Ideas in Real Estate by Heather McLaughlin

heather ideas in real estate

As a former Chief Marketing & Tech Officer of a large real estate brokerage, Heather McLaughlin has perfected the art of real estate marketing. She uses her firsthand knowledge to impart actionable tips on her Ideas for Real Estate podcast. Heather’s advice on real estate marketing can save you from the many mistakes that many agents make when trying to market their properties.

Heather Harrison

Heather Harrison is an agent with a unique and creative approach to real estate. She believes that the buying and selling of homes should be a fun and personal experience for both parties. Heather learned the business from her grandmother, who had a real estate company in the area. Her team specializes in residential, commercial, and investment properties. Their clients range from first-time homebuyers to experienced sellers and investors. Their team has been recognized as the #1 team in Westchester County, NY.

She holds several memberships with industry associations and frequently speaks about industry-wide issues. She is currently on the Advisory Board of Outsourced Research & Capital and was recently asked to join PREA’s Governance Committee. Heather is an expert in the industry and has been featured on WVOX radio and Fox 5 News.

Heather Harrison was a PR and marketing professional before starting her own real estate business. Her husband, Zach, is an attorney. Together, they founded Platinum Drive Realty, a real estate firm that emphasizes elite service. One of their unique programs is an elite tour bus that takes prospective buyers to exclusive Westchester listings. This tour bus has been featured in print and on television.

In addition to being an agent, Heather Harrison is a real estate investor and an active member of the community. She is a member of the American Heart Association and Wellfit Girls. She also holds dual Bachelor and Master of Science degrees from Western State College. She co-founded Platinum Drive Realty in Manhattan and Westchester County, and has been one of the top producers in her team.

Heather Harrison’s Platinum Drive Realty

The Zach and Heather Harrison Team provides clients with a consistent level of client success through strategic thinking and elite service. With a combined 20 years of real estate experience, they are committed to delivering the very best in real estate service. Clients enjoy working with them because of their high level of service and results-oriented approach to the home-selling process.

Heather Harrison’s Platinum Drive Realty serves the suburbs of New York City, Westchester County and Connecticut. The company prides itself on providing outstanding service to homebuyers, experienced homeowners, builders, and investors. Heather Harrison was born and raised in Westchester County and worked for investment banks before becoming a real estate agent. Her grandmother is also an experienced real estate agent and spent 50 years in the business.

The husband-and-wife team founded Platinum Drive Realty with the belief that real estate should be rewarding, exciting, and highly personalized. Their focus is on helping homeowners reach their goal. The team specializes in taking prospective buyers on a luxury tour bus to view Westchester listings. The program has been featured in newspapers and on television.

Platinum Drive Realty serves Westchester County, Manhattan, and Connecticut. The company has multiple offices and 110 agents. The team has won numerous awards and is recognized as one of the fastest growing real estate firms in the tri-state area. Platinum Drive Realty is a member of Leverage Global Partners, an international network of top real estate firms.

Heather Harrison’s Platinum Drive Realty team is comprised of real estate experts with extensive expertise in residential, investment, and commercial real estate. The team is renowned for providing exceptional service, expert negotiation, and a wealth of knowledge. Heather Harrison’s team is dedicated to Westchester and believes that home buying and selling should be a rewarding experience.

Spolocnost Compass has been one of the top real estate companies in the US, with 16.3 million dollars in revenue for the year 2018. In order to continue being number one, Spolocnost Compass must create a firemnu culture. Heather Harrison’s Platinum Drive Realty has grown to more than 100 agents and a combined revenue of $238 million.

Heather Harrison’s Suburban Excursion program

The Zach and Heather Harrison Team is committed to consistent client success. We offer a unique blend of elite service and strategic thinking that delivers results. Whether you’re selling your home or looking to invest in new property, we’ll ensure your transaction is a rewarding experience.

Zach and Heather are former PR and marketing professionals. They left their corporate jobs to start their own boutique real estate company. Their company focuses on elite service, including escorting prospective buyers through Westchester listings in a luxury tour bus. Their program has been featured on television and in print. And their agents have received numerous awards. This is a testament to the high quality of service they provide.

Heather McLaughlin has worked as a news reporter, anchor, and media marketer. She is an industry expert and has been quoted in The New York Times, Money Magazine, and The New Yorker. She has also appeared on Fox 5 News and WVOX radio. She and her husband Zach live in Scarsdale.

Heather Harrison and her team are experts in real estate in Westchester County. They specialize in residential, commercial, and investment properties. She has a true passion for the area, and her innovative real estate ideas are making her a leader in the industry. Her grandmother has been in the real estate business for 50 years, and she and Heather have teamed up to help homebuyers and sellers make the transition to the suburbs.

Heather Harrison and her husband Zach Harrison have offices in the New York metropolitan area. Together, they have created one of the fastest growing real estate companies in the country. Their company offers industry-leading tools and a national presence. They also have a passion for education and training.

Heather Harrison’s marketing strategy

Heather Harrison’s marketing strategy in real estate is focused on making her clients happy. Her background includes a BA in Political Science and Religion from Emory University, as well as a JD from Case Western Reserve University. In addition to a passion for real estate, she is active in the community and is actively involved with many organizations.

Heather is an advocate for women in real estate. She is active on several boards and committees, and is an alumna of Commercial Real Estate Women. She has also served on several boards for the American Heart Association. Heather earned dual Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees from Western State College and co-founded Platinum Drive Realty, a full-service real estate company in Westchester County and Manhattan. She has also been recognized as a “Five Star Agent” in the Westchester Magazine, and has consistently ranked among her team’s top producers.

Heather Harrison, owner of Heather’s Platinum Drive Realty, believes that real estate should be fun and personalized. She works with her grandmother, a real estate agent with over 50 years of experience. Together, Heather and her grandmother provide expert services to homebuyers and sellers alike. The firm was recognized in multiple awards for its sales excellence, including the Diamond Award for Sales Excellence.

Heather Gibson has extensive experience in marketing and has a strong understanding of how to build relationships in a community and differentiate properties. Heather understands the importance of emotional connections and can connect with buyers on a personal level. She has a keen understanding of the Denver market and knows the suburban neighborhoods as well as the urban areas.

Heather Harrison’s real estate team is comprised of agents from all corners of Westchester. They specialize in residential, commercial, and investment properties. Her passion for her community shines through in her work. Her marketing strategy is geared towards making the home buying and selling experience successful for her clients.