Heather Bland’s Ideas in Real Estate

heather ideas in real estate

Heather Ross studied interior design before entering the real estate field. As a result, she possesses a keen eye for style and design. Her savvy approach to design has served her well in representing clients and builders in new home construction. In addition, Heather has also forayed into real estate development, launching a subdivision in Malta, NY called Mountains Edge at Lake George. Originally from Niskayuna, Heather has lived in Malta since 1997.

Heather Bland

If you’re looking for a real estate agent, look no further than Heather Bland. She’s a hard-working, enthusiastic agent who enjoys her work and the people in it. She’ll go above and beyond to provide personalized service and honest feedback to all of her clients. She’ll also do her best to match the right people with the right homes.

Heather McLaughlin

A former television reporter and anchor, Heather McLaughlin has made a name for herself in the real estate industry. She’s been quoted in The New York Times, Money Magazine, and the New Yorker. She’s also appeared on WVOX radio and Fox 5 News. She lives in Scarsdale, New York, and understands the complexities of the industry and the unique challenges facing real estate agents.

McLaughlin has worked for major companies in marketing, including Badcock Furniture and the Polk Museum of Art, and has over 150,000 Twitter followers. She’s also a father of three children and an active member of community organizations. She’s served on the board of the Peace River Center and the Polk Museum of Art, and is currently a member of the finance committee of First United Methodist Church.

McLaughlin earned a law degree and an MBA from Georgetown University. She also led Keller Williams in Polk County, which was ranked as the number one real estate firm in Florida in 2010 for total sales. Before entering the real estate field, she was active in politics, including being the president of her student body at Georgetown University and attending the Democratic National Convention as a delegate from Polk County.

Heather Harrison

Heather Harrison’s ideas in real estate are changing the real estate industry in Westchester County, New York. She has a deep passion for the area and believes that home buying and selling should be a positive experience. As a broker, she has created a team specializing in residential, investment and commercial properties. The team consists of real estate experts with years of experience in the field.

Heather Harrison is a fourth-generation real estate agent and founder of Platinum Drive Realty with her husband Zachary. She is also a community advocate. She serves on the board of Wellfit Girls and is an alumnus of Commercial Real Estate Women. Her educational background includes dual Bachelor’s degrees from Western State College and two Master of Science degrees from the University of Denver.

Her real estate expertise has been featured in numerous media outlets, including Money Magazine and The New Yorker. She has also appeared on the radio and on Fox 5 News. She lives with her husband in Scarsdale. In her spare time, she enjoys surfing and hiking with her dog Lyla.

Heather and Zach combined their backgrounds in real estate to create Platinum Drive Realty, a luxury real estate company that offers unparalleled service to clients. Their unique program takes prospective homebuyers to exclusive listings in Westchester. Heather and Zach’s real estate ideas have been featured in print and on television.

With her team, she is the leading real estate agent in Westchester County. She is also a top agent in Scarsdale and Edgemont, and has won multiple awards for her real estate expertise. Her team has received awards for being one of America’s Best Real Estate Agents in 2017-2018 and 2019 and was named “The Best Real Estate Agent in Westchester” by the American Real Estate Association.

Heather Shawver

Heather Shawver and Heather Rogers have teamed up to form The Heather Group, combining their ideas and creativity for the benefit of sellers and homebuyers. You can browse their website to find the latest sales and listings. Both Rogers and Shawver are professionals with extensive knowledge and a passion for people.

The Heather Group is a great option whether you are buying or selling a home. The team at Heather Group is prepared to guide you through the entire process. From pre-development consultations to sales, they offer an array of services for buyers and sellers. The real estate market is competitive, and choosing the right strategy can help you stand out from the crowd.

Heather Harrison believes that having fun while working in real estate is essential. She moved to Westchester after working in Manhattan, and began her own real estate firm. Her goal was to add a touch of city sophistication to the Westchester real estate market. Heather Harrison’s team specializes in residential, commercial, and investment real estate, and they have a deep commitment to every Westchester neighborhood. Her ideas and approach have changed the real estate industry.