Lindzee Lane Real Estate

lindzee lane real estate

The Lindzee Lane neighborhood in Roanoke, Virginia has many great things to offer its residents, from great shopping, a new library, and a prestigious school district. Its residents are also proud to call Lindzee Lane home. This neighborhood is located just minutes away from downtown Roanoke and features a diverse group of residents. The real estate market in this community is very active, which makes it a great place to purchase a new home.

Lissette Luna

Lissette Luna at Lindzee lane real estate specializes in residential properties in the Greater Houston area. She works with her clients to find the perfect house in the right price range and neighborhood that will meet their specific needs. Her goal is to build long-term relationships with her clients.

She has been in the business for six months. Her credentials include being a Hall of Fame member and being a highly-rated real estate agent. She can be contacted through her LinkedIn profile. She has also sold several units to other companies. This includes a property she previously owned and another that she is trying to sell.

Lindzee lane

Lindzee Gibson is a California native and has been in the real estate industry for more than 20 years. She has helped both buyers and sellers achieve their real estate dreams. Lindzee was raised in Northern California and has an AA degree in business administration from Simpson University. Prior to pursuing real estate, she studied music and traveled the world as a contemporary Christian recording artist. She is a graduate of Simpson University and the former Dean of women at The Masters University.

As a Realtor, Lindzee Lane specializes in residential properties in the Greater Houston area. Her goal is to match clients with the right home based on their needs. She has extensive knowledge of the area and has a great eye for details. Her background includes corporate sales, as well as training in negotiation and management. In addition to real estate, she owns an online instagram shop, Lindsey Lane Designs. She is a mom of three daughters.

Lissette Fuentes-skarshaug

Lissette Fuentes-Scarshaug is a real estate agent who specializes in residential properties in the Greater Houston area. She works with clients to find the right home, whether it be in their price range or within their neighborhood preferences. She is a licensed Realtor and has six months of experience.

Multiple Listing Service of The Roanoke Valley

For more information about real estate in Lindzee Lane, please visit the website of the Multiple Listing Service of The Roanoke Area. The MLS provides information about available homes and is a single source for listings. This data is updated daily, but it may not reflect all available listings. Please check with a licensed real estate professional before relying on this information.

The MLS allows real estate professionals to list and sell properties through a central database. It provides access to all properties in the Roanoke area. Listing brokers receive compensation when a listing is published in the MLS. The MLS also provides information on the value of properties in the area.