Monster Jam 2022

monster jam 2022

Monster Jam 2022 is one of the upcoming shows in the Monster Jam franchise. It will be the sixth season of the Points Championship Series, which was previously only available at stadiums. The 2022 edition will also feature three additional arena and stadium series. This means that fans will have the opportunity to see a wide variety of races, drivers, and vehicles.

Leaked lineup of Monster Jam 2022

In case you didn’t know, the 2022 Monster Jam championship series will be the sixth season of the point-based series. The previous season saw the debut of the Stadium Championship Series and the event will feature three new arena series. The schedule of Monster Jam 2022 has yet to be revealed, but the first quarter lineup has already leaked.

Tour dates

Monster Jam is a spectacular motorsport that features world-class athletes, daring stunts, and intense head-to-head competitions. The event features 12,000-pound monster trucks that compete in Freestyle, Skills Challenge, and Racing competitions. This action-packed event is sure to excite fans of all ages.

In 2022, the Monster Jam World Finals will return to the Camping World Stadium in Orlando, Florida for two days of spectacular competition. The event will feature the best drivers and trucks, a two-day Pit Party, and family-friendly activities. This year, the events will celebrate Grave Digger’s 40th anniversary and the 30th Anniversary of the Monster Jam series.

Fans can also enjoy the pit party before the event, where they can get closer to the drivers and take pictures with them. In addition, there will be interactive features, including the opportunity to vote for the winner of the Monster Jam competition online. This gives fans the opportunity to participate in the event at a whole new level.

Monster Jam events take place in many venues around the country, including arenas, racetracks, and even NFL stadiums. Monster Jam events are largely family-friendly and the average ticket price is about $40. You can find a Monster Jam event near you by using a site such as TicketSmarter, which offers a virtual ticket office and interactive seating maps.


The Drivers of Monster Jam 2022 series will feature head-to-head battles, high-flying stunts and heated rivalries in the world of monster truck racing. The 12,000-pound trucks will test all their limits as they race for points in the Freestyle and Skills competitions. The winner will earn an automatic bid to the Monster Jam World Finals in Orlando in May 2022.

The series will feature eight vehicles and eight drivers. The lineup features the 40th anniversary of Grave Digger, driven by Elvis Lainez. The lineup also includes Soldier Fortune Black Ops, driven by United States Army veteran Tony Ochs. Other drivers include Blake Granger, David Olfert, and Paul Jensen.

The Monster Jam series has gained notoriety in recent years, and is often the subject of controversy in the monster truck world. Although the series has long been a popular one, it is also one of the most criticized. Its censorship of gun references has led to several controversies.

The 10th World Finals competition is held. This year, the series coined the term “Decade of Destruction.” A monster truck named Captain’s Curse lost its brakes in a race, sliding down the track and landing in a tarped-off section of the stands. The DVD and SPEED broadcast do not feature this crash. The series also welcomes Advance Auto Parts as title sponsor and debuts the Advance Auto Parts Grinder.

After the popular Monster Jam World Finals in Anaheim, the monster truck competition returns to Southern California’s Angel Stadium for an action-packed weekend. Fans can see their favorite trucks up close and get autographs and photographs from their favorite drivers and crews. The Monster Jam Pit Party is a great pre-competition event for fans of Monster Jam. Admission is only $20.

Safety hold

Monster Jam is a series of truck races that combine motorsport competition with spontaneous entertainment. This show will be held in Miami, FL for two days only and will feature world-class drivers and crews. The races are known for their speed and daring stunts. Aside from the racing, fans can also look forward to the Monster Jam Pit Party.

The drivers and crew must wear specialized safety gear to prevent fire and other mishaps. Fire-resistant driving suits, driver’s helmets, and gloves will be required. The safety hold also applies to their equipment and uniforms. The COVID pandemic has also led to a temporary hold on Monster Jam. Regardless of the safety measures in place, Monster Jam is committed to providing fans with an enjoyable experience.

In addition to safety measures, Monster Jam trucks use shielded driveshafts. These driveshafts are caged in by steel rings or bars. This prevents a broken drive shaft from spinning off. Additionally, each Monster Jam truck features a brake on each driveshaft. The brakes can be used remotely.

Monster trucks aren’t only capable of destroying other monster trucks, but they are also capable of killing spectators. In 2009, a six-year-old fan was killed at a monster truck show in Tacoma, Washington. To improve safety, Monster Jam has introduced a 30-foot safety zone. This zone is designed to protect spectators from being struck by out-of-control monster trucks.


Monster Jam is a motorsport that features the world’s biggest monster trucks. The vehicles typically weigh more than 10,000 pounds and are up to 12 feet tall. This event is known for its fast speeds and spectacular stunts. The competition also includes head-to-head competitions and freestyle events. The winner receives an automatic bid to the Monster Jam World Finals. The event is packed with family-friendly fun.

Throughout the event, fans can watch their favorite trucks compete against one another. Fans can also purchase official Monster Jam merchandise, including Monster Jam 1:64 Scale Die-Cast Monster Truck Cases. The Monster Jam 2022 schedule was recently announced, and includes 40 hours of coverage. It will be broadcast on nbc, cnb, stadium championship series red, and ticketmaster.

The Stadium Championship Series Red lineup was leaked online a few months before the official schedule was revealed. This included the Lucas Oil Stabilizer truck. It was spotted on the Monster Jam website a day before the schedule was released. The lineup also included the first ever female Monster Jam driver, Krysten Anderson. Her win also marks her first points series victory.

If you’re a parent with a young child who enjoys the excitement of watching monster trucks race, you’ll want to consider attending Monster Jam 2022 in Greenville, SC. The events are safe and thrilling for kids who love anything with an engine. This article contains affiliate links.

The Pit Party is a family-friendly event where fans can get up close to the trucks, meet the drivers, and take photos. This is the only time that fans can get up close to Monster Jam teams and see the trucks up close. Ticket purchase is required to attend this event.