Romantic Comedy – Under the Oak Tree

under the oak tree

Under the Oak Tree is a South Korean webtoon about a young woman named Suzy who is a Christian. It is a romantic comedy and a good read for fans of the genre. It is written by the Author, who is a fan of God. It is not a very long story, but the plot is interesting and the characters are engaging.

Korean webtoon

Under the Oak Tree is a Korean webtoon based on a popular Korean web novel. The story revolves around a young noblewoman named Maximillian. She was raised by her abusive father and has no self-confidence and very little will. However, she discovers a way to overcome her self-esteem problems and become the most powerful noblewoman in the kingdom.

Under the Oak Tree was first published as a webnovel, but soon after, WordExcerpt published its English translations. In January 2021, the webtoon will be released in manga form by RIDI’s Manta Comics. The webtoon can be viewed on the site as part of a monthly subscription service.

A recent Marketwatch report shows that the global market for webtoons is worth $950 million. The webtoon manhwa market is booming in Asia and South Korea. Korean webtoon companies have billions of fans. The popularity of Korean webtoons is also growing in ASEAN nations and around the world.


The story of Under the Oak Tree is about a young woman who is abandoned by her husband. The day after their wedding, Riftan Calypse leaves for a campaign, leaving his bride, Maximilian Croix, to wonder if he will ever return. Three years later, Riftan returns to Maxi. The story is currently being shown as a manhwa on a website, but I think it would make a great anime series.

Romantic comedy

Romantic comedy Under the Oak Tree is a love story between a stuttering princess and her wealthy husband. The movie begins with a wedding, then jumps three years later. Maximilian hears rumors that Riftan is coming home to ask for a divorce and marry a princess. Her father is furious with his plans, and he calls her ugly.

Under the Oak Tree is a romantic comedy with fantasy and drama in its storyline. The story centers on the sixteenth princess of a kingdom who has had an unusual dream about her future. She dreams of an ill-fated marriage. To avoid such a fate, she suggests a contract marriage to the Duke, who is a notorious womanizer. However, this decision may have unexpected consequences. Romantic comedy Under the Oak Tree is a delightful read, full of fantasy, romance, and drama.

Author’s love of God

In her book, Under the Oak Tree, Brenda Ann Lane reveals her love of God and nature. She has been a devoted wife for more than forty years, a mother, and a retired medical record transcriptionist. She also has a love for community theatre. Under the Oak Tree is a poignant tribute to God’s love and the simple pleasures in life.