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Palmetto Moon is a specialty apparel, accessories, and home store that celebrates the Southern lifestyle. With handpicked collections from leading brands, Palmetto Moon is a one-stop shop for all things Southern. In addition to offering the best of southern style, Palmetto Moon offers collegiate apparel and a wide selection of YETI products.

Palmetto Moon is a specialty apparel, accessories, home and gifts retailer celebrating the Southern lifestyle

Based in Charleston, South Carolina, Palmetto Moon offers apparel, accessories, gifts and home decor that combines the best of the South with contemporary styles and affordability. Its stores feature an array of top lifestyle brands such as Simply Southern, Columbia and YETI. Its extensive selection includes everything from collegiate apparel to home decor and clothing.

Founded in 1984, Palmetto Moon has expanded its stores across the Southeast and is opening a new store in Franklin, SC. The company has 36 stores throughout the Southeast. In addition to its online store, Palmetto Moon offers unique gifts and home decor that celebrate the Southern lifestyle.

Palmetto Moon is an award-winning Southern lifestyle retailer. The retailer is headquartered in Charleston, SC and has more than 20 locations throughout the south. It has recently expanded to Atlanta, including the Perimeter Mall. It is the brand’s sixth location in Georgia and its twenty-first store nationwide. Its stores are designed to reflect the culture and traditions of the state. The Buford store, for example, will offer sports apparel and tailgating gear for University of Georgia Tech fans.

The company is known for its “customer-first” philosophy and a wide variety of hand-picked, local and national brands. Its goal is to provide unique gifts that are authentically Southern. In addition to popular brands, it will offer local and regional products, as well as local collegiate apparel and gear. Additionally, it will offer a special line of custom goods for Chattanooga shoppers.

It is the largest YETI specialty retailer east of the Mississippi

Founded in Charleston, South Carolina, Palmetto Moon is known for its local and handpicked brands. Its mission is to provide an authentic reflection of modern Southern lifestyles. With locations in Charleston and Summerville, South Carolina, the company has become a leading hub for trending brands. The company is the largest YETI specialty retailer east of the Mississippi, and is the largest retailer for Chubbies and Local Boy Outfitters.

With nine stores in South Carolina, Palmetto Moon has expanded its operations into neighboring states. In 2015, executives discovered that customers in Tennessee and Alabama wanted to purchase products with their state flag or “tri-star” logo. By incorporating these elements into their merchandise, Palmetto Moon expanded its offerings and introduced a new product line. In addition to its YETI products, Palmetto Moon also offers custom gear for Auburn University fans.

Palmetto Moon recently opened a new location in Commerce, Georgia. Soon after, it added a Franklin, Tennessee location, and a Mebane, North Carolina location. Now, the company operates 37 locations throughout the Southeast.

Palmetto Moon began small, in 2002, as a kiosk in Charleston’s Citadel Mall. Originally, it offered university fan apparel and South Carolina state products. Soon, it had become the go-to destination for college students and local residents alike. In spring 2003, it opened its first brick-and-mortar location.

It is known for its hand-picked showcase of brands

Palmetto Moon is known for its locally inspired gifts and hand-picked showcase of brands. Its two locations in Charleston and Summerville are an authentic reflection of contemporary Southern living. The stores offer products by many of the top lifestyle brands. For example, Palmetto Moon is the largest retailer of YETI products east of the Mississippi. Additionally, the stores carry collegiate wear and Simply Southern clothing.

Palmetto Moon started as a small kiosk in Charleston’s Citadel Mall in 2002. The store sold fan apparel and South Carolina state products for the universities in the area. The store quickly grew into a destination for collegiate shoppers. Since then, it has expanded to major cities in South Carolina and neighboring states.

The Palmetto Moon store features a modern open floor plan and stretches 7,200 square feet. It showcases emerging and trending brands, with ample natural lighting and stylized fitting rooms. The store has 31 locations throughout the Southeast. Customers are encouraged to visit one of the stores to see the latest selection.

The Charlotte location of Palmetto Moon opened on April 21, and it will be open Saturday and Sunday for a Grand Opening celebration. The festivities will begin at 10 a.m. and will run until 2 p.m. The store will have prizes and a live DJ.

It is a non-profit that supports breast cancer patients in South Carolina

The Palmetto Moon is a charity golf tournament that benefits breast cancer patients in South Carolina. The tournament will be held on Monday, October 17th at the Daniel Island Club. More information and registration will be available soon. It’s important to know your eligibility for the tournament.