The 856 Area Code Covers a Large Part of New Jersey

The 856 area code is part of the North American Numbering Plan and covers a large portion of New Jersey, including the towns of Cherry Hill, Camden, and Vineland. It also includes the western part of Burlington County. Listed below are the major cities and towns with the 856 area code.

New Jersey

The area code 856 covers parts of New Jersey in the southwestern part of the state. The area code covers the cities of Camden, Vineland, and Millville. This is the only area code in the area. It is part of the Eastern time zone, also called America/New_York. The current time in this area code is 4:31 AM. This area code was first put into service on June 12, 1999.

If you’re based in southern New Jersey, this area code will affect you in two ways. First of all, it makes it much easier to reach customers in the area. Then, your customers won’t have to worry about dialing an international number, which can be a hassle.

The 856 area code in New Jersey covers some of the largest cities in the state. The areas most covered by this area code include Camden, Vineland, and Williamstown. Other cities in the 856 area code include Woodbury, Bridgeton, Mullica Hill, Paulsboro, and Westfield.

The 856 area code in New Jersey is part of the North American Numbering Plan. This area code covers parts of southern and southwestern New Jersey. These include Camden, Cherry Hill, Vineland, and the western part of Burlington County. When dialing within this area code, the dialing pattern is 7D.


The Vineland area code is part of the North American Numbering Plan. It covers the southwestern part of New Jersey. It includes cities like Camden, Cherry Hill, Vineland, Willingboro Township, and the western portion of Burlington County. The numbering plan uses different codes for different areas, so it may be necessary to check your area code to see if Vineland is in your area.

The Vineland area code is 856. Vineland is located in Cumberland County, New Jersey. It is 40 miles southeast of Philadelphia. It has a rural character, but is still economically tied to cities like Philadelphia and Wilmington, Delaware. The area’s primary industries include agriculture and glassmaking. Its population is 41,413.

If you’re calling from outside the United States, you’ll need to use the international prefix for the United States (+1). The Vineland area code is 856. However, you must keep in mind that the cost of international calls is higher than domestic calls. You will need to consult your telephone company to determine how much the call will cost.

The Vineland area code 856 is unique. Many cities have the same number, but the zip code differs. In this way, it’s possible to use the same zip code for the same city. This will make copying mail easier. If you want to know which cities are located nearby, you can use the same zip code.

You can use the Vineland area code for other cities in New Jersey. This will increase your business’ accessibility to the major metropolitan areas. In addition, it will help you improve your outbound and inbound discussion abilities.

Cherry Hill

If you’re calling from the United States and want to reach the address of a person in Cherry Hill, NJ, you’ll need to dial the area code 856. This area code is located in Camden County and observes the Eastern Time Zone. The international prefix is +1.

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The 856 area code is a part of the North American Numbering Plan (NPA). It covers southwestern New Jersey. It includes Camden, Cherry Hill, Vineland, and Millville. It also borders Atlantic county, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. Its dialing pattern for local calls is 7D.

The median household income in the Cherry Hill, 856 area code is $68,465. This is higher than the median household income in many surrounding ZIP codes. Because of this, households in zip code 08002 tend to be more affluent than their counterparts in the rest of the country. The majority of people commute to work using a vehicle. While the average commute time is about half an hour, it can vary significantly.


The Camden, New Jersey area code (856) was created in 1997 and serves the city of Camden and its surrounding areas. It is one of the most populated area codes in the country. The area code covers much of New Jersey, including parts of the Jersey Shore and the Delaware Bay. It borders six other area codes and six counties, including Atlantic county.

There are three main cities that fall under the Camden, 856 area code. They include Vineland, Millville, and Camden. These three areas are all located in the Eastern time zone, which is also known as America/New_York. The current time in these areas is 4:31 am.

The Camden, 856 area code covers much of southern New Jersey. In addition to Camden, the area code also covers Cherry Hill, Vineland, and Willingboro Township. The area code is part of the North American Numbering Plan (NPA), which means it follows the same dialing pattern as other area codes.

Camden is a city in New Jersey located across the Delaware River from Philadelphia. It has an approximate population of 77,344, making it the 12th most populous city in the state. The city’s history dates back to the early colonial period. The city was settled by the Dutch, who built Fort Nassau, a trading center and storehouse. It became the county seat of Camden County in 1844. The city experienced rapid growth during the early 19th century, but then experienced a period of deindustrialization and economic stagnation. This brought about the loss of many manufacturing jobs. The city also suffered from civil unrest and criminal activity. Since then, however, Camden has turned its focus to education and medicine.


Willingboro is a township in Burlington County, New Jersey. It is a suburb of Philadelphia and part of the South Jersey geographic region. The township has a population of over 28,000 people. It is also a major commercial and industrial center and is near several colleges and universities. As a result, it is an excellent place to raise a family.

Willingboro is home to a thriving African-American population. In the 1960s, there were about 50 African-American families, and that number grew to 11% by 1970. Some residents argued that the high percentage of African-Americans in the township was a result of racial blockbusting, and the Human Relations Council investigated these allegations and made recommendations to foster better relations between the ethnic communities in the township.

Residents of Willingboro can access the Burlington County Institute of Technology for their vocational education. The township also has a public library. The Willingboro Public Library opened in 1960, and it is operated independently of the Burlington County Library System. The library was originally located in a township municipal building on Salem Road, but today it is housed in a modern, 42,000-square-foot building in the town’s new town center.

Willingboro Township Public Schools provide education for children from pre-kindergarten through grade twelve. The district operates eight public schools. The school district’s student population is approximately 3,203. The student-teacher ratio is 11.8:1. The district also includes two early childhood development centers, J. Cresswell Stuart Early Childhood Development Center and Garfield East Early Childhood Development Center, both serving pre-K and grades 1-4.