Ideas in Real Estate With Heather Harrison

heather ideas in real estate

Heather Harrison, the owner of Platinum Drive Realty, is a successful real estate agent with a unique marketing approach. She is a graduate of Emory University with a BA in Political Science and Religion, and holds a JD from Case Western Reserve University. Heather is an active member of the community and has been involved in many organizations.

Heather Harrison

Heather Harrison is a fourth generation real estate agent and founder of Platinum Drive Realty. She has extensive knowledge of the real estate industry, has appeared in numerous media outlets, and is active on industry boards. She is also a speaker, author, and consultant, and has made numerous contributions to the real estate industry.

Heather Harrison is a passionate real estate agent and businesswoman who has reinvented the Westchester real estate industry. She believes that buying and selling a home should be a positive and successful experience. Her team specializes in residential and commercial properties, including investment properties. Heather’s approach to real estate is both creative and compassionate.

Heather and Zach founded Platinum Drive Realty with the intention of providing the best possible service to their clients. The company is one of the fastest growing real estate companies in the country, with offices in New York City and New Jersey. Both Heather and Zach have over 50 years of combined experience in the real estate industry.

Heather Harrison is a top marketing executive at a major brokerage, and her tips and strategies are actionable for agents. Using these tips, agents can avoid common mistakes made by real estate agents. Heather McLaughlin also specializes in custom developments and luxury estates. In addition to her expertise, Heather is passionate about providing hands-on service to her clients and is dedicated to protecting their privacy.

Heather McLaughlin

Having worked in the world of real estate as a Chief Marketing Officer for a major brokerage, Heather McLaughlin knows how to market real estate. In her Ideas for Real Estate podcast, she shares actionable tips for success in the industry. She shares her insights on the most effective marketing strategies, and how to avoid common pitfalls.

Since 2003, McLaughlin has been leading Keller Williams in Polk County, Florida, where she has grown the company into a top 10 firm in total sales. She holds a law degree and an MBA from Georgetown University. She is also active in politics, having been a delegate for Polk County at the Democratic National Convention in 1996.

In addition to her work in the field of real estate, McLaughlin has a passion for social activism. She has an online following of more than 150,000 people on Twitter. She also serves as a board member of the Peace River Center and the Polk Museum of Art. She also volunteers with her church as a finance committee member.

Heather McLaughlin has a strong background in PR. She has worked with clients from many industries, including the entertainment industry. She has been featured in several publications and TV shows. She is also a leading realtor and author of Real Estate Rescue. Her strategies have helped thousands of homeowners maximize their home’s value. She is sought-after by business leaders, A-list celebrities, and tech founders, and is often quoted in national media.

Platinum Drive Realty

Heather Harrison is a Westchester native. She returned to her hometown from Manhattan to launch Platinum Drive Realty. Heather’s goal was to give local real estate the sophistication of the big city. To achieve this goal, she and Zach McLaughlin introduced a unique program where they escort prospective homebuyers on a luxury tour bus, to view listings throughout the region. Their program has been featured in print and television.

Platinum Drive Realty is the premier brokerage for the Westchester market. Heather Harrison and her team are always looking for new ways to make their clients’ real estate experience as seamless and successful as possible. Their innovative approach to real estate allows them to understand their clients’ emotional needs and desires and personalize the buying and selling process.

Heather Harrison’s company Platinum Drive Realty has offices throughout the New York metropolitan area. The company has been ranked as one of the fastest growing real estate firms in the country, with more than two million sales volume last year. Founded by Heather Harrison and her husband Zach, Platinum Drive Realty boasts over 100 agents, and a national presence.

Heather Harrison, a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson, was named the Best Real Estate Agent in the Westchester County area by the Hudson Gateway Association of Realtors. Her team was named the #1 Real Estate Team in Westchester County based on volume. Heather Harrison is dedicated to a high level of client satisfaction and has a history of excellence in her industry.

Heather Harrison’s marketing strategy

Heather Harrison is a fourth generation real estate agent. She co-founded Platinum Drive Realty with her husband Zachary. Heather is passionate about real estate and community involvement. She has extensive knowledge of the Westchester area and its neighborhoods. She also has experience working with first-time home buyers, experienced sellers, and investors.

Heather and Zach founded Platinum Drive Realty with a focus on providing elite service to clients. They have been featured on television and in print. The company is comprised of more than 110 agents and multiple offices, all of which have received numerous industry accolades. Heather was named a Five Star Agent in Westchester Magazine nine times and consistently ranks among the region’s top producers.

Harrison’s background in politics and law has positioned her well for success in the real estate industry. She holds a BA in Political Science and Religious Studies from Emory University and a JD from Case Western Reserve University. Her work with clients entails building relationships with local officials. Harrison is also involved in helping to shape New York City and State economic policies.

Heather Harrison has a deep passion for her hometown of Westchester County. She believes that home buying and selling should be a fun, satisfying experience. She and her team have created a team that is known for providing exceptional service, expert negotiation, and insight. In Westchester County, Heather Harrison has a proven track record of closing over $2 billion in real estate.

Heather Harrison’s advice for women in real estate

Heather Harrison is a fourth-generation real estate agent and has helped change the Westchester County real estate industry for the better. She has been featured in numerous media outlets and founded Platinum Drive Realty with her husband Zachary. Outside of her career, she enjoys yoga, hiking, and spending time with her dog, Lyla.

She holds memberships in industry organizations and frequently speaks on industry issues. She sits on the Advisory Board of Outsourced Research & Capital, and she recently was named to the Governance Committee of PREA. Harrison has also been interviewed on WVOX radio and on Fox 5 News. With her husband, Zach Harrison, Heather Harrison has also created Platinum Drive Realty, a real estate company that emphasizes elite service and has its own luxury tour bus.

Her advice for women in real estate begins with being a well-rounded, educated real estate agent. Heather has a background in the media industry, having worked as a reporter and anchor, as well as in the media marketing and PR field. She has been featured in numerous publications, and has appeared on Fox 5 News, WVOX radio, and the New York Times. Heather and her husband Zach live in Scarsdale.

“Work hard. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, and make sure that you’re prepared to be honest and forthcoming. In addition, be open and accessible to your customers. And remember to always work in your customers’ best interest. Heather will always put their customer’s needs first.