Monster Girl Quest Review

Are you considering downloading Monster Girl Quest? You should be, because this erotic RPG has rape scenes and an interesting adventure to boot. Before you begin, read this Monster Girl Quest review to learn about the game’s features. Here are some of its features:

Monster Girl Quest is an erotic RPG

The visual novel eroge genre has gotten a lot of attention lately, and Monster Girl Quest is no exception. It’s a game that features very pretty girls in beautifully drawn, erotic settings, and a solid action-RPG gameplay. This indie game was recently released and has impressed fans and newcomers alike. In fact, the game has so far received 16522 ratings on PC game rating site Metacritic, and it has a large social networking following.

The game’s story follows the young orphan Luka, who is given a vision by the Goddess Ilias, who reveals to him his grand destiny: to defeat the evil Monster Lord, the most powerful and dangerous of all monsters. The Monster Lord terrorises humanity and his minions with his dark ways, and his life cycle involves raping humans. However, Luka learns that the Monster Lord is not as evil as he seems to be, and the Goddess has a secret agenda.

The game’s characters and dialogue are interesting and enjoyable, and virtually every NPC is important. Character trainer Alice, who accompanies you, helps you level up your character and teaches you the skills necessary for your journey. She also provides hints on what to do with the monster girl. The player can choose one of the two monster girls, or use both at the same time. The gameplay is quite addictive and will have you addicted to it.

It has rape scenes

There are rape scenes in Monster Girl Quest. You will fight several monsters, each with different plans for Luka. Some will drag Luka off as their slave, while others will make him their husband. In some cases, Luka will even be raped three times before he can fight a monster. But there are five monsters who will let Luka go after the rape. This will cause a Nonstandard Game Over.

The game’s description of the battle is vague, insulting, and of little use. Yoko tells you if a monster has multiple rape scenes or alternate CG, but offers little help. She does, however, tell you how to trigger the scenes. In the end, the details are left to the player’s interpretation. Hopefully, these little tidbits will help you get through the game and avoid the risk of being raped.

The rape scenes in Monster Girl Quest are a major complaint of some reviewers. The author claims that Luka was informed of the rape scenes, but that’s simply not true. There are rape scenes in Monster Girl Quest because it is an anime, and the author can get away with whatever it wants. And yet, he doesn’t get much of a discount based on Luka’s consent.

It has adventure

Monster Girl Quest Chapter 1 is the first installment in the series, also known as Monmusu Quest. The game is free to download, but there are more chapters in the works. Chapters usually end with several options for the player to choose from. Each decision you make will move you forward in the story. The game also encourages you to add your own chapters if you like. For those who are unsure of whether Monster Girl Quest is right for them, here are some tips: