Jeffree Star’s Florasis Makeup Review

florasis makeup

Jeffree Star’s review of Florasis makeup has gained great hype and we have analyzed what makes this brand a top choice. Read on to find out what makes this brand so different from its competitors and what to expect from the products. This Florasis makeup review will cover the best selling products, customer reviews, and shipping and return information. In Hangzhou, China, Florasis was founded in 2017 by Freeman and Wu Chenglong. Their founder Hua Xizi inspired the brand’s name.

Jeffree’s review of florasis makeup

You may have seen Jeffree Star’s video showcasing Florasis makeup, but did you know that you can buy it yourself? The company is known for its quality products and traditional Chinese aesthetics. While it may be a small brand, it has attracted social media attention and even been featured on WARC. Its products are available in 43 countries and regions, and Jeffree was impressed with how well they worked on her face.

Jeffree Star is one of the world’s top beauty bloggers with over ten million subscribers on YouTube. Her latest makeup unboxing video features Florasis makeup, including the brand’s eyeshadows and lipsticks. Jeffree’s video demonstrates how the products work and gives viewers a hands-on tutorial. The videos also include product reviews, make-up tutorials, and unboxings. Jeffree’s review of florasis makeup is particularly popular amongst tiktokers.

As for shipping, Florasis makes the process simple. If you purchase less than $40 worth of makeup, the company will ship it to you for $5. It takes two to five days to process your order, and you can check your delivery status using the tracking code provided in your email confirmation. You can also return products within seven days if they don’t meet your expectations. Just be sure to retain your original receipt.

Florasis’s unique packaging is another benefit of the brand. It comes in an elegant case with a unique engraving. If you are interested in Asian-inspired cosmetics, you’ll definitely want to check out the Florasis makeup palette. It is a great makeup option for nightlife and daytime occasions. And it is versatile enough to serve a variety of purposes – from enhancing your skin color to adding a touch of shimmer.

Influencer marketing strategy

One innovative brand that is utilizing the influence of Instagram and Twitter is Florasis makeup. The brand takes inspiration from Chinese culture and heritage and modernizes it for today’s consumers. While the Chinese culture is still a largely misunderstood region for Western consumers, Florasis has successfully tapped into this market by establishing partnerships with celebrities and brands. In addition to creating unique and beautiful products, Florasis has also embraced its Chinese heritage by releasing an intricately designed lipstick and packaging.

The first key to achieving success with the influencer marketing strategy of Florasis makeup is to identify high-quality KOLs in your target market. A brand should focus on transparency and “clean beauty” to appeal to a younger demographic. Younger consumers prefer clean beauty brands that are organic and free from chemicals. Moreover, they should strive to create a sustainable future for their company. Usually, the first brand to enter a market is doomed to fail, but Florasis could be a stepping-stone brand.

While Zhou Shen may not be the most popular mainland celebrity in China, her style is in keeping with the brand’s image. In addition, Zhou has fewer than 20% of Wang’s followers but shows almost the same ability to drive online engagement. According to Vfluencer, Zhou’s announcement as a Florasis brand ambassador received more than double the engagement than Wang’s.

As a newcomer to the influencer marketing industry, Florasis is trying to differentiate itself from the crowd. Perfect Diary has been very successful at reaching out to their audience through private traffic channels and communities to distribute free samples of products, collect feedback and develop customer loyalty. Florasis is following a similar path, though in a slightly different way. It has also leveraged high-profile Influencers to reach a mass audience.

Florasis has also embraced the trend of live-streaming. The brand has collaborated with several popular live-streamers to promote their products. The most successful video featuring Florasis makeup by the popular blogger Kayla Freitas has over one million views and almost ten thousand comments. Freitas has created four videos featuring Florasis makeup. In her latest video, she features a red lipstick that is decorated with traditional Chinese carving designs.

Price range

If you are searching for affordable cosmetics online, you can consider purchasing Florasis Makeup. The brand offers a variety of products, including eye shadow palettes and lip colors. Its products are made of high-quality pigments and are very easy to blend. The brand offers both wet and dry brushes for applying makeup. If you are looking for a high-quality brand, you can check out Lazada, which features thousands of products from renowned brands and sellers.

Although the price range of Florasis makeup is lower than that of Perfect Diary, it still has some competitive advantages over other domestic brands. A loose powder costs 150 yuan, ranking it between 50-100 yuan for Perfect Diary and two hundred and fifty yuan for Nars and Givenchy. While Florasis isn’t as high-end as these brands, their recent growth proves the value of making affordable cosmetics. One day, they may be able to compete with the global brands.

Florasis is a relatively new brand in China, but it has already managed to win over Chinese consumers by offering affordable products. Their products can be found in a wide range of price ranges, from RMB 100 to RMB 200. In the past, Florasis had traded on Weibo exchanges, but they later entered into a live-stream partnership with Li Jiaqi. Li Jiaqi’s popularity allowed Florasis to expand its reach and boost sales.

Shipping costs are also low and straightforward. For orders under $40, customers will be charged a flat $5 shipping fee. It typically takes two to five business days for orders to be processed. In addition, customers can track the delivery of their orders with the tracking code provided in their confirmation email. If a customer is unhappy with a purchase, the company offers a seven-day return policy. Returns must be accompanied by the original receipt. Customers are responsible for return shipping costs.

Florasis is a relatively new brand, but it has caught the zeitgeist of the “Guochao” movement in China. Its name translates as “flower makeup” in Chinese, and is one of the most popular brands of Asian cosmetics in China. The brand uses traditional Chinese aesthetics and techniques while incorporating modern technologies and innovations. With a focus on natural ingredients and flowers, Florasis is committed to fostering both inner and outer beauty.


If you’ve ever been curious about how a Chinese cosmetics brand creates its packaging, you’ve probably seen their products. Florasis is a brand that makes Chinese cosmetics, and that gives them a competitive advantage in the Japanese market. They’ve also made it popular abroad, as evidenced by their position as number one among Chinese cosmetic brands in overseas sales. However, despite their high-end reputation, Florasis’ packaging isn’t its only asset.

To make its products more appealing to Western consumers, Florasis must expand their base shade range and expand their color spectrum. This is especially important in the U.S. and Western markets, as Westerners tend to have more diverse skin tones and color preferences than their Chinese counterparts. For this reason, Florasis must take social responsibility seriously when attempting to expand its global reach. After all, Chinese consumers are more homogeneous than Westerners, and a brand that embraces this difference is unlikely to succeed.

To stand out in the Chinese market, Florasis takes its cues from traditional Chinese crafts. Its name is taken from a poem by Su Dongpo, and translates to “Eastern makeup by flowers.” Its packaging and branding are strikingly different from Western makeup brands. It is also very much in line with Chinese national culture, with elements reminiscent of the Miao Ethnic Group’s silversmiths.

Florasis also pays attention to the aesthetics of their products. The lipsticks feature sophisticated carvings and are the first to have carved designs. The company pays attention to the appearance of their products and strives to create pieces of art. A Florasis palette may be a perfect example of how to design and package a beautiful makeup product. They may be a Chinese company that has a strong European presence, but they take the time to produce a product that looks as if it’s a work of art.

In addition to their packaging, Florasis makeup is also known for its stories. While the company is not a luxury brand, it is affordable. While its product range is small compared to other luxury brands, it helps to shed the “made in China” stigma and create products that are good for the environment. And it’s worth noting that Florasis was the first brand to enter the Chinese market, which means that their products have a greater chance of succeeding there than with other brands.