Copper Pearl Swaddle

copper pearl swaddle

You want a copper pearl swaddle to protect your newborn baby from the cold. This swaddle is made from a soft, premium knit fabric that is ideal for swaddling, playmats, tummy time, and independent sitting. Unlike traditional swaddles, this one is machine washable and is extremely versatile. It will also grow with your baby and be an important part of your growing family’s wardrobe.

Knit Swaddle Blanket

The lightweight knit swaddle blanket set features premium fabric that is perfect for swaddling your baby, all-purpose receiving blanket, and playmat. It will also be the perfect blanket for independent sitting and tummy time. These blankets are also machine-washable. This set comes with three different sizes and is available in two different colors. This set is available in two colors and is made of 100% cotton.

The Copper Pearl Knit Swaddle blanket is a generously sized, stretchy material that is comfortable for your baby to lay on. It is also a great choice for privacy during nursing sessions. The blanket’s stretchy fabric allows you to cover your baby while ensuring you get a good night’s sleep. It is also made of 69% polyester and 28% rayon. It measures 46 inches long and wide. Moreover, this swaddle blanket is breathable and lightweight.

The Copper Pearl Blanket is designed to fit your baby perfectly. Made from premium knit fabric, it is light and breathable, and grows with your baby. It can be used for tummy time, as a privacy throw, or as a baby’s favorite security blanket. It can even be used as a playmat when you want to make sure your baby is secure while napping. Its versatility and softness make it a great gift for any new parent.


The Lightweight Knit Swaddle Blanket Set is made of soft premium fabric, and is ideal for swaddling and all-purpose receiving blankets. The lightweight blanket is also great for tummy time and independence. This swaddle blanket set includes a matching hat and bib. With its breathable design, your baby will stay warm and cozy while swaddling and is perfect for playmats, tummy time, and independent sitting.

The Copper Pearl Knit Swaddle Blanket is a lightweight, stretchy, and durable swaddle blanket. These blankets are available in different colors and patterns, and will fit your child’s style and grow with them. You can use them for tummy time, as a privacy throw, or even as a wrap for your new addition. Designed to be used for years to come, these blankets will be your child’s favorite security blanket.

The Soft Copper Pearl Swaddle has a soft, buttery feel. The swaddle is perfect for your baby’s soft skin, and its organic cotton material makes it a perfect gift for a baby shower or birthday. Copper Pearl also makes an adorable and trendy bib for new babies. It’s a great choice for a baby shower gift or a birthday present for someone special. So, grab a few and start pampering your little one.

The Modern Soft Copper Pearl Swaddle Set is the perfect addition to any new parent’s home. Made from premium fabrics, it’s both comfortable and versatile, making it an ideal blanket for tummy time or independent sitting. A beautiful, modern design will fit any décor, and will make the perfect baby shower gift for any expecting couple. These blankets will be used for many years, and will fit your little one in style as they grow.


This copper pearl knit swaddle blanket is the perfect choice for tummy time or nursing privacy. Made from stretchy, breathable fabric, this swaddle is a lightweight choice that is incredibly comfortable for your baby. It also features a serene animal print. The blanket is 46″ long by 20″ wide. It is made with 69% polyester and 28% rayon. It also has 3% spandex.

Made from premium knit materials, this swaddle blanket is light, breathable, and durable. The swaddle can grow with your child, and the blanket also doubles as a receiving blanket and toddler play mat. The blanket is designed with two adjustable snaps so you don’t need Velcro, which can be a hassle. And because it’s made from premium fabrics, this blanket will be a lasting investment.

The copper pearl top knot hat fits most standard baby mattresses. It has a high-quality elastic stitching around the whole sheet, ensuring a tight fit for your child. The knot is also adjustable. This hat features the same prints and patterns as the copper pearl swaddle blankets. It is available in various sizes and will fit your baby for two to three weeks. You can buy more than one to match your baby’s mood and style.

Machine washable

A machine-washable copper pearl swaddle blanket is the perfect way to keep your baby cozy during tummy time and nursing sessions. Made of a stretchy, breathable material, this blanket is perfect for swaddling your little one and growing with your baby. This blanket is also great for any type of receiving blanket. Here are some of its benefits. Read on to learn more.

A generous-sized receiving blanket, this blanket is perfect for tummy time, strolls, and car rides. The luxurious blend of premium fabrics makes it breathable and lightweight, making it ideal for a summertime or falltime stroll. The blanket is machine washable and dries quickly, and can be tumble-dried low or ironed to maintain its softness and quality. Afterward, it’s ready to use again.

Unique design

The unique design of Copper Pearl swaddle will surely impress your baby. You’ll feel comfort knowing that your little one is well-cushioned. These products are made of soft and buttery fabric, perfect for your little one’s delicate skin. These products are suitable as gifts for newborns, baby showers, and birthday parties. You can get them at Lil’ Tulips.

Copper Pearl Swaddle Blankets are made of premium knit material. Its lightweight and stretchy fabric allows your baby to breathe and grow with them. You can even use this swaddle as a receiving blanket or a toddler play mat. It is an excellent choice if you’re worried about your child’s safety. The blanket is available in several different colors that will suit your baby’s room.

The company started by two best friends, Kristin and Stephanie. Both women are red-headed, but they remained friends after graduating from college. Their passion for the industry led them to develop this brand. Today, they’re a thriving business with several products to offer to parents. A Copper Pearl swaddle is an excellent option for your new little one. The blankets are made of a high-quality fabric that fits snugly around your wrist.