerate. Upon receipt of this signal, the Jrk G2 will send a return value of an analog reading to the serial port. If the input is disabled or invalid, the Jrk G2 will return a null value.

The voltage range of the Jrk G2 21v3 is 4.5 to 28 V and can deliver 2.6 A continuous output current. Peak output current is five amps. The device can support transient operation up to 40 V, although the maximum recommended battery voltage is 24 V. The Jrk G2 21v3 version has terminal blocks and header pins, and requires soldering to install. You can also purchase a bare board version if you don’t have any experience with electronics.

For Linux, you can buy an AND gate or a Jrk G2 motor controller from Pololu Corporation. Then, connect the TX line of each Jrk to the input line of the AND gate. The output of the AND gate should be connected to the RX line of the serial device. Once these steps are complete, you can program your Jrk G2 to move. This process is simple and requires no programming experience.


The Jrk G2 Configuration Utility and Command-line Utility use the –settings option to apply changes to the device. This utility then sends a Reinitialize command to ensure that any changes are taken into effect. Please note that the EEPROM of the Jrk G2 is only rated for a maximum of 100,000 erase/write cycles. Therefore, you should use caution when looping commands.

When connecting multiple Jrk G2 devices to your computer using USB, you can use the -d option to specify a serial number for each device. For example, jrk2cmd -d 12345678 –status –pause would send the Set Target command with a target of 1234. The serial number is found in the Jrk G2 Configuration Utility, which you can access by running jrk2cmd –list. You can also specify multiple commands in a single shortcut to save your time.

The Jrk G2 comes with a set of included hardware that is needed to make the controller work. One such example is the Pololu 0.1″ breakaway male header strip and two 2-pin 3.5mm terminal blocks. These terminal blocks can be soldered into four large through-holes on the board’s logic connection side. Another option is to solder wires directly to the holes. You can also use solderless breadboards with 0.1″ connectors.

Native USB interface

When developing a software application, you may want to use the native USB interface for jrk-it to communicate with it. There are two ways to use this interface. The first is to use a terminal program and set the baud rate. This is done by opening the Command Port. When a 0xAA byte is received on the RX, the baud rate is detected. Alternatively, you can set the baud rate in advance.

The other option is to use a serial port. This connection is similar to a USB Command Port. Its RX and TX pins are used for serial communication. When the RX line is pulled high, a response is sent. This pin is tristated when the jrk microcontroller is in sleep mode. If you need to send and receive serial commands using this interface, you should use this option.

The Native USB interface for jrk-IT requires a PC with an USB port. Usually, this type of interface is not supported on Macs. You can install a USB host to your PC without installing it on your computer. You can download the driver from the Pololu website. The driver you install is essential for your project. You can also download the Pololu Jrk G2 Command-Line Utility. This tool will allow you to change the settings and view the motor controller’s status.