Shipping and Exchange For SodaSense CO2 Canisters


When shipping empty carbon dioxide canisters, Soda Sense works with Postal Service and UPS. USPS originally didn’t want to ship empty canisters due to the hazardous nature of carbon dioxide. However, they recently changed regulations to allow empty canisters to be shipped. Here are a few things to keep in mind when purchasing a Soda Sense. Read on to find out more about shipping and exchange policies.


If you’re wondering how to make your own carbonated beverages at home, SodaSense offers an easy solution: their CO2 canister exchange program. Not only is the process convenient, but customers also receive several additional benefits. In addition to no membership or subscription fees, SodaSense also doesn’t charge late fees and will send your empty canisters back at no cost. They’ll also cover shipping costs so you don’t have to worry about having to buy new bottles.

The only extra cost you’ll incur from the exchange service is shipping. Since you’ll be purchasing refill canisters, SodaSense will send you an exchange box that holds up to two 60-liter canisters. Simply save the box, the prepaid USPS shipping label, and plastic canister caps. When you’re ready, exchange your empty canisters for new ones. Then, you’ll have a fresh one delivered right to your home.

Soda Sense uses UPS and the Postal Service to deliver bottles. Because carbon dioxide is a hazardous chemical, USPS previously refused to handle empty canisters. However, it was recently updated so they can ship empty canisters. Regardless, the cost of sodasense is not overly high and is well worth the extra convenience. Soda Sense has many satisfied customers. They have even received multiple free refills in exchange for their unused canisters.

SodaSense CO2 canisters are reusable and last up to 60 or 130 liters of sparkling water. The number of bubbles each pump makes depends on the volume of soda you prepare. The higher the amount of bubbles you make, the faster your cartridge will run out. SodaSense canisters are compatible with most carbonation machines. SodaSense canisters are made with safety valves, metal screw threads, and aluminum alloy caps to prevent any possible accidents.


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Soda Sense will even refill your bottles if you run out. Just mail your empty bottles to Soda Sense’s address and they’ll ship a new one to you. You’ll need to pay for shipping and handling, but there’s no late fee. The refilling service is convenient and offers a great alternative to dumping your empty bottles and wondering how to find a replacement. They will refill bottles that are 14.5 ounce/60 liters in size.

Exchange service

With SodaSense Exchange service, you can exchange empty canisters for new ones without paying extra fees or driving to a store to exchange them. You can exchange your canisters without driving and you’ll save money by using standard shipping. The service sends you a pre-paid return label. You can then mail your canisters back to SodaSense. It’s that easy! Whether you’re replacing a lost canister, a canister that’s gone bad, or simply a canister that’s not working anymore, SodaSense Exchange service takes care of it for you.

With SodaSense Exchange service, you can exchange empty CO2 bottles and canisters for fresh ones without having to leave home. You can choose a package depending on the number of empty canisters you have and the location where you want to have them delivered. SodaSense Exchange service also delivers replacement canisters on demand to your doorstep. Its service is easy and convenient, so sign up for a SodaSense Exchange service today!

The Soda Sense Exchange service costs between $60 and $70 for two empty canisters. You’ll need to mail back the empty canisters within 30 days, but you don’t have to worry about late fees or worrying about where to recycle your empties. If you’ve run out of SodaSense bottles, you can just send them back to Soda Sense and they’ll refill them for you at member rates. And to make things even easier, you can even get 10% off your first purchase!

The Soda Sense Exchange service is the environmentally friendly way to recycle your empty canisters. The company also recycles all the bottles and refills them. You don’t have to worry about packing tape or printing labels, and your refills will arrive within three to five days. Unlike other services, there are no hidden fees and you’ll never run out of soda. There’s no need to buy expensive soda bottles again.