Let’s Go Brandon

lets go brandon meme

The “Let’s Go Brandon” meme is a parody of a chant originating at a NASCAR rally. Originally involving an F-bomb, it quickly spread across the country via yard signs and eventually into Republican politicians’ mouths. The meme has also inspired a Dark Brandon, a parody of the online right’s paranoia. Dark Brandon features Joe Biden dressed in dark colors and laser eyes.

Let’s go, Brandon!

The Let’s Go Brandon song has become a viral phenomenon. The song by Loza Alexander and Bryson Gray has reached the top of the iTunes charts and has become a part of the meme culture. The song was popularized on the video sharing site TikTok, and it has since been covered by other artists and politicians.

The Let’s Go Brandon meme reportedly started as a political protest against the 46th president of the United States. It became popular on Twitter and in Google search results, and people are now using it at events, including Donald Trump rallies, Wheel of Fortune games, and other political events. One Twitter user, @abigailmarone, shared a video of someone saying the phrase during a live interview on Fox News.

A Washington Post analysis found that the phrase has grown beyond the political realm. It has even inspired multiple songs, and one Southwest Airlines pilot used it in a signing-off message for an ill-fated flight. The airline has launched an investigation into the incident. Stall says the phrase’s popularity increased because it gained traction on alternative right-wing media. Despite the controversy, it’s difficult to ban a meme that has so many supporters.

The Let’s Go Brandon meme began when a reporter misheard a crowd chant at a NASCAR race in October 2021. The reporter mistakenly translated the background noise to “f*** Joe Biden.” The phrase has been used as a slang phrase for a phrase that people would like to say but aren’t allowed to publicly say.

Dark Brandon

The Dark Brandon meme has multiple origins. It has been used by rightwingers and leftists to mock Biden and his administration. It has also been used to mock the President’s veto power and climate change. But while it might not be the most politically correct meme, there are still many people who would use it.

While the meme has been around for a while, the first real examples were posted in March to 4chan. Since then, a community of “Dark MAGA” has grown to over 4,700 members. The New York Times even reported on the memes, which spread to the Democratic Party and White House. In August, Democratic politicians and White House officials started using the memes. The trend gained traction when polling sites began tracking a rise in Biden’s approval rating.

After the election, the Dark Brandon meme gained further traction. After all, it’s a joke, and a joke about the candidate that can be shared in any social media platform. But it has also been used for more serious purposes, including spreading pro-Biden sentiments. For example, in August 2022, White House staffers used the meme to express their support for Biden.

The meme was originally an F-bomb joke, which was misheard at a NASCAR rally. After it gained steam, it spread to yard signs across the country and eventually into the mouths of Republican politicians. The memes have since evolved to depict an evil version of Joe Biden as president.

NASCAR driver

The Let’s Go Brandon meme for NASCAR driver gained popularity when it was used at the Talladega Superspeedway after Brandon Brown won the Sparks 300 race. The chant, which originated in the comments section of a tweet by Texas senator Ted Cruz, is now used by many other people. While some fans have taken up the phrase, others have used it to poke fun at the driver.

The Let’s go Brandon meme is a political slogan, and it’s quickly becoming a popular viral meme. The phrase is popular in the southern United States, where people are often chanting the “F- Joe Biden” chant. It’s also used at college football games, which is why it was popular at Talladega.

The phrase came about after Brandon Brown won a race in October 2021. He finished first in the race and said in his post-race interview on NBC that it was a “dream come true.” The phrase “Let’s Go Brandon” is also now a popular anti-Biden slogan.

The phrase is a political one, used as a coded anti-Biden message. After an interview with the driver, the phrase has become synonymous with “F- Joe Biden.” This slogan is a popular anti-Biden campaign, and was used in conservative circles after Brown won the 2021 Sparks 300 race.


The phrase “Let’s go, Brandon!” has gained in popularity among right-wing Internet influencers in recent months. A Washington Post analysis of political text content on both sides of the political spectrum shows that the phrase has increased in frequency in the past few months. The increase is partly due to the fact that President Donald Trump was welcomed with chants at a golf tournament, and partly due to the fact that the phrase is now more common than it was at the start of the year.

The meme has become so popular that people can recognize the phrase if they hear it. It has also been endorsed by political figures. In fact, Colorado’s Rep. Lauren Boebert, who once endorsed the QAnon conspiracy theory, has even had Let’s Go Brandon printed on her dress. Her stance is also in line with those of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who wore a Tax the Rich-inspired dress at the Met Gala.

However, the Let’s Go, Brandon movement has sparked a reaction among liberals who learned from the 2016 election that sarcastic memes are unsavory. In response, the anti-Trump political action committee MeidasTouch encouraged supporters to thank Brandon by posting thank-you notes using the hashtag #ThankYouBrandon.


The Let’s Go Brandon meme has become a popular campaign song for politicians in America. In October, rapper Loza Alexander released a song featuring the slogan. It went viral on TikTok and reached number one on the iTunes hip hop chart. It has since been used by rapper Kid Rock, who is a staunch supporter of former President Donald Trump. The phrase has also been used by other politicians to mock the policies of Vice President Joe Biden.

The phrase has become popular with right-wing online influencers in the last year, and it has risen and fallen in popularity as the political landscape has changed. However, it recently re-emerged in popularity after Trump’s appearance at a golf tournament. It’s now used significantly more often than it was at the start of the year. And that trend has caused some people on the left to pay attention to the phrase.

While the “Let’s Go Brandon” meme started with a NASCAR race, it has now spread to other political figures. A Colorado representative named Lauren Boebert, a supporter of the QAnon conspiracy theory, has now added the “Let’s Go Brandon” slogan to her dress. The message appears to be aimed at highlighting the message of conservatives who feel the media is biased against them.

Last year, far-right groups and Republicans were chanting “Let’s Go Brandon” and “Dark Brandon” during events. Both chants urged Trump to be more bold in his 2020 presidential campaign. “Dark Brandon” memes are often heavily stylized, with decreased background lighting and a picture of the president in military gear or firing a laser.


The Let’s Go Brandon meme made headlines around the world after a Christian rapper posted a song against Joe Biden on his music video. The song was so popular that it topped the iTunes charts. It quickly spread throughout the internet and spawned several other songs. The song has also been used as a sign-off for Southwest Airlines flights. This meme, which began on TikTok, is already becoming a household name.

Despite being a popular viral video, some liberals reacted negatively to Let’s Go, Brandon. Many learned their lesson from the 2016 election and were concerned that this juvenile meme could cause trouble. In response, the anti-Trump political action committee MeidasTouch encouraged people to send a note to Brandon and use the hashtag #ThankYouBrandon to share their messages.

In November, Donald Trump joked about the “Let’s Go Brandon” chant while attending World Series Game 4. Another US senate candidate, Jessica Taylor, tweeted that she had hacked two road signs in Northern Virginia with the phrase. Meanwhile, TikTok users also incorporated the phrase into Halloween costumes and truck decorations. Some have even rearranged decorative letters from Hobby Lobby.

The “Let’s Go Brandon!” slogan has exploded on social media, and Loza Alexander is one of the first people to capitalize on it. The song has become the number one song in the hip hop category on iTunes, and is currently a close second to Adele’s “Hello.” Loza Alexander’s video went viral, and memes of the phrase have popped up all over the internet. She says she hopes the lyrics inspire people.