The Name Patree – Meaning and Impression


Patree means harmony and peace and is an idealist at heart. He is particularly interested in religion, philosophy, and less conventional forms of healing. Patree is also a discerning friend who prefers to spend his time with people whom he feels can help him achieve his goals. His elegant and impressive manners give him an aura of power and confidence. Patree also favors big, grand projects over small ones.

Meaning of patree

The Meaning of Patree reveals a charged personality with the capacity to attract powerful ideas. It also implies a delicate, diplomatic, intuitive, and cooperative nature. A person with this name is a gifted storyteller who mesmerizes others with truth and a deep understanding of the human condition.

In Urdu, the meaning of patree is “peace”. In English, this word means “peace”. Its pronunciation is ‘pat-ay-ta-ree’. It’s not common to see this name in different languages. The Punjabi version of this word is ‘patree’.

The Cologne Digital Sanskrit Dictionary and Shabda-Sagara Sanskrit-English Dictionary have a useful definition for patree. The first meaning is “one who drinks.” Another meaning of patr is “a drinker”. Besides, patr can also refer to a pot or dish.

Origin of patree

The name Patree has many meanings. It means “peacemaker.” Patree is also a name for a person who is spiritually idealistic and is knowledgeable about religion, philosophy, and nontraditional healing methods. The name is often described as sophisticated and impressive. People with this name are often interested in large projects and like to work together with others. Patri can also be a synonym for order. Some people with this first name have a reputation for violence, but it is also a name for someone who is intelligent and passionate.

Patree is an uncommon first name in North America, but it is quite common in Asia and South Asia. It is the 1,181,159th most common first name in the world. It is a male name, so it is often used for boys. However, if you are a girl, you can use Patree as a girl’s name too.

The first name Patree is derived from the Sanskrit word patree. Other words related to patree include dandira and vaya. Common Patree birds include Borassus flabellifer, Damana, and Mura. In fiction, Patree is an idealistic peacemaker with the qualities of an artist.

Meaning of patree in Sanskrit

The meaning of patree in Sanskrit is “peacemaker.” This name is associated with a deep understanding of philosophy and religion and can be used as a first name. Patree also implies a certain air of sophistication. Hence, this name is associated with people who are elegant and impressive and who love completing large projects. Depending on the context of use, patree can also mean orderly things or a harmonious relationship. However, Patri can also refer to someone with a reputation for violence.

The meaning of patree in Sanskrit depends on the context of the word. In Sanskrit, the word patr can mean a tree, a bird, a falcon, a mountain, a sprout, a leaf, or a vessel. The word patree is also used for worthy persons and worthy things.

Patri has several meanings in Hinduism, Sanskrit, Jainism, and Prakrit. In Hinduism, the term patree means “holy”. In Jainism, the meaning of patree revolves around being harmless to all living things. Its Digambara and Svetambara branches encourage spiritual development and self-control. Patri is also a synonym for Tala, a plant identified by Narahari in the 13th-century Rajanighantu verse 9.83.