Ensemble Stars! – Shu Itsuki

shu itsuki

After the release of the game, Shu was revealed as a new character. She is the eldest member of the Valkyrie and has a name that’s pronounced as “suh uh-tsu-kay.” Her name is written in roman letters with marionette strings on it. She carries around a small blonde doll called Mademoiselle, which she uses for ventriloquism, speaking in a feminine voice. Shu is also a bookworm who loves philosophical subjects.


The voice actors behind the Shu Itsuki character in Ensemble Stars! are Shawn Gann (English dub) and Hiroki Takahashi (Japanese dub). While this site is not an official one, all logos and original content belong to Inyxception Enterprises, Inc. (also known as Behind the Voice Actors).

Before the game came out, fans were unsure of Shu’s identity. At first, people considered him arrogant, short-tempered, fussy, and selfish. However, over time, Shu showed his true personality. He has an antique doll collection, and a fascination with art and European culture. His debut as a Valkyrie was also a highlight. It was this unit’s first official formation after the release of “Ensemble Stars!”

Initially, Shu was a second-year student when he was introduced in the “Reminiscence * Marionette” event. Since then, his attitude towards people has changed and he is devoted to making everyone perfect himself. Shu had a traumatic childhood and did not learn how to treat others properly. Due to this, he has a very antisocial personality and is often criticized for his lack of empathy.

Voice actor

The voice of Shu Itsuki in the animated series, Ensemble Stars!, is performed by Hiroki Takahashi in the Japanese dub. The site is unofficial and does not represent the official company of the series or any of the characters. All trademarks, logos, and original content are the property of their respective owners. Shu Itsuki is a Japanese voice actor.

Shu is a member of the Valkyrie and the leader of the team. She has a short light pink hair and a good physique. She wears a light blue shirt with white flowers on it and black pants with a belt. She also wears the Valkyrie’s new uniform. A rose red coat and corset are worn underneath. A dark rose hat with a feather and white ribbon accent the outfit. Shu is a bookworm who has knowledge on philosophical subjects.

When he is with his girlfriend, he enjoys watching her doing whatever she wants to do. He loves how happy she looks, but his standards are higher than hers. If you catch him hugging her from behind, he jolts in surprise. It’s not that hard to make him fall in love. Shu has a few things to work out before he is able to share that with you.

A voice actor’s job is to enact the role of a character in a video game or anime series. A successful voice actor can be a major asset to a series’ success, and the work of a Shu Itsuki is an important one. Shu Itsuki is the voice behind many of the most popular video games on the market today. The ‘Chess’ series has earned him a loyal fan base.

Plan to study abroad

When it comes to his future, Shu Itsuki plans to study abroad, but before he can do so, he needs to get his diploma. Although he is intelligent, Shu is also short tempered. The reason for this is that he is afraid of being humiliated, and this drives him to attack Mika. Mika, however, doesn’t believe him and he gets hurt. Shu Itsuki then decides to leave the country to study in Paris, France, but then comes back to Japan because of work responsibilities. In addition to being a leader of his unit, he owns a company that has employees from different countries. In addition to being a successful businessman, he continues to be an idol with his classmate A.

As a child, Shu had a hard time adjusting to her new surroundings, and she was frequently abused by other kids. She was abused and teased for talking to her dolls. Her parents did not support her interests, and she suffered from an antisocial personality. Shu also became extremely self-conscious and began to isolate herself in her room, where she spent most of her time. Despite this, she has a strong desire to study abroad, and she hopes to study abroad soon to pursue her passions.

Although she plans to study abroad, Shu has been working on his resume. Despite his high school grades, he wants to pursue a more international career. In addition to studying abroad, Shu wants to become a doctor so that he can help people around the world. He hopes that this opportunity will help him learn English and pursue a higher education. He is also interested in studying abroad because it will help him get a better job.

He is also a talented Cosmic Producer and wants to become a doctor. He is friendly with Ibara, and they share a lot of information. In fact, Ibara trusts Shu with information about Crazy.B, but Shu isn’t so sure about that. However, he still supports the idol activities of Valkyrie and ensures that they are producing high-quality idols. During the last episode of the season, Shu is avoiding Eichi and Mika because he fears that he might hurt Mademoiselle. The other two are also talking about how they met, and how they are getting along.

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When Shu was a child, he lived with his rich but neglectful parents. The two of them lived closer to his ailing grandfather, so he avoided a life of privilege and isolation. However, bullying as a child affected the development of his personality, and he suffered severe bullying for his interests in feminine behavior. As a child, Shu was close to his childhood friend Kuro. However, when the mother of the girl who bullied him passed away, Shu and Kuro were left without a friend. This caused Shu to develop a control freak personality that ultimately led him to become a ruthless entrepreneur.

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