How Can My Husband Love Me and Have an Affair?

how can my husband love me and have an affair

If you’re asking yourself how can my husband love me and have an extramarital affair, you are not alone. The majority of women have faced this dilemma. While men sometimes have ulterior motives for having affairs, women are often not as aware of the reasons for the extramarital behavior. Often, men’s sexual adventurism is the main cause for the extramarital activities. If you’re wondering how to deal with this, remember that love is about giving your life to another.

Women often blame themselves for the lack of intercourse, but in reality, men who courted many other ladies may have an urge to find new companions in the same way they once enjoyed courting different ladies. They may be craving a different type of sexual stimulation, a new girl’s curves, or the woman’s vitality. Whatever the reason for his cheating behavior, it is a sign that something is missing in the relationship, which leads them to seek out another woman.

A change in attitude is often all that is necessary to rekindle the sparks that once characterized your relationship. Husbands and wives are different people with different personalities. It’s important to understand each other’s differences, and learn to readjust to your husband’s reasonable demands. While the relationship may be rocky, the effort you put in will pay off. Hopefully, your husband will start loving you again and you can get the sparks back.

In the meantime, don’t fight to make things right in your relationship. Instead, fight for your happiness as a team. Talk about your feelings with your spouse and analyze how you can make him feel better. It can be stressful, but it will help you understand his feelings better. You’ll need to forgive your husband for his actions, but be mindful of the fact that he’s still hurting your feelings as well.

Your partner may have been influenced by their own unmet needs. If you’re the one who caused the affair, this may be a result of a lack of self-esteem or an antiquated gender role. If your partner is guilty of cheating, it’s important to forgive him and move on. As much as possible, don’t make rash decisions and talk with friends and family members about the affair.