Shu Itsuki and Mademoiselle

shu itsuki

This article explains Shu Itsuki’s short temper, his love of antique dolls and his plans to study abroad. Read on to find out! Until then, let’s take a look at the arc of Shu Itsuki’s life. In it, we’ll cover some of the most interesting aspects of this character. Also, read on to find out more about Mademoiselle and her future plans!


The name Mademoiselle is derived from the French word, “mademoiselle.” She is a small doll with emerald eyes and long, blonde hair. Mademoiselle wears many different outfits, but is most often seen in her uniform from Yumenosaki Academy. She also wears a blue dress in Enstars!! and is not vocal in reminiscence events. Shu Itsuki’s personality splits into two separate personalities, so the Mademoiselle was born.

Like many of his anime counterparts, Shu grew up with a lot of negative experiences. As a young child, she was repeatedly emotionally and physically abused by the other kids, and she was often ridiculed for talking to dolls. Furthermore, her family was not supportive of her interests, and she suffered from an antisocial personality as a result. Ultimately, Shu isolated herself in the Milky Way and began to feel better about herself.

Shu Itsuki’s short temper

Shu Itsuki is a Japanese ninja known for his temper and short attention span. As a child, Shu was obsessed with dolls and was often ridiculed by his peers for talking to them. This obsession was reflected in his relationship with the valkyrie. He grew up to think that affection for a doll was the same as being in love, and this became the basis for his short temper.

Although he has a temper that is often deemed excessive, despite the fact that he has an extremely high IQ, Shu will always be friendly to people. His only shortcoming is that he cannot keep himself healthy, so he prioritizes other people’s safety and happiness. If he finds a bully, he will ensure that they don’t touch him. He’ll even give them a frightened look if they touch him.

After the initial shock of being pampered, Shu was quickly accustomed to his new size. He kept bucking his hips while moaning like a dog in heat, and he was about to hump in the void when he reached climax. Clearly, he wasn’t prepared to handle it. However, after a while, he realized that his short temper was no longer a threat and began cooing to keep Shu’s mood up.

As a child, Shu Itsuki’s obsession with Mika’s thighs was a source of his anger and his short temper. It was his fear of being humiliated that led him to lash out at mika. She told him that she didn’t believe him when he explained it to her. The incident closed the French border, and Shu moved to the US to live with his new girlfriend. During this time, he hoped that Oshi would return home. The Hawk Moth terrorist also showed up.

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His love of antique dolls

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His plans to study abroad

His plans to study abroad are not new. In fact, the activist and student has received several requests to study abroad. However, he has turned down most of them, citing his fear of leaving China for a better life. While others assumed he was leaving, Chen has instead embraced the opportunity to study abroad. He has already started an activist movement in China and his wife is learning English in order to join him in English classes.