Dragon Ball Z: Future Gohan in Conton City

future gohan

Future Gohan in Conton City might be from the Unknown History Saga. He may have trained during the peace years to unleash more potential before being transported to the city. In that case, Future Trunks’ clothing could be an appropriate way to contact him. If you happen to see Future Gohan in Conton City, you can talk to him while he’s wearing the outfit of the Future Warrior. Here’s how.

Hyper Masenko

Future Gohan uses the hyper-masenko as a Super Attack in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot. This energy wave attack is used by Future Gohan to distract his opponents. The first energy wave hits the opponent in the head, distracting them from focusing on him. Later, the same energy wave is used to fix the mistake. Future Gohan learns to use Hyper-masenko from Piccolo during his Martial Arts training.

Future Gohan can learn Hyper-masenko through the Training Grounds, and it is the default Super Attack of Kakarot. This form is upgraded to Super Masenko, which is more powerful and has more damage. Future Trunks can also learn this move at the Training Grounds. The strongest variant is the Limit Breaker Masenko. Future Gohan’s Hyper-masenko has the highest damage of any Dragon Ball attack.

The hyper-masenko is a combination of Masenko and Double-masenko. This attack is so powerful that it destroys an opponent’s entire body. Future Gohan uses the hyper-masenko as a finisher in the Garlic Jr. Saga. Future Gohan also uses the double-masenko as a short-range attack. Future Gohan uses the hyper-masenko as his Super Attack in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3.

Although Future Gohan has not undergone any form of training during the Android saga, he did not have to worry about training for the Cell saga, and had a relatively normal life. Thus, he may not have had the same training and experience as his present counterpart. But that doesn’t mean he’s weaker than his present self. It’s just that his training was incomplete. And his lack of training made him a more capable fighter.


Future Gohan is a tall, muscular man who wears a uniform similar to that worn by Goku. He states that he wears this uniform to imitate Goku’s strength. His uniform also features yellowish stripes on his boots. The character has no problems with his alter ego. It also features a kanji symbol on the back. This makes him one of the most interesting characters to watch in the series.

The next time we see Future Gohan, he is standing near a pond north of Recreation Plaza. He offers to help the Future Warrior train in a martial arts class. Future Gohan is a good friend and has helped his friend train. The two of them become fast friends. During this time, Future Gohan is able to defeat Videl in a battle. The fight also allows Future Gohan to train with Future Trunks.

The future Gohan uniform was modeled after Gohan’s uniform. It features a green jacket that reaches the shoulders and knees. A black belt keeps the jacket from flapping around. A black body suit is also worn under the jacket. A red cape is also worn on top of the jacket. Finally, a pair of white gloves and goldish yellow boots complete the outfit. A watch is also worn to transform. The Future Gohan uniform was made in two hours by Bulma.

As the son of a Z Fighter, Future Gohan lacks the fighting spirit of his father. He is more serious and laid-back, but still very humorous when he wears the Great Saiyaman uniform. The future Gohan’s time-division has changed his personality. While his present-day counterpart is a fun-loving pacifist, his Future Gohan lacks this trait.


The voice of Future Gohan is different from the one of his present timeline counterpart. While his personality is more aggressive, he shares some of the same characteristics with his alter ego, Great Saiyaman. While their personalities are very different, they are equally as violent and destructive. Despite their differences, the two share some similarities in their outlook on life. Future Gohan is an aggressive character, but he also shares traits of a calm and peaceful Goku.

While the anime version of Gohan isn’t as powerful as the manga version, the character is more developed than in the comics. He gained some major power boosts after fighting Piccolo and trained in between encounters. However, he lacks the endurance needed to maintain an engagement over many years. That’s not a problem for the manga version, who has more power than his anime counterpart. In fact, the voice of Future Gohan is even more eloquent than the manga version.

The English dub of The History of Trunks aired in 2000. This dub was the first introduction to the adult version of Gohan to North Americans. Dameon Clarke, who previously voiced Cell, was cast as Future Gohan. The older version of the character was portrayed by Kyle Hebert. While Dameon Clarke is the voice of Future Gohan in the English dub, Clarke also played the older version of Gohan in Majin Buu Arc.

The future Gohan is a student of Goku Black. He shares the same emotions with his older self. In Age???, his older self asks him to protect the future. The latter tells him to do so, but it is unclear whether this was an act of love or a desire to protect the future. It’s unclear if his younger self had any regrets. If Future Gohan has the ability to change his own behavior, he’ll be an excellent partner for the young Gohan.


The advantages of Future Gohan outweigh the disadvantages. His unique powers allow him to do incredible damage, mainly through his devastating attacks. Future Gohan can fly using ki, and his basic energy wave, Ki Blast, is a powerful attack. He can also fire a powerful energy sphere called a Down Burst, which can destroy 2 enemy cards. Future Gohan’s ability to fly is especially useful in hand-to-hand combat, as his quick movement will enable him to get behind his opponent and deliver a devastating kick to the chin.

Although his appearance isn’t very different from the present Gohan, the voice tone of the former is quite similar to that of his Japanese counterpart. His voice is rough and deep, much like Goku. In contrast, the voice tone of the present Gohan is much lighter and polished. Future Gohan’s voice tone is a key factor in determining his strength. The manga suggests that Future Gohan would have been unable to survive if he had been faced with Androids. In addition, his power was only half as strong as Perfect Cell.

One of the most significant disadvantages of Future Gohan is his lack of pacifist nature. After enduring years of being alone in combat, Future Gohan developed a “do or die” attitude. His desire to destroy Androids is reflected in his desire to kill them for all the blood they’ve spilled. Because of this, the character’s actions in the future have a negative effect on the world.

Although Future Gohan is not a reincarnated version of his present-day counterpart, he can train under his present-day counterpart. If he does, he will learn that he is training under his main timeline counterpart. However, these aren’t the only disadvantages of Future Gohan. While his present-day counterpart can train him, he still must deal with the threat of his brother Dabura, who rescued him from Innocent Buu before her death in Age???

Relationship with Vegeta

The original continuity of the series has a few parallels in Future Gohan’s relationship with Vegeta. This episode is set in the future, where Gohan is the son of Trunks, who was killed by Vegeta’s reincarnated body. Future Gohan was a very emotional wreck, and he was denied the chance to train with his friends. The Future Gohan’s future relationship with Vegeta has many parallels with the main series, including how Vegeta was a key character in the series.

Vegeta’s son Gohan shows the most patience towards his mother, who is both his mentor. Chi-Chi wants to give Gohan the best life possible, and she is proud of her son’s super Saiyan form. While Gohan may be frustrated with Videl, he loves his mother despite her mistreatment. This makes Gohan extremely jealous of Videl, which is why he sneaks away for training to learn more about Vegeta.

While the future Gohan is more serious than his present counterpart, he does have his moments of levity. Often, Vegeta will tell Gohan to be patient and wait for his turn as a Super Saiyan. While this is an excellent example of how to treat your partner, the Future Gohan and Vegeta seem to have a very friendly relationship. So, it is possible that the Future Gohan and Vegeta will have a very different relationship in the future than in the present.

Vegeta and Gohan’s relationship is close but does not interact on a regular basis. They appear to be friends, but Vegeta seems annoyed that Gohan is trying to recruit him into the Universe 7 team. Vegeta is a hard person to impress, but they could still be good friends. If Gohan were to be honest with Vegeta, it would make Gohan happier in the long run.