NefLaca N41 Driver Download

neflaca nln41 driver download

The NefLaca N41 thermal label printer is a great choice for shipping labels, as it is compatible with the majority of E-Commerce platforms. Compatible with Poshmark, Fedex, Shipstation, Shippingeasy, Shippo, and Stockx, the N41 can easily make the process of labeling your products easy and convenient. The printer also features built-in support for Poshmark and Fedex.

NefLaca N41 shipping label printer

The NefLaca N41 shipping label printer is a versatile thermal printer that is compatible with most major operating systems. This device can print on a wide range of media, including continuous labels, folded labels, tag paper, and wide width labels. It also offers advanced Thermal Direct technology, which allows it to print without the use of toner. The driver download is easy and quick. This printer also offers a one-click setup, which means you can install the driver for your shipping label printer in seconds.

The NefLaca N41 shipping label printer supports 5.9 IPS high-speed printing technology. This model is capable of printing 72 sheets of 4X6 labels per minute. This printer has high resolution of 203 DPI. It is easy to install and use, and comes with a free Idprt label designer software. Although the device is easy to use, it is not Bluetooth-compatible.

This shipping label printer also includes a sheet of 100 4×6 thermal paper. If you need a larger label, you can adjust the printer’s settings to a higher size. A high-quality label won’t fade or crack, so it’s a smart option for shipping packages. You can also make multiple labels with the NefLaca N41. And if you need to print a large volume of labels, you should consider purchasing a sheet of thermal paper.

NefLaca N41 printer features

The NefLaca N41 thermal label printer is an efficient shipping label printer that uses direct thermal printing technology. This printer uses no toner or ink, making it much more energy efficient than conventional ink-jet printers. Its features include thermal paper, 4” x 6” fan-fold labels, U Disk, and printer driver. In addition to the label printer, you’ll also receive a user manual and setup guide.

The NefLaca N41 printer comes with 100 pieces of 4×6 thermal paper and can print a full shipping label or a section of it. The label size is easily adjustable, so you can print a shipping label that is 8.5″ x 11″ or 4” x 6″. You’ll find that the labels printed with this printer are crease-free and will not fade over time.

NefLaca N41 printer driver

If you are looking for a new label printer, a NefLaca N41 is a great choice. This thermal label printer uses direct thermal technology, meaning that it doesn’t use ink or toner. This makes it much more energy efficient than a traditional ink-jet printer. The printer also comes with a U Disk and 4” X 6” fan-fold labels. If you need to create bulk mailing labels, this is the perfect printer for you.

The NefLaca N41 thermal printer is a multifunctional printer that supports both Mac and Windows operating systems. This model is compatible with a USB drive and is also compatible with a Linux system. You can download the driver either from the official website or a USB stick. This printer comes with 20 sheets of 4×6 thermal labels and a free USB stick with a step-by-step guide to installation. This thermal printer is easy to use and can print up to 72 labels per minute. Its high print speed makes it suitable for warehouses and shipping.