The Kansei KNP Wheel

kansei knp

The Kansei KNP wheel is a bronze finish with exposed lugs. The wheel measures 18×9.5 and has a 22 offset. The 5-4.5 lug configuration is also available. Its design has been reminiscent of the classic Japanese cars. It is a great choice for enthusiasts. Here’s some more information. Read on to find out how these wheels can improve the look of your car.

Formlite wheel

The Formlite wheel for Kansei KS is a radial construction that combines premium performance with a throwback look. Developed using the advanced Formlite process, the back half of the wheel is thinner than the front, while still providing significant strength. The two-piece aluminum construction and aligned grain structure of the material improve impact resistance. This advanced construction method helps Kansei create a wheel that is lighter and stronger than conventional rims.

The Formlite wheel for Kansei KS is manufactured by using intense heat and a steel mandrel. This results in a thicker, stronger back half, while making the wheel more durable and lighter. The Formlite wheel for Kansei KS is one of the three most popular aftermarket wheels available today. The KNP has a concave center and stepped lip to secure the tires during off-road use.

The Formlite wheel for Kansei KS is a retro design with a 90s vibe. It is constructed from the same high-grade aluminum as the rest of the Kansei lineup, but the material used is much thinner and stronger. The result is a wheel that is stronger and faster than its competition. Besides the performance, Kansei KS wheels are also very sleek and durable.

The Roku is another popular stepped lip wheel that was recently introduced. With six spokes and a deep lip, it offers a tremendous brake clearance. The Roku also features Formlite style, with a matte gray finish, a bright machined lip, and genuine chrome. The six-speed spokes of the Kansei KS Roku are a perfect choice for a retro classic look.