Reddit Real Estate Investing

reddit real estate investing

Reddit real estate investing is an excellent resource for keeping up with the latest real estate trends and information. The community discussions on Reddit are especially useful for finding investment strategies. The discussions are uncensored, so you can ask questions and share your opinions without worrying about being identified. Nonetheless, you should always do your own research before relying on the information provided by others.


If you’re a landlord looking for advice on real estate investing, consider subscribing to the r/Landlord subreddit on Reddit. This subreddit features posts by landlords themselves discussing personal problems and seeking advice for challenging situations. Many topics are addressed, including property management, rehabbing, and investing practices. There are daily posts, encouragement, and advice for real estate investors.

Many landlords value reading about the experiences of other landlords. This can lead to personalized solutions to their own problems. Also, reading about other landlords’ experiences can be inspiring. You can also stay up to date on local and national real estate news. This subreddit also has an extensive discussion section where landlords can ask questions and get feedback from other landlords.

The community of landlords on r/Landlord contains more than 60,000 members. This makes it an interesting community because it is made up of landlords who ask each other for advice. The subreddit is a fantastic source of alternative real estate information and education. However, it should be noted that the posts are not fact-checked, but they do provide a unique view of real estate.

R/Landlord real estate investing subreddit is a great place to learn more about real estate investing. It features questions and answers posted by real estate investors, and a community of successful landlords and salty realtors. It is also an excellent place to learn about mortgages and foreclosures.

As a landlord, you’re trading time for money. You do a lot of the work yourself. While you might be an expert, you’ll have to put in time to make a living. Unlike an investor who hires a professional team, a landlord must be a master of the trade.


If you are interested in real estate investing but aren’t sure where to start, Reddit is the place to turn. Reddit has real estate forums and subreddits that are a wealth of information for newbies and experienced investors alike. Not only can you get answers to your questions, but you’ll also be able to learn about the latest products and services available to the industry. Plus, the community is incredibly friendly, making it easy to interact with others.

One of the most popular subreddits on Reddit is r/realestate. With over 13 thousand members, this subreddit covers every aspect of the real estate industry, from financing to rehabbing. Reddit also features forums for investors and landlords. You can read about real estate investment trends and find local resources that will help you reach your goals.

Reddit is a massive online community where users discuss anything and everything. There are dozens of subreddits dedicated to specific topics, including real estate, so you can find information related to specific properties. You can also meet other real estate investors in your area. Although Reddit isn’t the only source of information, it’s still an important resource for those new to real estate investing.

Investing in real estate can be overwhelming, but Reddit has forums dedicated to the topic. You can find helpful advice from like-minded people and ask questions about specific properties. There are even subreddits dedicated to specialized topics such as mortgages and property management. In addition to real estate forums, you can also learn about legal regulations and taxes in the real estate industry.

Subreddits dedicated to real estate can provide invaluable information to new landlords. r/Landlord is a popular subreddit where landlords share experiences and learn from one another. It’s also a great place to ask advice from landlords, who are typically the most experienced in the field.

Real estate investors who are new to the industry should focus on a specific niche. This will help them get their foot in the door without getting sucked into investing in too many types of property. Luckily, many subreddits on Reddit are dedicated to different types of real estate. You can pick a niche that best fits your personality and style of investing.

Reddit is also a great resource for beginners who are interested in real estate investing. r/realestate is a popular subreddit with more than 300,000 subscribers. There are many forums about real estate investing, including how to find properties, how to find good deals, and how to deal with difficult mortgages.


If you’re considering making a career out of real estate investing, you should check out r/CommercialRealEsate. The community has a low traffic level, but it’s packed with helpful information and advice. You can ask a real estate agent about their day-to-day routine, get tips from other investors, and get an insider’s look at the industry.

There are many ways to invest in commercial real estate, including wholesaling properties. This is a great option if you don’t have a large amount of cash available. Buying properties in bulk allows you to avoid putting down any money up front. Likewise, you can hire a property management company or maintain the property yourself.

You can also find advice from other landlords on r/Landlord. This is a large community of landlords with more than 60,000 members. You’ll find helpful tips for managing a property, investing, and dealing with troublesome renters. However, be aware that posts on Reddit are not fact-checked and may not reflect the norm.

Before investing in commercial real estate, do your research. Look at the performance of similar asset classes to see if the sector is viable. Then, narrow down your focus to specific property types. Every market is different, and some property types may do better than others in a certain city. Doing your homework will help you avoid investing in a bad sector or investing in the wrong property type.

Before investing in commercial real estate, you need to make sure the property has proper zoning. This will help you avoid making a costly mistake. Also, check out the number of units that the market will support. You should also become familiar with the cost and procedures related to permitting.

Getting involved in a real estate investment group can be beneficial, especially for novice investors. This way, they can be involved in the business without committing full time or being the sole source of funding. In addition, a good REIG will provide an environment that matches your personal goals.