Premier and Deputy Ministers in Canada


In Canada, the Premier is the head of government. Deputy Ministers are administrative heads of government departments and public corporations. Their appointments are usually subject to the approval of the premier. Here are some examples of their roles. Let us explore these roles in further detail. In Canada, the Premier is the head of government and he is elected by the people. But what are the roles of the deputy ministers? Which role does the deputy minister play?


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The word premier derives from the French premier ministre, which means prime minister, and the Latin primarius. Although both words mean the same thing, the word premier is often used interchangeably with prime minister in many nations. In China, the word “premier” is often used instead of “prime minister”, though both terms are widely used. In Taiwan, the President of the Executive Yuan is known as Premier, but the word “premier” can refer to the head of government.

Despite the differences in usage, many people confuse the word premier with premiere. They mistakenly think that premier means “first public display” or “first public showing”. In both cases, it refers to the first public appearance of a product or service. For example, in the case of an exhibit of dinosaurs, a premiere is the first showing of the exhibit. However, premier can also be a verb, which means that the first time a user sees the word, it is not a descriptive word.

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Premier has several definitions and is a commonly used word in many contexts. Its meaning in English varies depending on the context, but you can be sure that this Premier definition will help you understand what the word means in Urdu. Below is the meaning of Premier in both languages. To learn more, check out Premier synonyms and antonyms. An English to Urdu dictionary can also be an excellent resource. There is a Premier definition for each context, and the synonyms are arranged alphabetically.

The word premier comes from French, where it means first in quality or sequence. It arrived in English much earlier than that, and it is often found in the names of companies, as a short form of the phrase premiere representation, which means first presentation. In French, the word premiere is pronounced like premiere, with a grave accent on the second e. English has been no good to accents, so don’t confuse these two words.

The term premier refers to the head of government in certain countries. The word can also mean the highest rank in a group or the oldest. This definition makes the title appropriate for someone in the government position of a country. A prime minister is often referred to as a premier, but it can also refer to someone who is second in command of the government. Here are some fun things about the word premier. So, what is its meaning?

The word premier is an example of a homophone, a word with two meanings but the same spelling. It can refer to a first chair violinist in an orchestra or the best mystery author. The Premier is also the name of the leader of a province in Canada. The Premiership in England refers to the top soccer league. The Premier League is the most popular soccer league in the UK. A premier is someone who is important and admired.


The word premier has many synonyms. Those who are familiar with the French language may recognize the word as prime minister. The word itself derives from Latin primarius, which means ‘principal.’ It has two syllables and seven chars. In addition to meaning ‘first in importance,’ premier is also a synonym for the word leader. This article explores some of these synonyms for the word premier.

There are many other words for premier, ranging in relevancy from insignificant to trivial. Many of the words listed below are trademarks. The best way to find the correct synonym is to look them up online. You can also refer to a book to find a list of synonyms. It is possible to find several online dictionaries that provide both English and French definitions and lists of synonyms for a particular word.

Premier is a term that denotes the launch or opening of a play, film, or theatrical work. Its synonyms include first, premier, launch, premiere, and opening. It is also an adjective that refers to an important event, or a major work of art. A movie’s premiere is a prime example of a premier. Likewise, the word premiere has many antonyms, but none are quite as common as the word leader.

A different meaning is attributed to the word premier. While it refers to the head of government, the word premiere can refer to an important person. It also refers to the first public showing of a play or movie. However, there are many ways to use premier as a noun. A common use of the word premier is as a noun: it refers to a leader, while a prime minister refers to a head of government.


Premier is a French word that means first. It is also used as a noun, referring to a first performance or exhibition. In everyday speech, premiere can refer to the opening performance of something, such as a new film or the first performance of a person. Examples include Will Ferrell’s Blades of Glory or the Minneapolis premiere of a new opera. The adjectival premier also refers to the first performance or exhibition of a new work of art.

The word “premier” is a relatively new addition to modern English. It was first used in the early 1900s to market the opening night of a new film. The word’s usage quickly gained momentum, and it has become a common phrasal verb in the performing arts industry. While these two words are similar in meaning, they’re difficult to distinguish. In this case, “premier” is the proper word to use.

In English, the word premier can refer to the leader of a government or chief officer. The word can also be used as a noun, meaning first, best, or leading. It is also a common shortened form of the word “prime,” referring to the first showing of a show, movie, or other form of entertainment. Usually, movie premieres feature celebrities wearing fashionable clothes and wearing the latest technology.

Premier can refer to anything in a noun, as well as a public performance or presentation. It’s also an adjective that refers to prime ministers or first-rate performers. Its definitions and usage are vast, and the more popular it is, the more likely it is to be used. This article has explained some of the most common uses of the word premiere. If you’re wondering about the definition of “premier,” you can find out by visiting the American Heritage Dictionary.


The word premiere is a common noun used in the field of entertainment, and is often shortened to premiere. It is also used as an adjective to describe something that has a premiere. The word premiere comes from the feminine form of the French adjective premier, meaning “first in sequence.”

A proper pronunciation of the word premier is important, as it gives it its proper meaning. It is also important to learn the English alphabet to spell the word correctly. This will help you remember the spelling of bigger words better. Writing down the words that you are having trouble with is a good idea to refresh your memory about their correct pronunciations. When a word is spelled correctly, it can be very easy to find a correct pronunciation.

Though the pronunciation of premier and premiere is almost identical, there are some differences in the definitions and spellings. Premier, for example, refers to the chief administrative officer of a country. Depending on your country’s usage, premier can also be a synonym for prime minister. It can also refer to a first public performance of a work of art or entertainment. Many people associate premieres with movies and other entertainment.